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[5 Ways] How to Hack iCloud Without Them Knowing

If you want to hack iCloud account secretly, try KidsGuard Pro or other iCloud hacking tools. They can hack other's iCloud contacts, photos, videos, locations, and recently deleted files without them knowing.

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Megan Evans Megan Evans

Apr 22, 2024 02:08 pm


Can I check someone's iCloud without them knowing? Is there a way?

Apple is considered the best tech firm when it comes to security. But it was a matter of the past if you remember the "Celebgate" about more than 100 celebrities whose naked selfies stored in iCloud have been hacked and leaked to the internet. Recently, another big news related is that Hunter Biden's iCloud was hacked.

It means that no matter how secure you think the system is, there are chances that you can hack iCloud account without them knowing. But can iCloud be hacked if you don't have any tech skills to speak of? Don't worry, this article is right here is tell you how to hack iCloud without someone knowing.

how to hack icloud

Yes! It can be done easily if you know the right tool. Here, we're giving you the easiest and safest solution on how to hack someone's iCloud without them knowing.

Part 1. [Easiest and Safest Way] How to Hack iCloud Account?

With the technological advancements, you don't need to be a computer genius to hack iCloud. All you have to do is to look for a good quality iCloud hacking application, then you can rest assured to get the best results.

Best iCloud hacker -- KidsGuard Pro for iCloud, that can help hack someone's iCloud without them knowing.

Not only does the app give you full access to iCloud files, but it can also be set up remotely. It is completely web-based so you don't need to have access to the target iPhone and install the app, let alone jailbreak it.

As it is 100% undetectable, your target person will never suspect that they're being monitored. Furthermore, you can get real-time updates on your own device whenever an iCloud backup is created.

With its cutting-edge features, you can view 10+ files on someone's iCloud. Let's have a closer look at it by tapping the button below.

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Features of KidsGuard Pro -- Hack iCloud Account Instantly

KidsGuard Pro for iCloud offers a bunch of features. Almost all activities on iCloud will be accessible for you.

  • Hack iCloud photos and videos stored on the target accounts, as well as the deleted ones.
  • Check each existing or new contact from the monitored address book.
  • Allows you to track an iPhone without knowing on an intuitive geographical map. With addresses, times and dates, you can keep tapping on the whereabouts of someone.
  • Hack Apple calendars, notes, reminders, and all files in the iCloud Drive, so you won't miss any important events!
  • All the iOS devices, even running the latest version, are supported.

How to Hack Someone's iCloud without Knowing via iCloud Hacker

As mentioned, KidsGuard Pro for iCloud is considered the easiest solution to hack iCloud. Only 3 simple steps, an amateur user can set it up within a few clicks. Without further ado, let's see how to hack iCloud aacount with this tool.

Step 1: Click the button below to choose a plan to get an iCloud license to access all advanced iCloud hacking features.

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create an account

Step 2: Then you will need to get iCloud ID and password of the target person.

provide the icloud account details

Step 3: Once you have done with previous steps, you will be led to KidsGuard Pro online dashboard. From here, you can remotely monitor the target iCloud account.

icloud hacking dashboard of kidsguard pro

Now you are completely aware of the easiest way on how to hack someone's iCloud. Let's go to know what can you benefit from KidsGuard Pro for iCloud.

What Makes KidsGuard Pro the Best iCloud Hacking Application

Here are the reasons why KidsGuard Pro is the most reliable way to hack iCloud account and is worth your choice.

  • 24/7 real-time tracking: This program provides real-time tracking. You can hack all backup data in iCloud through an online dashboard.
  • No installation required: As you can see, KidsGuard Pro for iCloud totally works remotely without jailbreaking. You don't have to worry about making the owner suspicious when using KidsGuard Pro.
  • Completely invisible: You are in great luck if you want to hack someone's iCloud without them knowing. KidsGuard Pro for iCloud works in stealth mode without generating any notification on target device.
  • Best compatibility: All the iOS devices, even running the latest version, are supported. And there is an ultimate iOS version if you want to hack social media and text messages.
  • Cheaper price: Compared to most of the hack iCloud apps on the market, KidsGuard Pro wins out with a cheaper price and exceptional features. The premium plan can be as low as $8.32 per month for a yearly plan.

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Most iCloud hacking apps on the market won't work as effectively as KidsGuard Pro for iCloud. In fact, some may steal your personal information and require to jailbreak the target device which voids the device warranty. Nevertheless, you can have a look.

Part 2. Hack a iCloud with GuestSpy

GuestSpy is another largely used mobile application to hack iPhones or iPads. The app doesn't only allow you fully access to the target iPhone, but also you can remotely do online tracking and hack all the activities performed on the target device.


  • It is capable to track contacts, messages, videos and photos.
  • You can record phone calls and view the history of locations.

guestspy iphone

How to Hack into Someone's iCloud Account without Them Knowing via GuestSpy

  • Create an account and opt for a premium subscription.
  • Download the software from the official website.
  • You have to go through the setup wizard that will ask you to enter all the information.
  • Once you have completed the installation, login to the online panel and monitor the various activities on the target's phone.

Part 3. Hack iCloud with iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is a wonderful spying app that can tell you how to log into someone's iCloud without them knowing and preview data inside it with a few clicks. Besides only the hacking iCloud, iKeyMonitor mobile application allows you to monitor and control your children or employees by keeping an eye on their mobile usage activities.


  • The program allows you to get all the call history or messages received and sent.
  • You can keep track of where the users are going with the help of GPS.
  • You are able to see all photos captured.

register for Kidsguard pro accout

How to Hack into Someone's iCloud via iKeyMonitor

  • Sign up and login iKeyMonitor online panel.
  • Click on Download > iKeyMonitor > iPhone/iPad.
  • Enter the Apple ID and password of the target device.
  • It will start downloading the log for about 30-60 minutes, be patient and wait for the download to finish.

Part 4. Hack iCloud with FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is a unique and powerful mobile tracking application that can help you get into someone's iCloud account. Although, it is a little expensive but comes up with great user reviews. With advanced features, it is compatible with all iOS products, like iPhone, iPad, and iPod.


  • FlexiSpy supports call recording on target phone.
  • You can allocate some specific words and you will receive a notification every time the user receives and sends the message with those keywords.
  • It tracks the files stored on the target device.

flexispy iphone

How to Hack iCloud via FlexiSpy

  • Sign up to the FlexiSpy and select a pricing plan suit looks you the best.
  • Jailbreak the target iPhone and install the app into it.
  • After following all the instructions, you can monitor the device through the online dashboard.

Bouns: What We Recommend & FAQs about iCloud Hacking

Well in this post, you have learned about how to hack iCloud. Compared with different features and prices, we concluded that KidsGuard Pro for iCloud is the best solution which gives you almost total access to the target iCloud, without the owner's knowledge.

Besides this, we saw some other popular applications, but they need a jailbroken device. Now, it is time for you to make the final choice. I hope these recommendations truly help. If you still have problems, keep reading.

Q1. How can I get my wife's iCloud password?

Sometimes, you might wonder how to get spouse's iCloud password. To hack an iCloud account, you can go to Apple ID account page and click "Forgot Apple ID or password" option. Then choose "Answer security questions" or "Get an email" and follow the rest of the steps.

Q2. How to hack into someone's iCloud account without them knowing?

If 2-factor authentication is off, you can sign into someone else's iCloud account on other devices without them knowing. If 2-factor authentication is on, you can set your phone as a trusted device to receive the verification code, so the person won't find out you're hacking.

Q3. Do you get notified when someone logs into your iCloud?

Yes, Apple sends an email notification to your linked email address when someone logs into your iCloud account. This is a new security measure Apple has taken in the last few years for protecting their users. Therefore, no one can log into iCloud without notification intimation to the owner.


Though it's difficult to hack someone's iCloud account, you can use all these 5 methods mentioned above to hack an iCloud account. The easiest way to check your husband's iCloud account is through KidsGuard Pro. You can check all the data on his iCloud without him knowing or getting any notification.

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