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What payment methods are available on your website?

We accept most payment methods, including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.

Is my credit card information safe on your website?

Rest assured, all your data privacy including the payment details are certainly safe on our website. We will never have access to your privacy.

Is there a free trial for KidsGuard or KidsGuard Pro?

No, there is no free trial, but the free demo is provided for you to experience the product without any cost.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with your product?

Yes. You absolutely have the right to request for a refund if you have technical problems of our product within 30 days. For more details and restrictions on refund policy, please visit our Refund Policy page.

Can I change my monitored devices without any cost?

Yes, you can change the target devices as many times as you like within the validity period, but you need to unbind the previous device before adding a new one, and the new target device should be the same system as your plan shows.

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I don't receive any email after purchasing your software, what can I do?

You will receive an order confirmation email within a few minutes after purchasing successfully; In addition, ClevGuard will also send you an email about how to use the product. If you do not receive an email, please check the email address you entered when you purchased, or contact our customer service for help.

What should I do if my sign up email is inconsistent with my purchase email?

If the purchase email is a valid account, then we will create a random password for you. You can find the password in the email ClevGuard sent to you. You can change the password at any time on your Profile page. If you do not know how to handle it or still want to use it under your sign up account, please contact customer service to transfer your purchase.

What if I have a repeat purchase for the same product accidentally?

Please contact our customer service to deal with it.

What should I do If I want to monitor another device at the same time?

If you want to monitor another device, you have to purchase a new license to add this new device first.

The target is switching Android from iPhone/iPhone from Android, what can I do?

Don't worry. One KidsGuard Pro account can switch between Android, iPhone and iCloud. You just need to follow the setup instruction of each end to bind the device. However, please noted that one account can only monitor one device at a time. If you want to monitor multiple devices at the same time, you could choose to purchase a new license or purchase added-value under the license that you already have.

I don't receive any email after purchasing your software, what can I do?

You will receive an order confirmation email within a few minutes after purchasing successfully.

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Did the target device Will know if he's been spied on or not if he dials this numbe*#21#?

No, he won't know that he's been spied on as the apps run in the background.

Do I need to root the target device first?

No, there is no need to root the target device before using ClevGuard products.

Is there any limitation on uploading data on the control panel?

There is no limitation to the upload of the target device's data. In other words, all the monitored data will be uploaded to the control panel. But kindly note that some data will only be uploaded through a connection to a Wi-Fi network under your target device: photos, video previews, call recordings, social app screenshots, Wi-Fi logger, and app activities.

What is the difference between KidsGuard and KidsGurard Pro?

KidsGuard Pro is the upgraded version of KidsGuard. The device can monitor Android and iOS devices. KidsGuard is a parental control app that allows parents to monitor and control your child's smartphone activities from the app. Besides KidsGuard will be relatively cheaper than KidsGuard pro.

How to unbind the target device?

Please login to our member center > My Product > Dashboard > Unbind Device.

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Android Devices

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Upgraded parental control app on Android&iPhone



Parental control tool for Kids on Android/iPhone.

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KidsGuard for WhatsApp

WhatsApp Tracker on Android

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LINE Tracker on Android

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Spyware scanner on Android.

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