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What ClevGuard offers
How to monitor gmail, yahoo, and outllok emails

Monitor email exchanges on mainstream email servers

Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo, no matter what email services someone is using, MoniVisor can be the optimal tool to ensure safe online email communication:

  • Review mail exchanges: Track all the sent and received emails with dates, names, and timestamps;
  • Track email content: Monitor email content:
Monitor emails to improve safety

Email monitoring for improved safety

Whether for employee productivity or parenting, email monitoring software is quite crucial in preventing data leakage and scan emails. Stay informed about what's going on and make sure there's no threats to both businesses or kid's growth.

Delve into the practical aspects of email monitoring

Monivisor online dashboard

How to get the most out of email monitoring

How to download monivisor

Step 1: Enable email oversight

Embark on your journey into email monitoring by enabling our discrete tracking tool on the designated device. Windows users can seamlessly follow the provided URL

How to register for a new monivisor account

Step 2: Set up your profile

The next phase involves creating a new account and logging in on the target device. To activate email monitoring, you'll need to select the appropriate plan. Alternatively, you can start with a Free Demo to gain a comprehensive understanding of this feature.

How to set up monivisor account

Step 3: Monitor email activity

After successfully configuring the application, access your ClevGuard account. Here, you'll have complete control and the ability to oversee email activities using the provided online dashboard.

Best email tracking software

Enhance information security in offices with our email monitoring software! Keep things secure, supercharge teamwork, and get the lowdown on productivity.

FAQs for getting started

  • Can I monitor someone's Gmail or Outlook?

    Yes, our app enables you to keep track of someone's emails on Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.

  • How can I track an email in Gmail or Outlook?

    To track emails in Gmail or Outlook, you can try MoniVisor to keep an eye on someone's Email exchanges and details. The detailed guide is provided above.

  • What information can I track with email tracking tools in Gmail and Outlook?

    Email tracking tools typically provide data on when an email was opened, how many times it was opened, and whether links or attachments were accessed, whether you're using Gmail or Outlook.

  • Is email tracking legal and ethical for Gmail and Outlook?

    Email tracking is generally legal and ethical when used responsibly. Always inform recipients if you're tracking emails, and ensure you comply with privacy laws and regulations in both Gmail and Outlook.

  • Do email tracking tools work on mobile devices for Gmail and Outlook?

    Yes, many email tracking tools have mobile apps or are accessible through mobile browsers, ensuring that you can track and monitor emails sent or received via mobile devices in both Gmail and Outlook.

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