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What ClevGuard offers
Real time screen monitoring software

Robust PC screen watcher

Screen monitoring software usually refer to tools designed for screen sharing or remote desktop access. MoniVisor’s real-time screen monitoring feature enables you to grab the snapshots of the target PC every 15 second to 5 minutes. All the captured screenshots can be accessed and downloaded for future review.

How to monitor ones screen remotely

Tap the potential of computer screen monitoring

Why do organizations use desktop monitoring? Mostly, screen tracking is a means to monitor employee productivity, track work progress, or ensure that employers are using the company resources responsibly. Additionally, screen tracking can be a tool to detect suspicious activities. Explore the capabilities of desktop monitoring to enhance productivity and gain valuable insights into work processes.

Take snapshots of someone’s screen at any time

Monivisor best screen monitoring software

How to capture screens remotely on Windows

How to download monivisor

Step 1: Download the screen capture tool on the monitored computer

The first step is to download and install the screen monitoring software on the target PC. Tap on the given link to access the installer for Windows.

Register for a monivisor account

Step 2: Create your account

The next phase is to create a personal account. Select a needed plan based on your actual needs to gain access to the complete set of features.

How to monitor computer screen

Step 3: Open the online dashboard

What comes next is to browse the user center. When signed in, hit the "Start Monitoring" button to go to the control panel. On the interface, you'll have complete control and the ability to remotely oversee screen activities using the provided online dashboard.

Best screen monotoring software

Set up automated screen captures at intervals that suit your monitoring preferences.


  • What is remote screen capture, and how does it work?

    Remote screen capture is a feature that allows you to capture images of your child's device screen. It works by taking snapshots of their screen at specified intervals or on-demand, providing visual insights into their online activities.

  • How often can I capture screens remotely?

    You can capture screens as frequently as needed for Android and Windows devices. Screenshots will be taken every 15 seconds for 5 minutes. This feature can only be used when the target computer is online. You can stop the screenshooting within five minutes of starting. If you don't stop it manually, it will automatically stop after five minutes, and then you can start again.

  • Can my child tell when I'm capturing their screen?

    No, the screen captures are discreet and do not notify or alert your child when they are taken. When the software is installed on the target device, it goes incognito automatically.

  • Is remote screen capture legal and ethical?

    Yes, it is legal and ethical when used for monitoring purposes with the consent of the device owner, especially in a parental or guardianship context. It is crucial to respect your child's privacy and maintain open communication about your monitoring.