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How to view phone screen time

See time spent on all apps

Can you manage kids’ screen time? How do you check time spent on each app? If you have the same doubts, then you need an app usage tracker. KidsGuard Pro’s inbuilt dashboard gives access to app activities: app name, screen time, frequency, and installed date. You can easily obtain the information of most used apps and weekly average usage.

How to monitor phone usage remotely

Live smart and balanced

Excessive phone use is not healthy for both adults and kids. Unbalanced screen time can lead to many issues, such as relationship mistrust, lower productivity, inactive social interactions, and health problems. Let our phone usage tracker help you manage screen time in this digital age.

Gain insights into someone’s digital behaviors

How to track phone usage in kidsguard pro

How to track someone’s mobile app usage

How to download Kidsguard pro

Step 1: Install the phone usage tracker

Begin your journey into phone usage tracking by installing our hidden monitoring tool on the designated device. If you're using an Android, simply follow the provided URL.

Register for a Kidsguard pro account

Step 2: Create an account

The next step is setting up a new account and signing in to the target device. To start phone usage tracking, you'll need to select the appropriate plan is essential. Also, you can begin with a Free Demo to get a comprehensive understanding of the feature.

How to locate cellphone location

Step 3: Monitor phone usage

After successfully configuring the application, log in to your ClevGuard account. Here, you'll have full control and the ability to supervise phone usage activities using the provided online dashboard.

Best app to track phone activity

Experience unmatched phone activity tracking with our hidden app, granting you total control and profound insights.
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  • Can I track the phone usage of multiple devices with a single account?

    Yes, our app supports multi-device tracking, making it convenient for families or individuals with multiple devices.

  • Does phone usage tracking include social media usage data?

    Absolutely, it provides detailed information about your social media activities, helping you manage your time on these platforms.

  • Does this feature work in the background, or do I need to actively track my usage?

    Our app operates silently in the background, continuously tracking your usage without requiring your constant attention.

  • Can I see a history of my phone usage over time?

    Yes, our app maintains a usage history, allowing you to review your phone activity trends and changes.