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1- Click to Fake Location on Android & iOS Devices

ClevGuard ClevGo helps you change and fake phone GPS location for all location-based apps without rooting or jailbreaking.

You will be able to play region-restricted games, spoof and share fake location on social platforms, and also hide your location without others knowing.

Spoof Location for Location-based games

AR-game location spoofer. ClevGo helps you spoof Pokemon GO locations to the best places worldwide without physically walking and fake locations on Monster Hunter Now to easily hunt more monsters.

Spoof Location for Location-based games

Share Fake Location on Social Platforms

Want to fake locations to prank your friends or stop being tracked by others? ClevGo can change your location on any social app on your phone to anywhere in the world.

Share Fake Location on Social Platforms

Hide Location on Android & iPhone

Are you tired of your parents or friends constantly tracking your location? Use ClevGo to hide your real location and protect your privacy at any time.

Hide Location on Android & iPhone

Change Location on Dating Apps

Are you searching for ways to change your location on dating apps to match friends around the world? With ClevGo, you can change location on different apps like Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, and more to make friends globally.

Change Location on Dating Apps


Customize Route & Speed of GPS movement

Jump Teleport Mode

  • Place multiple pins on map to set the route;
  • Set Fluctuation Mode or Auto jump after cooldown;
  • Instantly jump to Next Point or Last Point.

Two-spot Mode

  • Set the initial and final location;
  • Customized moving speed according to real situation.

Multi-spot Mode

  • Place multiple pins on map to set the route;
  • Customized walking/riding/driving speed.
  • Create a circle route if needed.

Enable Joystick Control to Spoof GPS Location with Flexibility


360-Degree Remote Control Panel

Enable Joystick Mode to control moving direction in all around


Keyboard Control

Control GPS movement with mouse or keyboard ( arrow key or WSAD keys)


Auto Marching

Move in the direction the arrow is pointing automatically with customized speed

More About ClevGuard ClevGo

Cooldown Timer

Choose location with accurate coordinates

History Records

Save all the routes for future reuse

Support Multi-Devices

Connect up to 5 devices at the same time

Change Moving Status

Pause/continue/stop moving at any times

Generate GPX Route File

Export/import GPX file for users to save routes locally

Create Favorite Routes List

Save spots/routes to your favorite list

Realistic Mode

Adjust moving speed to make it more natural

Spoof by Wi-Fi

Support changing location via Wi-Fi

Use ClevGuard ClevGo to Fake Location with 3 Steps

Step 1. Connect your Apple devices with PC

Step 2. Plan your route by setting coordinates and speed

Step 3. Click "Move" to spoof GPS location.


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Listen to What Our Users Say

"ClevGo truly helps me a lot! I could use it to change my location to anywhere I want, which is so useful when I'm playing Pokémon GO. ClevGo has fooled the game successfully for every time. Thanks a lot!"

Users of ClevGo location changer By Michael Laskey

"I have been using ClevGo for nearly 3 months. So far so good. Everything works smoothly on the app and I mostly use it to fake my location on social media because I don't want else to know where I am. I often trick my friends that I'm in somewhere else and send them the fake location. It's funny that they bought for it."

Cassie-Users of ClevGo location changer By Cassie

"I don't need any VPN to change my location any more. ClevGo makes it so convenient! The best app that I used for faking location. Works just like as advertised. I gotta say I am really impressed by what it can do. Totally worth it."

Alex Lee-Users of ClevGo location changer By Alex Lee

ClevGo location changer

ClevGuard ClevGo

Best GPS Location Spoofer for iOS and Android


  • Q1: What's the difference between Two-spot mode and Multi-spot mode?

    Two-spot Mode: Two-spot means the initial and the final spot when setting a route. ClevGo allows you to change speed flexibly according to the real situation, making it more convincing.
    Multi-spot Mode: Multi-spot means you could set more than two spots. For example, When setting a route, you could pin multiple spots on the map and ClevGo will move based on the positions you choose. However, this mode won't take realistic factors into account.

  • Q2: How many modes does ClevGo support?

    Joystick Mode: control location movement in all directions; Two-Spot Mode: simulate GPS location movement between 2 spots, changing speed flexibly according to the real situation; Multi-Spot Mode: simulate GPS location movement between multiple spots; Teleport Mode: change your location to a certain place instantly.

  • Q3: What's the difference between free trial and full version?

    The free trial: Use Teleport Mode for 5 times, Two-Spot Mode for once, and Joystick for 1 hour; Multi-Spot Mode and Historical Records are not available. The Full Version: Enjoy all the features without limit.

  • Q4: Are there limits when choosing spots in Multi-spot Mode?

    You can choose up to 100 spots in Multi-spot Mode.

  • Q5: What devices does ClevGo support?

    For iOS: ClevGo supports iPhone(up to iOS 16), iPad, and iPod touch with iOS version 7.0 or later. For Android: ClevGo supports Android 5.0 and later. It works on Samsung, Google, Huawei, LG, and Sony.

  • Q6: How can I change my location to my actual one?

    You can change into your real location by simply restarting your device.