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Real Worries from Parents

With the development of internet, parents are now becoming more worried about their children's online safety in their common life. See what parents are saying in their real life.

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Newer Generation, More Concerns

Parents today have different concerns about their children — anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, bullying, breach of law and more.

Source: Survey of U.S. parents with children under 18

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What Specific Problems Children Are Facing With

  • Improper Content Exposure: porn, unsafe sites, misinformation, fake news, etc.

    The internet poses risks, including encounters with online predators and exposure to inappropriate content.

  • Online Safety: cyberbullying, violence, slef-harm, sexting, phishing, malware

    Cyberbullying, traditional bullying and improper relationships remain significant problems among kids and teenagers.

  • Online Privacy: identity fraud, scams, personal data collected, etc.

    Teens are unaware of their digital footprint and the potential consequences of sharing personal information online.

  • Gaming Addiction: Fortnite, Minecraft, Disney Jigsaw Puzzles, Stardew Valley, Sims, etc.

    Children's daily life can be numerously interfered with the addiction to playing various online games.

  • Social Media Addiction: Instagram, Yubo, TikTok, Discord, Kik, Houseparty, etc.

    Teens like to share their moments on various social media apps and become more addicted to them.

  • Education Issues: truancy, lows, educational distractions, etc.

    High expectations, numerous test and homework overload may put your children to play truant.


What Children Are Addidcted To

With various apps and contents appearing on the internet, let's see what your kids are liking.

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KidsGuard Pro

The Best parental control app

Protect Your Loved Ones and Keep Your Children Safe!

How Could KidsGuard Pro Protect Your Kids

Location Tracking
Location Tracking
Low Mood Detection
Low Mood Detection
Prevent Social Apps Addiction
Prevent Social Apps Addiction
Keep Online Safety
Keep Online Safety
Content Monitoring
Content Monitoring
Keep Online Privacy
Keep Online Privacy

Real-Life Parent Controls of KidsGuard Pro in Action

KidsGuard Pro parental control software helps with your concerns and reduces the risks your kids face online, whatever their age and needs.


“I’ve been using KidsGuard Pro with my own kids for several years because I’m allowed to check and be alerted for anything inappropriate or other things of concern.“

Nony-Mom of Two

More Parents' Reviews About KidsGuard Pro

User Review 4.5 User Review

I am using this parental control app to protect my child from improper content exposure online. It does a really good job.

I love KidsGuard Pro parental control app because it helps me keep an eye of what my kid is doing on his phone. And it is undetectable.

Thanks to KidsGuard Pro i am able to see my child's time the sites they go to. I have used all the features with my daughter. So thankful for this app to put my mind to ease.

What I loved most about the app is the ability to set up a geo-fence which immediately alerts me when my son goes to a region that I have marked as a no-go-zone.

The monitoring ability is on another level. I use this app to track every activity on my kid’s iPad.

I always wondered why my daughter locks herself in her room while on the internet. Thanks to this app I found out what kinds of sites she visits and interested in. There is no secret on the target device with KidsGuard Pro.

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Monitor Children's Android Phone’s Real-time Activities Easily


According to a recent research, 70% of children aged 7-17 always encounter pornographic content through online searches; 35 % of adults are having cybersex or online affairs even if they are in relationship. Perhaps, because of all these facts, we’ve seen many people are looking for the apps to monitor Android phones.

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KidsGuard Pro -- The Most Reliable Parental Control App in 2023


KidsGuard Pro covers a wide range of features, including parental control, iPhone parental controls, phone tracker, phone spy, and Whatsapp hack. Parents can monitor various types of data on their child’s smartphone, including contacts, call history, browsing history, calendar events, text messages, photos, and videos. Even deleted data on the target device can still be accessed with KidsGuard Pro.

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Best Parental Control for Your Kid’s iPhone without Them Knowing


In today's digital age, children are exposed to a vast amount of online content, making it crucial for parents to have effective parental control measures in place. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, it has become increasingly important to monitor and manage your child's online activities. Thankfully, there are several reliable parental control apps available, such as KidsGuard Pro.

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Best Parental Control App without Target Phone


In this comprehensive Kidsguard Pro review, we provide detailed insights into its features, how it works, and the pros and cons of this phone tracker. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about whether or not this program meets your surveillance needs.

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Why KidsGuard Pro is the Ultimate Parental Control Choice


I’m Milica Courtney, a tech enthusiast who has extensively reviewed phones, laptops, PCs, and various apps. Recently, I delved into cell phone spy apps, comparing major players like Cocospy, KidsGuard, FlexiSpy, Spyic, and more. Among them, KidsGuard Pro stood out as a top-notch solution for digital parenting, boasting advanced AI features that set it apart from the rest. With its exceptional AI-powered capabilities, swift data updates, comprehensive data coverage, and budget-friendly pricing, KidsGuard Pro has earned my trust and admiration.

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