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Everything about Android phone monitoring.

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KidsGuard Pro for Android

A hidden, powerful, and one of the best Android monitoring app for you. It has more than 30 mobile phone monitoring features.

Featured Articles

[Never Miss] A Comprehensive Guide on Blocking Games on Different Devices

How to block online games on smart devices? Should all games be blocked? Which type of games to be blocked? Which type to be kept? Find your answers here!

userBy Cody Walsh|Sep 18, 2021

How to Block Restricted Calls on Your Phone?

Do you want to get rid of restriced calls? What if new restricted calls without being added to blocking list ring on our kids phone? You can find Easy ways here

userBy Annie Brooks|Sep 09, 2021

How to Block Incoming Calls?

How to block a incoming call on your cell phone and landline? Can we just block several contacts? How to block all incoming calls? We can find solutions here.

userBy Cody Walsh|Sep 07, 2021

[Guide] Is Facebook Safe for Kids? What Parents Need to Know

Facebook is always concerned with their user’s need, so it has provided several terms and conditions for kids. We can say that Facebook is child-friendly, but there are still some risks.

userBy Megan Evans|Sep 06, 2021

[Solved!]How to Extend Phone Standby Time by Battery Optimization?

Have you got bored charging your phone so frequently? Do you know we can extend phone standby time by battery optimization? Check battery optimizing ways here!

userBy Cody Walsh|Sep 06, 2021

How to Put Netflix Parental Control for Kids?

Is it necessary to set limitations for your kids' Netflix watching? Do you know how to put parental controls on Netflix? Easy! Read this article to find the way

userBy Megan Evans|Aug 27, 2021

What are Pediphile Warning Signs & How to Identify Them?

What is a pediphile? Who might be a pediphile? Do you know how to recognize a pediphile so as to avoid your kids being harmed by a pediphile? Start to learn!

userBy Megan Evans|Aug 16, 2021

What is Catfishing and How to Protect Kids from this Practice?

Is catfishing Illegal? How to make necessary catfishing legally? Do you know the ways to protect kids from those catfishing with bad intentions? Read here!

userBy Cody Walsh|Aug 16, 2021

How to Set YouTube Parental Control [4 Methods]

Is it possible to set YouTube kids parental controls? How to set YouTube parental controls for kids? Why are YouTube parental controls important? Check here!

userBy Megan Evans|Aug 14, 2021

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot [2021 Updates]

Wondering whether Instagram notifies when you take a screenshot of DM, post, or story? Find out the answer here!

userBy Cody Walsh|Aug 13, 2021

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