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How to record a phone call covertly

Hidden automatic call recorder

Are you looking for how to record phone calls secretly? Look no further than KidsGuard Pro. Once installed on the target Android devices, this secret call recorder app remains disappeared from the screen immediately, even without an icon. You can remotely and secretly record up to 20 minutes of any incoming and outcoming calls any time you need. Listen to someone's calls without leaving out details.

How to display phone call details

Best way to represent details of call recording

For whatever purposes, business transactions, family matters, or legal compliance, you may need to keep a record of important conversations to ensure information accuracy. Choose a call recorder app and you'll enjoy ease of mind

Listen to someone's calls without leaving out details

Kidsguard pro dashboard

How to use the hidden call recorder app without an icon

How to download Kidsguard pro

Step 1: Install the call recording app

Download the call recorder app on your Android device from this URL. If you have any issue installing the app on your target device, please refer to this User Guide.

How to sign up for a new Kidsguard pro account

Step 2: Set up your account

The following step is to register a new account and login to the target device. To activate the hidden call recording capabilities, you'll need to choose the appropriate plan. Alternatively, you can begin your experience with a Free Demo.

Review all the recorded calls

Step 3: Monitor phone call conversations covertly

Once you've successfully configured the application, access your ClevGuard account. Here, you'll have total control and the ability to stealthily record and monitor phone calls. Simply click 'Live Recording' and select 'Record Calls.' With our hidden call recorder app, you're the one in charge when it comes to overseeing conversations and ensuring responsible device use.

Best hidden call recorder on Android

Join the digital parenting revolution and activate hidden call recording to monitor conversations. Ensure their safety, and guide responsible digital behavior!
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  • What is hidden call recording, and how does it work?

    Hidden call recording is a feature that allows you to discreetly record phone conversations on the target device. It works by activating the device's call recording function, capturing audio, and securely storing it for later access.

  • Can the recording be done silently, without the user's knowledge?

    Yes, the hidden call recorder app is designed to operate silently and discreetly, typically without alerting the user of the device that their calls are being recorded. What's more, this recorder app has no icon, which means the monitored users won't find out its existence.

  • Is this call recorder app available for both Android and iOS devices?

    KidsGuard Pro is only available on Android devices. But we are working on the iOS version, and we're pretty sure iOS users can access the service in the near future.

  • What information can this app record?

    This hidden call recorder logs the contact name, phone number, type, duration, and start time. More importantly, parents or guardians can download or listen to the recording at any time.