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How to track user activities on pc

Check recent user activity on PC

How do you evaluate employees’ performance? Is there any user activity monitoring software to help? No hurries, with a tool like MoniVisor, you can monitor frequently used apps to optimize processes and analyze how your employers spend their work hours. Only with several clicks you can quickly see the app usage, time spent, and last used time.

Software usage monitoring software

Make the best of user activity tracking

With the increasing prevalence of remote work, user activity monitoring becomes a valuable tool for enhancing security and optimizing operations. It offers visibility into how staff utilize their office hours, allowing managers to assess productivity levels. Additionally, user activity monitoring enables managers to optimize resource allocation and respond proactively to potential risks.

Keep tabs on every detail of user activity

How to easily monitor user activity in monivisor

How to keep track of someone’s user activity on Windows

How to download monivisor

Step 1: Download the user activity tracker

Navigate to the specified URL to access the download package. Launch the downloader and install the software on your Windows PC.

How to register for a new monivisor account

Step 2: Set up your account

The next step involves registering for a new account and logging in to the target device. To start tracking user behaviors on Windows PC, you'll need to make the purchase. Noteworthily, you can experience a Free Demo to get a whole picture of this monitoring tool.

How to set up monivisor account

Step 3: Monitor the user activity on Windows without being noticed

Once you've successfully configured the application, it's time to access the online dashboard. Here, you'll gain complete control and the capability to discreetly monitor user activities. Choose “App Activity” or “Web Activity” to review app usage and visited websites.

Best user activity tracker on Windows

Web chats, app usage, and downloads in browsers combined: Try the leading user activity tracker for Windows today!
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FAQs for getting started

  • What is a user activity tracker, and how does it work?

    A user activity tracker is a software tool that monitors and records various activities on a Windows device, including web history and app usage. It operates discreetly and securely to provide insights into user behavior.

  • Can I customize what activities to monitor with the user activity tracker?

    Yes, MoniVisor has offered customization options, allowing you to choose which activities to monitor. You can typically select web history, app usage monitoring, and download history as per your preferences.

  • How can I access the recorded web history and app usage data?

    You can access the recorded data through the software's online dashboard, where you can review all web history and app usage details.