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ClevGuard Privacy Policy

The ClevGuard Monitoring Product or Service may only be used for legitimate and lawful purposes by authorized users, and you are hereby notified that installing or using the ClevGuard Monitoring Product or Service for any other purpose may violate any law.

This Privacy Policy covers and is drafted in accordance with the guidelines instructed in the EU privacy regulations and international privacy regulations including the GDPR.

This ClevGuard (“ClevGuard, “we,” “us,” or “our”) Privacy Policy explains how personal information is used, shared, collected and secured in connection with your use of our website, located at and the ClevGuard services.


This Policy comprises of comprehensive information regarding ClevGuard's engagement with your personal data. This Policy applies for all ClevGuard services. The Policy also provides the terms of your use of the service.

We may enhance our product and services in the future – adding features, expanding old ones, etc. If one of these changes will have an impact on our conditions for collecting personal data, we will definitely inform you. In this case, we may upgrade this Policy or add terms. All additional features are subject to this Policy; if they weren't a subject of this Policy, we show that fact.

The objective of this privacy policy is to:

• Educate you on how we use the personal information you share with us.

• Make sure you understand why we collect information, who uses it and how.

• Explain your rights and protections in regards to personal information.

• Share about the methods to safeguard your privacy.

Our purpose is to help you comprehend our Privacy Policy. Please be aware if you do not agree with this Policy, it is your decision as to whether you will use the ClevGuard Service.


• When you register for ClevGuard Services - when you sign up, personal data such as email, age, region and IP address are obtained. This allows us to render services to you.

• We collect data about how you use the ClevGuard Service through your use of the service, such as account details, device information, site access information, and other usage data.

• Additional requests-sometimes we obtain personal data to give you extra features or functionality. In this case, further permission access may be requested from you.

• From third parties-information that we obtain from marketers, ad networks and other persons and businesses about you is known as third party data. We are using the information that you have allowed to share with other services.

• Cookies - we use cookies, and you can find more details in our Cookies Policy.

• Server Logs – we collect web server logs.



Age limitations may be governed by the laws of a particular jurisdiction and Country. The ClevGuard Service is not aimed at children as per standard without the supervision or consent of his or her parents/guardian in accordance with COPPA. If you believe we are unknowingly collecting your child’s information, please email us on


ClevGuard can use the info collected from you when you sign up, make purchases, subscribe for our Newsletter, react to a survey or advertising communication, browse the site or use some other functionalities of the site in the following ways:

• To enable us to better provide you the ClevGuard services.

• To enable us to better serve you in replying to your queries for customer service.

• To improve your experience.

• To get your transactions processed quickly.



ClevGuard Third Party login applications: If you log in your ClevGuard account using a third party application, that third party applications might have access to such Service Usage Data. This third party application may have access with your activity as well as other usage data for the Service.

When required by the Law: We can share your personal information for legal purposes. When responding to a valid legal process we may also share your personal information.

Service Providers: We use a technical infrastructure operated by the technical service providers to provide the ClevGuard service to you. We use ClevGuard Service provider services that store, host, maintain and administer the service. Providers let us communicate with you and offer you our services.


You are allowed to remove your data. In accordance, you can delete or remove your own data and we will preserve the personal information that ClevGuard collected. To do this, you need to delete your ClevGuard account; we will delete the information about you afterwards. Please remember, the deletion of the data from our servers and backup storage may be delayed. ClevGuard may retain that data if we need your personal information to implement our contracts or legal requirements. There may also be a lag in the removal of data due to unresolved conflicts, or a perpetuation of the dispute resolution process.


If we collect demographic data from you (e.g, age or income) we would not release that information with any other third party in a manner that identifies you as a person. It will be shared on a collective basis only.


Our website is routinely tested for security flaws and known bugs so that your access to our site is as secure as possible.

Your personal data is stored inside encrypted frameworks, it is only accessible to a limited range of people who have exclusive access privileges to such systems who are required to preserve user confidentiality. Additionally, any vulnerable / account details you have is encrypted using normal SSL.

When a customer places an order, enters, submits or accesses their data, we implement a range of protection protocols to insure that personal data is safe. Payments gateways handle any transactions.


ClevGuard’s aim is to safeguard personal information about its users. We are using the acceptable organizational and analytical solutions for doing this. We are always doing our part to secure the data, but no program can be absolutely safe on the Web.

You are responsible for your safety as well. Select your account's unique and powerful password, log out of your account after using it, install and use anti-virus software, and track your personal information security. We will not be responsible if the ClevGuard software is removed by an anti-virus program.


We have the right to amend this policy. We will inform you if we render a material adjustment by showing a prominent notice inside ClevGuard Service or by updating this policy.


To get in touch if you have any issue with this Privacy Policy or would like to update your personal details or delete yourself from our database, please email us at