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2024 Top 4 Methods to Get WhatsApp Online Notification When Someone Is Online

There are top 4 methods to tell you how to get notification when someone is online on WhatsApp. Even if the target person hides his WhatsApp online status, you can track all his WhatsApp online activity.

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Megan Evans Megan Evans

Jun 01, 2024 10:16 am

While WhatsApp's online status feature is helpful, it doesn't inherently provide notifications when someone becomes active on the platform, safeguarding user privacy. Understanding how to get notifications when someone is online on WhatsApp can be crucial for timely communication, such as arranging meet-ups or addressing urgent work matters. 

So can you get WhatsApp online notification when someone is online?

The answer is “Yes”. In this article, you can get the best WhatsApp online tracker to get notifications when someone is online on WhatsApp and other common methods to get instant WhatsApp online notifications. Keep reading this article, WhatsApp online status tracking can never be difficult.

WWhatsApp online notification

How to Get a Notification When Someone Is Online on WhatsApp

Getting instant WhatsApp notifications on WhatsApp can be easy here. Follow the methods below, you can get notified when someone is online on WhatsApp in a second.

Method 1: Get WhatsApp Online Notification with WhatsApp Online Tracker

If you want to get instant WhatsApp notifications when someone is online, you need a professional WhatsApp online status tracker. WspSeen is the best WhatsApp online status tracking tool, which can help you get notifications when anyone is online on WhatsApp without knowing.

WspSeen is an all-in-one WhatsApp activity tracking app, you can track multiple WhatsApp numbers’ online status at the same time. This tool will notify you instantly when specified contacts are online on WhatsApp. 


WspSeen: Track Anyone’s Online Status Now

How to Get Instant online notification When Someone Is Online on WhatsApp:

With WspSeen, you can get notification when someone is online on WhatsApp instantly. Follow the steps below, you can track anyone's WhatsApp online status right now.

Video Guide to Get Notification When Someone Is Online on WhatsApp

Step 1: Create an account about WspSeen tool. There are three tracking plan, you can choose a suitable plan for you.

set an account

Step 2: Tap on Member Center > My Products, you will see WspSeen tool. Click Start Monitoring to move on. You can be navigated to the tracking page.

start use WspSeen

Step 3: Input the target WhatsApp number you need to track, click Start Monitoring button to move on.

WhatsApp online status tracker

Step 4: Then you can view the target contact's online and offline time, turn on the Online Notification button, you will receive notification when the contact is online on WhatsApp in no time.

whatsapp online notification

Method 2: Get WhatsApp Online Notification with WhatsApp Settings

There is also a simple method to get notification when someone is online on WhatsApp. You can enable your WhatsApp notification settings to get notified when someone is online and send WhatsApp messages to you.

Modify Read Receipts:

Step 1: Before opening the chat of the person you want to monitor, turn off read receipts in WhatsApp settings.

Step 2: Send a message and watch for the response time as an indicator of their online activity .

Enable WhatsApp Online Notification Settings:

Step 1: Navigate to WhatsApp Settings > Notifications.

WhatsApp online notification

Step 2: Enable the "Online" option to receive notifications for online status.


This will only work for contacts who have not chosen to hide their online status. If the target contact hiden their online status, you can use WspSeen to track their online activity.

Method 3: Get Indirect WhatsApp Online Notifications

To effectively navigate WhatsApp's built-in features for get indirect WhatsApp online notifications when someone is online on WhatsApp, you can employ several straightforward strategies:

 Direct Observation: By simply opening a chat with someone, you can see if they are currently online at the top of the screen.

Message Status: Keep an eye on the sent message ticks; when they turn from two grey ticks to blue, it indicates the recipient has read the message, confirming they are online 

 Prompt Responses: If you receive a reply shortly after sending a message, this is a clear sign the person is active on WhatsApp

Here, you can customize your notification preferences:

Message Notifications: Check this box to receive alerts for new messages

Show Previews: Enabling this will show a snippet of the message text in new message alerts.

Show Reaction Notifications: Activate this to get notifications about reactions to your messages in both individual and group chats

Background Sync: Checking this will improve app performance by syncing messages in the background, ensuring you're promptly updated.

Sounds: Turn this on to receive an audible alert for incoming messages, helping you to notice when someone might be online and engaging in conversation.


By tweaking these settings, you can stay informed about your contacts' activity on WhatsApp without the need for third-party WhatsApp tracking tool like WspSeen. However, these settings will not override a contact's privacy settings if they choose to hide their online status or read receipts.

Method 4: Ask The Target Contact to Notify You Directly

This is the easiest method to get notifications when someone is online on WhatsApp. You can ask the target contacts to notify you instantly once they are online on WhatsApp, and then you can start an efficiency WhatsApp communication. This situation is available for family and friends, it’s common to ask each other you get instant WhatsApp online notification.

The disadvantages are that you cannot be allowed to track when someone is online on WhatsApp secretly, or your contacts are unwilling to notify you when they are online or offline.

What Is WhatsApp Online Notification Features?

WhatsApp, while prioritizing user privacy, does not officially support notifications for when a specific contact goes online. However, users can glean information about a contact's presence on the app through various indicators:

WhatsApp online notification

Online Status: When a contact is actively using WhatsApp, their status will show as "Online". This means they have the app open in the foreground and are connected to the internet.

 Last Seen: This feature displays the last time a contact used WhatsApp. You can find this information under the contact's name when you open a chat with them. However, if you choose to hide your own "Last Seen" status, you won't be able to see this information for others.

Privacy Settings: Users have control over who can see their "Last Seen" and "Online" statuses. These settings can be adjusted to maintain privacy according to individual preferences.

Here are some points to consider regarding online notifications:

 Visible Activity: If someone is online in a chat thread with you, you'll notice when they're typing, which is an indirect indication of their presence

WhatsApp Web: Using WhatsApp on a web browser through WhatsApp Web can also provide notifications on a connected laptop or PC.

Real-Time Status: The app reflects real-time online status, but this does not necessarily mean the user is engaged in a conversation or reading specific texts.


Getting instant WhatsApp online notifications can never be easy, but you can get it seamlessly in this article. Now you know the best 4 useful methods to answer how to get notification when someone is online on WhatsApp. With WspSeen tracking tool, you can get anyone’s WhatsApp online notification instantly and secretly as well as track their WhatsApp online history including online time and offline time.

Try to use this smart WhatsApp online tracker, WspSeen can offer you a quick WhatsApp communication between you and your contacts.


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