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iPhone Monitoring

Find out the most useful iPhone monitoring and tracking tips.

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KidsGuard Pro for Android

A hidden, powerful, and one of the best Android monitoring app for you. It has more than 30 mobile phone monitoring features.

Featured Articles

iOS 14 Enhanced Privacy, Can You Still Monitor iPhone Without Permission?

Curious about the new iOS 14 privacy features? Wonder how to bypass iOS 14 privacy changes? Here's a hassle-free iPhone spy tool that can monitor all iPhone activities silently.

userBy Megan Evans|May 11, 2021

How to Access Others’ iPhone Files on PC or Mac Without iTunes?

Do you want to know how to access iPhone files on a PC or Mac without iTunes? Here are several best ways for you. Click to get it!

userBy Cody Walsh|May 11, 2021

4 Ways on How to Track Someone’s iPhone Location History

Are you looking for ways on how to track someone’s location history on the iPhone? Get 4 ways on this article.

userBy Cody Walsh|May 11, 2021

How to See Someone's iMessages without Them Knowing 2021 Must Read

Wondering how to track iMessage on iPhone without them knowing? With KidsGuard Pro, you can easily have access to sent, received and deleted messages on someone's iPhone.

userBy Megan Evans|May 11, 2021

How to Clone an iPhone? Best 3 Ways Provided

iCloud and iTunes are free ways provided by Apple to clone an iPhone. Not only that, there is a 100% secure tool that can clone an iPhone without someone knowing.

userBy Megan Evans|May 11, 2021

Can Private Browsing be Traced on iPhone? 2021 Truth Revealed!

Can Private Browsing be traced on iPhone? What can't it protect? How to view Private Browsing history on iPhone? Read on to get answers to all these questions.

userBy Megan Evans|Feb 19, 2021

Can Someone Hack my iPhone? All You Need to Know in 2021

Though iPhone adopts all the available security measures, your iPhone is still susceptible to being hacked. How to tell if someone is spying on your iPhone? Come in and learn.

userBy Megan Evans|Feb 19, 2021

How Do I Monitor All Activity on iPhone? 2 Free Ways Provided

Wonder how to monitor iPhone activity for free? Having an iPhone activity tracker handy is a wise choice for you. Come in and learn all you need to keep tab on your loved ones.

userBy Megan Evans|Feb 19, 2021

How to Look at Call History on iPhone? 2021 Can't Miss!

Come in and learn how to look at iPhone call history easily as we explain step by step. We will cover how to view normal and FaceTime calls of my own or someone else's.

userBy Megan Evans|Feb 04, 2021

Top 7 iPhone Spy Apps Free Online without Jailbreak It

There are many iPhone spy apps available to effectively spy on someone's iPhone and here're 7 best iPhone spy apps with or without jailbreaking the target device.

userBy Cody Walsh|Feb 04, 2021

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