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How to Check Call History of Any Mobile Number

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Checking the call history has become very important nowadays because as a parent might want to know who is calling your kid. It is great step towards keeping your kid safe and protected from unwanted scenarios.

Tracking call history has a lot of advantages but it is not that easy, there are limitations, and it is also a fact that most of the users have no idea how to get call history of any number. So, if you want to know of this procedure read the following article carefully.

track call history

Is it Possible to Get Call History of Any Number?

Yes, it is definitely possible to get the call history of any mobile number. There are multiple methods available for that purpose like using official service provided by your carrier. But if you want to track someone else's call history like your kid, you may need to use some 3rd party call tracker apps. Each of the method will come with its own shortcomings, and here a few things you should be aware of before trying these methods.

Limitations of using call history tracker app

If you are going to track the call history via a tracker app then you will face the following limitations;

  1. The app needs to be installed beforehand on the target mobile, and it means that you had to have prior and physical access to the target device. As every mobile these days are password protected, you will also need knowledge of the password.

  2. Most of these apps come with their own pricing plan which basically supports up to 1-10 devices, which mean the phone number you want to track call history is limited.

Limitations of using network provider to check call history

These are the limitations any users should know if they are trying to track the call history of any mobile number via the network provider;

  1. The users must have knowledge of the account and password which are used to log into the network provider website.

  2. Unfortunately, not all the network provider offers such services.

After understanding the limitations, you can follow this article till the end to learn more about call history tracking.

How to Get Call History of Any Mobile Number with 3rd Party Apps

If you are not able to get the call history of any mobile number via carrier then you will find many capable tools on the internet, equipped with advanced technologies and ground-breaking features, among which we think KidsGuard Pro should be your best choice.

This is an exceptional parental control app with productive features. Its installation and operation are very simple and what's importantly, it can work in incognito mode without the knowledge of the owner of the target device.

Here's why you need to choose KidsGuard Pro:

  • KidsGuard Pro is capable of tracking all the incoming and outgoing calls and showing the detailed caller info.

  • The app can also track SMS and other texts from social media platforms like WhatsApp.

  • You can get the real-time location of the target device.

  • This app will also get you access to all the data on the target device, like photos, videos, contacts, browser history etc.

  • You will also get real time screenshots and keystrokes.

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Here's how to get call history of any mobile number with KidsGuard Pro:

The installation and access to the call log via KidsGuard Pro is very simple. Before you start, you should create an account.

Step 1: Get hold of the target device and unlock it. Open a browser on that device and visit and download KidsGuard Pro Assistant.

download the app

Step 2: Now, install the APK file. Sign in your account and follow the on-screen instructions to successfully complete the setup. Then, launch the app and the app icon from the Home scree will disappear.

install and launch the app

Step 3: Finally, it is time to get the detailed report via the app, including the call history. So, you can use your computer or mobile device to open the KidsGuard website and log in to your account and click on "Sync".

As soon as the devices are synced all the information from the target device will be transferred to your account, and you will be able to check all the call logs.

view the call log

At this point you will have access to various type of data used by the target device, including the call history. But if you don't want the user of the target device know about the call history tracking, you also need to clear the download history of the target device, immediately.

How to Check Call History of Any Mobile Number with Network Provider

If you want to go through the call history of a different number and you want to do it online via the service provider's website then you would find the procedure very easy.

But first, you have to determine the service provider of the target device. In most cases the name of the service provider is visible at the top left corner of the mobile screen. Then you can go to their official website, provide proper ID and password and you will find out the call history associated to that number.

Taking Spirit as an example, if you want to get the call history of a Spirit mobile number then you can simply use the self-service portal to get the awaited call history and even view the pending bill. You can use the following guide to get the call history from the online portal of Spirit:

Step 1: You need to go to the Official website of "Spirit".

Step 2: Now, sign in via your Spirit account. If you don't have one then simply create one and log in.

spirit sign in

Step 3: After you have created the account, visit the billing tab and click on "My Account". You will find the call history associated to your mobile number.

spirit call history

So, in order to check the call history for another number, you need to login to the account related to that particular mobile number using the proper ID and passwords.

Getting access to a call is very easy and we have discussed two different methods on how to check call history of any mobile number; the network provider method is easy and effective but your only obstacle is getting the ID and password for that account, which is most of the times, impossible. So, you should use the services of KidsGuard Pro. Setting up is easy, and you won't have to get any IDs or passwords. You will also get a 3 days trial period for free with all the features attached.


  • Check all incoming and outgoing calls & SMS

  • Track the real time location and view location history

  • Monitor app activities and know which app is frequently used.

  • Remotely access the files on kid's phone, like contacts, notes, photos, keylogger, etc.


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