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[Solved] How to Check Someone's Call History Online

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Call history can undoubtedly reveal a lot of information, such as who made the call, when it was made, and how long the call lasted. In the digital era, it is no longer a hard task to check call history online, not only yours, but everyone around you. One commonly used method is known as the spy apps, and the alernative solution is by using the inquiry service provided by the operator. So, in this article, we will detail these 2 effective ways, when should they be used, what are the pros and cons, etc. Follow us to explore how to check someone's call history online for free.

how to get call history of others

Way 1: How to Check Someone's Call History with Spy Apps

As you know, spy apps can effectively break into someone's phone and take the information from it. The success rate of this method is obvious. The only concern is that with the explosive growth of spy apps on the market, which one can truly work as advertised? If you decide to get someone else's call history through a spy app, then there are a few things that we think are of great importance for a qualified app.

  1. The app must have the ability the track down all the incoming and outgoing calls.

  2. The app must show the caller name, call time and other related information like email address.

  3. The app should upload the call logs in real time so that you don't miss any important information.

  4. The app is better to work in stealth mode so that it doesn't bother each other.

  5. The process of viewing call history should be as simple and intuitive as possible, and it is best to access it anytime, anywhere.

If you agree with our selection criteria, then the app that finally meets all the above conditions is KidsGuard Pro. We come to this conclusion after testing over 50 spy apps, including mSpy, Spyzie, Highster Mobile, iKeymonitor, TrackMyFone, etc. In the following section, we will dig deep into What is KidsGuard Pro and why choose it to check someone's call history online.

1. Why KidsGuard Pro Stands out from the Crowd?

Being one of the top-class cell phone monitoring app, KidsGuard Pro stands out for its performance, features and affordability. This app can get the call history of any mobile number just in few minutes. It comes with a good user-friendly interface so anyone can get started quickly.

Using KidsGuard Pro doesn't require rooting the target device. Not every spy app can achieve this feat, but KidsGuard Pro have made it possible. Therefore, this app is 100% safe to use. It doesn't pose any threat to the target phone. The awesome thing you get in this app is full encryption of the data to avoid misuse or being accessed by anyone not even the support team of the app. If you think that's all, then you are wrong. Below we list several reasons why KidsGuard Pro tops others.

  • KidsGuard Pro works in stealth mode. It removes the app icon once installed so that the target will never suspect something unusual.

  • The monitored call history and other data are uploaded to your online account, which can be accessed from anywhere using any browsers, remotely and instantly.

  • The installation and setup are super easy to complete within 5 minutes.

  • 30+ advanced features are available in one packages, including call recording,WhatsApp/Facebook/Snapchat monitoring, GPS location tracking, text messages, etc.

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kidsguard pro call history tracking feature

2. How to Check Someone's Phone History using KidsGuard Pro? Step by Step Guide

Step 1. Register an account and download the KidsGuard Pro assistant app to the target phone which you want to check the call logs.

download the kidsguard pro app

Step 2. Log in the app and set it up as directed by the setup wizard displayed on the app screen.

set up kidsguard pro app

Step 3. To check other's call history, go back to the official website and connect the device to enter KidsGuard Pro control panel. Select "Call Logs" under "Phone Logs" tab.

how does kidsguard pro display the feature

What Else to Say

Suitable users: For those who want to track call history of other people (such as couple, children, family members, etc).

Limitations: Make sure you have physical access to the target phone in order to install and set up the app.

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Way 2: By Using Self-Service Portal of Network Provider

There is always an alternative solution for every problem out there. Similarly, you can check someone's call history online without downloading any software or tool. Some of the big network providers offer inquiry services to check the call history but the user must have the username and password to log-in into network provider page. AT &T and Verizon are such two companies which helps you to view the call history by logging in their site.

at & t online call history checker

Almost all the network provider works the same, only the term they refers might sound different but the purpose will be similar. What you can do is:

Step 1. Login the account of your network provider either from the web or on their app (Some of the network provider have their own app for the customer convenience).

log into att

You can even simply click on this link and it will direct you to the login page.

Step 2. Once you logged-in to account, select the call history option (The option name might vary according to the network provider but the working is same). Verizon calls it as Call and messages while AT & T and Sprint calls it as Call Log.

Step 3. Finally check and view call history.

What Else to Say

Suitable users: For those who know the network provide account and password, or check the call history of other members who join the mobile share data plans.

Limitations: You can only check a certain number of call logs. The data is not synced in real-time.


You should be pretty much sure about how to get someone's call details now. To make the best choice, We recommend you to use KidsGuard Pro app as it has got all the features to effectively monitor a cell phone. To avoid any dissatisfaction, you can try the free demo first. This can help you understand what features KidsGuard Pro provides and how does it work.

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