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5 Ways to Check History on iPhone and Monitor Phone Remotely

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Apple is one of the popular cell phone brands which is in use by several kids worldwide. With the introduction of technological advancements, there has been a significant rise in the number of problems encountered online as well. Internet is a growing concern for parents as their kids can be subjected to inappropriate content like adult, violence, porn etc. There needs to be a definite medium to monitor the online activities like browsing history, internet activities etc.

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This problem is more common in the younger kids and teenagers as they are much more vulnerable to such dangerous scenarios due to lack of maturity. As parents, you should try and find out more and more ways to avoid your child facing such issues. This article aims at educating the parents on how to check history on iPhone, including browser history and call history. Read on to find out more about how you can do it using simple methods!

Part 1. How to Check Safari Browsing History on iPhone

Web browser is one of the most used features on any phone. With endless content online, a web browser is the first thing we turn to find several answers. But unlike other devices, the default iPhone browser is Safari. It is a complete different experience compared to Google Chrome or even Firefox. Hence, their inability to comprehend the Safari system makes them unable to check their browser history. But once we break it down you will see that, it's pretty easy.

Being the default browser of iOS devices, it is very important for you to know how to operate the said browser and how to check its history. The procedure is very easy if you want to check history on iPhone. It can be done via the simple following procedure. Here's how to find history on iPhone;

Step 1: Open Safari browser on your iPhone.

Step 2: From the bottom, tap on the left arrow icon and keep holding it.

Step 3: The entire browser history will open on the screen.

safari history

As you can see, it is not really a difficult procedure to get the browser history of an iPhone via Safari. After this detailed explanation of the procedure, you will probably have no issues with it.

Part 2: How to Check Browsing History on Settings

As you are using an iPhone, you can also get the browser history via the "Settings" of your device. This method is a more straightforward one as the device itself provides the option to check the browsing history and all the deleted websites as well. Just read the following steps to get the details. Here's how to see history on iPhone from settings;

Step 1: On your iPhone, from "Settings" option, tap on "Safari".

Step 2: From the available options, tap on "Advanced" icon.

Step 3: Tap on "Website Data" and all the websites which have been deleted from Safari can be found listed here.

safari website history

This is a pretty convenient way to check history on iPhone, it is easier than getting it directly from the Safari browser.

Part 3: How to Check Someone's History without Accessing Their iPhone

If you're a parent, you may want to give your child some privacy, but you also have to make sure they don't access unhealthy or inappropriate content on the Internet. Due to the openness of the Internet and the popularity of smart phones, children can easily access the content on the Internet. As parents, we cannot take care of children every moment, but we can look for some third-party software to monitor children's online search records. Here are a few tools to help you look up browsing history on someone's phone remotely.

1. iKeyMonitor

This is an app designed for parental control purposes.You can use it to monitor your child's mobile and computer activities. He can use the app to monitor not only their browsing history, but also their text messages, location information, social media usage and more. However, it has some disadvantages: It only support iOS 9 and above for iPhone without jailbreak; and it's expensive for $59.99 monthly.


2. iSpyoo

As a monitoring tool, it is relatively comprehensive and can be used to monitor all kinds of iPhone records, including browser search history, phone history, SMS records and so on. But it didn't developed well because it only supported iOS 9 and below.With iOS 13 coming soon to the iPhone operating system, the app doesn't quite fit the bill.


3. MobiStealth

This is another tool for iPhone record monitoring, it can remotely access call records, social chat records, like WhatsApp, line, Viber and so on. Mobistealth supports all Android and iphone/iPad models. It also supports all Windows and Mac computers.


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If in case your child is using an Android phone, the above methods would prove useless for you. If you are wondering how to check phone history on Android, read on!

If you want to monitor the history (whether phone call history, browser history or all the online history) on your child's Android phone, one of the highly recommended apps is KidsGuard Pro. This app is very efficient in its performance and can be used by any parent for easy and simple monitoring of your child's Android phone. So basically it is a potent parental control app with various features that can help track any type of cell phone activities of your kid remotely. It comes with an extensive list of features which are listed below.


  • Check browser history

  • Check all the call history

  • View photos and videos stored in target phone

  • Take a screenshot instantly

  • App activities notifications

  • Monitor keystrokes with keylogger feature

  • Access calendar and notes

  • View incoming and outgoing calls and messages information

  • Access stored contacts

  • Keep a check on the popular social media platforms like Kik, Line, Viber, WhatsApp and Wechat

  • Get real time location of your child

  • Wi-fi logger

Most importantly, it works without letting your child know. So, you can monitor remotely and completely anonymously. With such varied parental control features, you can be sure of keeping your child safe from all the dangers in the online world.

view call history with kidsguard pro


Hence, you can use any of the mentioned methods in order to get the browser history of your iPhone. You will get two options to get the detail of the history, you can do it directly from the default browser or you can take the easier option and do it from the Settings of your device. But if you are using an Android device, then using the KidsGuard Pro to get the browser will be a much better and easier option. It is highly recommended and comes with a free trial version for three days through which you can get a fair idea about the working features of the app before buying the premium version.


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