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Geofencing setting

Geofencing setting

A geofencing app is a mobile application that utilizes geofencing technology to establish virtual boundaries in particular geographic regions. These applications use the device's location services, including GPS, to activate predetermined actions or dispatch notifications upon the device's entry or departure from the specified geofenced area.

How to create and monitor geofences

Versatile applications of geofencing

Regardless of location-based alerts, parental control, smart home automation, or workplace safety, a geofence can always provide enhanced control, efficiency, and security based on location awareness.

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Geofence in dashboard

How to make use of this geofencing app

How to download KidsGuard Pro

Step 1: Activate the geofencing App

Initiate the power of our geofencing app by installing the discreet monitoring tool on the designated device. Android users can seamlessly follow the provided URL, while iOS users can kickstart the process by visiting the specified website.

How to register your KidsGuard Pro account

Step 2: Set up your account

The next step involves creating a new accountand logging in on the target device. To enable geofencing features, you'll need to choose the appropriate plan. Alternatively, you can start your experience with aFree Demo to gain a comprehensive understanding of this tool.

How to manage geofencing settings

Step 3: Monitor Geofencing Activity

Following the successful configuration of the application, access your ClevGuard account. Here, you'll have complete control and the ability to oversee geofencing activities using the provided online dashboard. With our Geofencing App, you take charge of setting digital boundaries while ensuring safety and responsible phone use.

Best geofencing app

Make informed digital parenting choices with the best geofencing app - enjoy comprehensive location-based control and secure online boundaries!
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  • What is a geofencing app, and how does it work?

    A geofencing app is a tool that allows you to set up virtual boundaries (geofences) around physical locations. It works by utilizing GPS or location services to trigger actions or alerts when a device enters or exits a specified area.

  • What kinds of alerts can I set up with a geofencing app?

    Geofencing apps allow you to set up alerts for various situations, such as when your child arrives at school, leaves a friend's house, or enters an off-limits area. You can customize these alerts to suit your needs.

  • Is using a geofencing app legal and ethical?

    Geofencing apps are typically used for parental control and safety. However, it's essential to use them responsibly and respect privacy boundaries. Communicate openly with your child about the purpose of the geofencing app.

  • Can I access the Best Geofencing App from multiple devices, such as my smartphone and tablet?

    Yes, KidsGuard Pro offers the flexibility to access the app from multiple devices. This allows you to stay connected and informed on your preferred device.