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What ClevGuard offers
How to track Instagram messages

Put parental controls on Instagram

How do you put reins on kids’ journey on Instagram? With no complicated setup required, simply install and launch the Instagram tracker app on your phone to monitor IG pictures and direct messages, including deleted ones. A few clicks are all it takes to keep track of your children's online Instagram activities.

How to monitor Instagram messages remotely

Make Instagram activity tracking an easy task

Are you concerned about how to make my Instagram kid-friendly? If yes, why don’t you resort to an Instagram activity tracking to make this social platform age-appropriate. Bid farewell to concerns about violence, explicit material, and cyberbullying when kids are online. Transform Instagram into a safe haven for your children.

Have a closer look at what someone is doing on Instagram

How to track someone's Instagram in KidsGuard Pro

How to track someone’s online Instagram activity

How to download Kidsguard pro

Step 1: Download the installation package on the target device

For Android users, please click on this URL address to access the package on the target phone. Then launch the installer on the Android devices.

Register for a Kidsguard pro account

Step 2: Register for an account

Sign up for a new account and log into your account on the target device. However, the very first step before monitoring someone’s Instagram activity is to make the purchase for the product. Before it all, here’s the Free Demo for your reference.

How to monitor instagram activities

Step 3: Start tracking the Instagram activity of your cared ones

When you’ve installed the application and completed the configuration process, log into your ClevGuard account and monitor the app’s usage from the provided online dashboard.

Best Instagram tracker

Are you interested in tracking someone’s Instagram online activity? Try the best Instagram tracker app for a more secure and accountable digital experience.
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  • What if my child uses a private Instagram account? Can I still track their activity?

    As long as you have successfully installed the app on their phones, you still have control of every Instagram activity, including screenshots, chats, and downloaded pictures, whatever accounts they use.

  • Can I monitor both direct messages and public posts on Instagram?

    KidsGuard Pro only provides access to direct messages on Instagram. Users cannot keep track of public posts on this social platform.

  • Is Instagram tracking visible to my child, or is it done discreetly?

    The entire operation is totally invisible to the target user when installed on the device. It’s quite hard for your kids to locate the app and remove it from the phone.

  • Can I set alerts or notifications for specific Instagram interactions?

    Yes. KidsGuard Pro enables users to set certain keyword alerts. Once the keyword is triggered, you will receive a notification from the online dashboard.

  • How can I access the data collected through Instagram tracking, and can I view it in real-time?

    User can navigate to the online dashboard to review all the data from the device, including someone’s Instagram activities. The dashboard will update the data synchronously. But for the first time updating, it takes some time.

  • At what age should my kids have Instagram?

    According to Instagram's terms of service, users are required to be at least 13 years old to create an account. Parents should consider their child's ability to handle online interactions responsibly, understand privacy settings, and deal with potential online risks such as cyberbullying.