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What ClevGuard offers
How to monitor someone's LINE app activities

Multi-functional LINE tracker

An all-encompassing LINE tracker app enables you to gain complete visibility of this popular IM. KidsGuard for LINE goes beyond standard monitoring tools by offering an extensive range of features:

  • Call history: explore call logs to identify connected contacts;
  • Location tracking: obtain the current geographical information and shared location;
  • Multi-media files: keep an eye on shared documents, videos, and photos through media monitoring.
Monitor line voom details

Track LINE VOOM details

Do you wonder what contents did the target person discover on this video platform? Get KidsGuard for LINE to dive into every interaction, including captions, comments, and likes. Learn more about the total time spent on and the exact date

Secure LINE activities with just a few clicks

Kidsguard for line dashboard

How to make sure someone's chats on LINE are safe

How to download kidsguard for line

Step 1: Initiate LINE monitoring

Kickstart your journey into LINE app monitoring by installing our tracking tool on your designated device. Mobile users can get started by visiting the specified website.

How to create kidsguard for line account

Step 2: Set up your account

Begin by creating a new account and logging in on the target device. To enable LINE app monitoring, you'll need to select an appropriate plan. Alternatively, you can commence with a Free Demo to gain a comprehensive understanding of the feature.

How to navigate online dashboard

Step 3: Monitor LINE app activities

After successfully configuring the application, log in to your ClevGuard account. Here, you'll have full control and the ability to supervise LINE activities using the provided online dashboard.

Best LINE tracker

Unlock the safe world of LINE app with our powerful LINE tracker. Click to explore, monitor, and protect with ease for enhanced digital control.
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  • How can LINE app tracking benefit parents by ensuring their child's online safety?

    LINE app tracking empowers parents to monitor and guide their child's online interactions, providing valuable insights for enhanced safety.

  • Can parents receive real-time alerts for specific activities on LINE to stay informed and take timely action?

    Parental control apps often include customizable alerts for keywords or activities, ensuring parents are notified in real time.

  • Is LINE app tracking discreet, ensuring that the child is unaware of being monitored?

    Most parental control apps operate discreetly, minimizing the likelihood of the child discovering the monitoring.

  • Can parents access historical data and past conversations on LINE?

    Yes, many apps allow parents to view historical LINE data, providing a comprehensive overview.

  • What are the advantages of LINE tracking in terms of online safety for children?

    LINE tracking helps parents identify potential online risks and provides valuable insights for protecting their children.