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How to know if files have been copied

Keep a closer eye on files and folder changes

Accidental or intentional data loss in organizations can happen occasionally. Wondering what changes have been made to the original files? Let MoniVisor provide you with the answers. This advanced file activity tracker offers a comprehensive solution to monitor and trace changes, revealing crucial details such as the source file path, file name, and the precise date of each modification.

File activity monitoring software

Why adopt a file activity tracking tool

No one wants this to happen. Monitoring file activity helps identify and respond to uninvited access and insider threats. Organizations can proactively detect and address any alterations to files, thereby enhancing security measures and ensuring the integrity of critical data assets.

Take a closer look at every file activity

How to monitor file activities in monivisor

How to monitor file activity on Windows

How to download monivisor

Step 1: Activate file activity monitoring

Get started by visiting the specified URL to access the setup package. Execute the installer and install the file activity monitoring software on your Windows PC.

How to register for a new monivisor account

Step 2: Sign up for your account

Next, create a new account and log in to the target device. To monitor file activities, you'll need to make a purchase. Alternatively, the Free Demo is available for you to know better of this monitoring tool.

How to set up monivisor account

Step 3: Track file actions discreetly

When ready, it's time to access the file activities. Select "File Activity" to review actions taken, file paths, titles, and timestamps.

Best file activity tracker on Windows

Protect your valuable files, track every action, and safeguard your data with File Activity Monitoring. Start now for total control.

FAQs for getting started

  • What is file activity monitoring, and how does it work?

    File activity monitoring is a feature that enables you to track and log actions taken on files, including file paths, names, and dates. It works by recording these activities and providing insights into file interactions on your device.

  • Can I use file activity monitoring to prevent data breaches?

    Yes, file activity monitoring is an effective tool to prevent data breaches. By tracking and monitoring file activities, it allows you to detect suspicious actions and take proactive measures to protect your data.

  • What types of file actions can be tracked with file activity monitoring?

    File activity monitoring typically tracks actions like file opening, copying, moving, deleting, and renaming. It also records file paths, names, and timestamps.

  • Is file activity monitoring suitable for businesses to monitor employee activities?

    Yes, many businesses use file activity monitoring software to track and audit file actions, ensuring compliance, data security, and productivity within the organization.