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What ClevGuard offers
How to track phone call history

Unlock access to one’s call logs

Curious about how to monitor the call log of cared person? A phone call tracker like KidsGuard Pro is the one you’ve seeking. No matter it’s outgoing or incoming phone calls, this call history logger can keep records of names, phone numbers, duration, and dates to reappear the details as much as possible.

How to remotely monior call history

Why track one’s phone call history

When we talk about the purposes of monitoring the call history, some common reasons comprise: parental control, employee oversight, relationship trust, quality assurance, and security concerns. Just choose a reliable and safe call log tracker to check one’s call history.

Ensure a secure environment for call interactions

How to monitor phone call history in kidsguard pro

How to track someone’s call history responsibly

How to download Kidsguard pro

Step 1: Get started for call monitoring

Embark on your journey into call tracking as you enable our discreet monitoring tool on the designated device. Android users can seamlessly follow the provided URL to obtain the installation package, while iOS users can initiate the process by visiting the specified website.

Register for a Kidsguard pro account

Step 2: Set up your profile

The subsequent step involves creating a new account and signing in to the target device. To track phone call logs, you'll need to select the appropriate plan is essential. Alternatively, you can kickstart your experience with a Free Demo to gain a comprehensive understanding of this feature.

How to track someones phone call logs

Step 3: Track other's call history

Following the successful configuration of the application, access your ClevGuard account. Here, you'll have complete control and the ability to oversee call activities using the provided online dashboard.

Best call tracker

Opt for the best call log monitoring tool to take control of your child's call safety. Equip yourself with the most advanced tool to nurture a secure online environment.
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  • What is call tracking?

    Call tracking for parental control is a feature within parental control apps designed to monitor and supervise the call activities of children on their mobile devices. It allows parents to keep tabs on their child's phone calls, including incoming and outgoing calls, call durations, contact details, and more.

  • Can I try a demo of the best call tracker before committing to a plan?

    Yes, the Free Demo is available in KidsGuard Pro. You can experience the full functionalities before selecting a well-suited plan.

  • What makes us one of the best call trackers?

    KidsGuard Pro stands out by offering advanced features such as real-time call monitoring, call history tracking, contact details, call duration, and reporting. This device-agnostic app easy to use, reliable, and secure.

  • Can I use the best call tracker on multiple devices?

    Yes,KidsGuard Pro is compatible with various devices, allowing you to monitor calls on Android and iOS. You just need to bind other devices at the online dashboard to monitor multiple devices. Make sure to choose a call tracker that suits your specific needs.