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Megan Evans

Updated: Jan 18, 2024 05:53 pm

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While smartphones have certainly provided many benefits to most people, they have also introduced some new challenges. These issues can include kids accessing inappropriate content, significant others hiding their unfaithfulness, and elderly users falling victim to scammers.

One of the best ways to prevent these problems from occurring is to install a hidden call recorder on every device you control. This will allow you to monitor all the activity that takes place on each smartphone, including listening to calls, seeing app activity longs, viewing chat logs, and much more. Of course, not all of the activity trackers on the market today offer the same features and options. So you will need to learn which one will work best for you.

kidsguard pro

Best Hidden Call Recorders on the Market

If you are thinking about using an activity monitoring tool on a smartphone, it is important to choose the right one for your situation. The following are seven of the best rated call recorders and activity trackers you can get today. Read through each one to see which is best for your situation.

KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is an easy-to-use app that will give you full visibility into all the activities performed on the device in question. This includes tracking activity on all social networks, texting, and even location. While this secret call recorder is marketed specifically for helping parents track the activity of their children, it can also be effectively used to keep track of the activities of a spouse or anyone else when needed.

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kidsguard pro

Some of the best things about KidsGuard Pro include:

  • Record Detailed Call Information

  • Track Activity on Social Networks

  • Monitor All Kinds of Calls (Including Video Calls, App Calls)

  • Simple GPS Location Tracking

  • Setup a Geofence to with Alerts

  • Works with Android and iOS devices

  • 100% Safe and Undetectable

How to use this hidden call recorder for Android and iOS?

Step 1. Create a KidsGuard Pro account and choose the plan that suits you most.

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sign up kidguard pro

Step 2. Download and install the app on the target device. After completing the setup, navigate to the Demo.

Step 3. Now you can secretly record the calls and screen, even the surrounding sounds can be recorded. Let's give it a try!

kidsguard pro demo


The SpyBubble app is primarily marketed toward people who want to find out if their spouse or significant other is cheating. But it has great features for all your monitoring needs. You can use this secret call recorder on all modern smartphones, including Android and iOS systems. Some popular features of this tool are as follows:



FamiGuard is a popular activity monitoring tool that is available for both iOS and Android devices. It is popularly used by parents, spouses, and even corporations looking to track the activity of employees. This secret call recorder and activity monitor is easy to use. And it has some great features, such as:



uMobix is a useful secret call recording app that is designed for parents looking to track the activity of their children. Of course, this tool can be used to monitor online situations on the phone. It's super user-friendly, and it comes with some pretty neat features, too:

  • Monitor Activity on over 30 Popular Apps

  • View All Incoming and Outgoing Calls

  • All Activity is Timestamped

  • Full Keylogger for Gathering Passwords and More

  • Accurate Live Location Tracking with GPS

  • Access to All Media Including Photos and Videos



SpyX is easy to install on both smartphones and tablets. It will provide you with a comprehensive set of information about what the device is being used for. You can remotely access things like what they are searching for, what they are doing in a variety of different apps, where they are located, and much more. This app is primarily marketed toward parents wanting to track their children, but it can be used as a secret call recording app for anyone. The top features of Spyx are:



Hoverwatch is a secret call recorder that is easy to use on most Android devices. This tool will allow you to track almost any type of activity on the device including calls, pictures and videos, app activity, and location. Note that this app is not currently available for iPhones.

  • Free Trial with No Credit Card Needed

  • View How Much Time Someone Spends on Each App

  • Get GPS Location History with Timestamps

  • Monitor Activity in Facebook, Texting, and More

  • One Account to Monitor Up to Five Devices



EyeZy is a powerful app that allows you to track what devices you own are being used for. This includes taking steps to keep your kids safe, your spouse honest, and your employees working hard. This secret call recorder is easy to install on all your devices so you can check what people are doing at any time, or get alerted if specific actions are taken. Some of the best features of this app are:

  • Available on Android and iOS

  • Get Alerted for Specific Activities

  • Data is Protected with Bank-Grade Encryption

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • Keep Activity History in your Account


Which Hidden Call Recorder is the Best?

As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a hidden call recorder. These tools are needed in many different situations. While all of the options listed above have some great features, one really does stand out above the rest. That’s KidsGuard Pro! This app is the easiest to use, and provides a free demo, which allows you to try out all the features, making it the obvious choice. Try KidsGuard Pro today and give it a chance to see if it is the right option for you.

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