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An anti-spyware tool that can protect mobile
phone data security

  • 24/7 Protect Your Phone.
  • One Single Click to Eliminate Malicious Documents.
  • Real-Time Warning When Spyware is Found.
  • Free Version Is Available with Super Functions.

Available for: Android Android 4.0 - Android 11

Super Anti Spyware App for Android

As we rely more and more on the Internet, our attention to Internet information security increases. ClevGuard as an Android spyware detection app which not only can pinpoint out the malicious files but also can detect spyware on Android phone. You can surf the Internet at ease with ClevGuard.

ClevGuard Android Spyware Removal Features

ClevGuard Scanner and Remover

  • Scan Phone files and add to the whitelist or Blacklist.
  • Files that add to the whitelist can bypass the next time risk warning
  • Remove files from the whitelist and report app to blacklist freely.
  • Scan and show unsafe App to you in 24 hours
  • Notification remind with unsecure App

App Audit for Android

  • Support for scanning all third-party applications installed on the phone.
  • Reporting each app access permission according to the risk grade.
  • Upload the suspicious hazard app to help you to check.
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Real-Time Spyware Detector

  • 24/7 heuristic scanning phone’s download files.
  • Highlight the abnormal documents.
  • Display 100 records.
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More Features

Scan All Phone App

Remind you which app is threat
the safety of your phone

App Whitelist Enumeration

Add your trust app to whitelist
without security remind

Scan Spy Automatically

scan spy app in real time and
add to backlist with own mind

One Step Delete App

Delete Any unsecure App with
one click

How to Use ClevGuard to Protect Your Phone

Using ClevGuard anti-spy app to find the hidden spyware and remove the malicious files with several simple steps.
ClevGuard can protect your privacy security well.

Discover Why ClevGuard Is Best Choice

ClevGuard Anti-Spy is one of the best Anti-Spy software for Android phone users. You will get an overview of why
it stands out below.

Multiple Functions

All in one tool to scan and keep phone away from spying and unsecure state in real time.

Update Database

You can update whitelist/blacklist database yourself without limitation.

Real-Time Scan

ClevGuard protect phone in real-time. No worry about any spy tool to track your privacy data.

App Reminder

Scan all Third Party app to remind you whether it is safe or not.

Data & Privacy Protection

We protect every user's data and privacy with high-security standards. Nobody else can access your data.

Easy to Use

With user-friendly interface, every user can handle it in several seconds without any trouble.

Cheap Price

We provide much cheaper plan for our users to get the best anti-spy software to keep data safe.

Free Update

Yes, you can upgrade the software and get latest features with no extra cost when updates are available.

What Users Are Saying About Us

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“It is a wonderful tool to remind me that there is a spy tool on my Huawei pro 30 to track my privacy data for a long time. How scary. Now I have deleted the spy tool to keep me phone away from spy tool threat.”

star star star star star
-By Maria

“Thanks for ClevGuard Anti-Spy software to scan and protect my phone. I feel it is much better than before to store privacy data on social media and share my daily life without worring about anyone spy it.”

star star star star star
-By John

“Friend reommend this tool to me in last month. I just try it on my phone without girlfriend knowing. Fine, I find that she has installed spying tool on my phone for a long time, you know, how frustrating”

star star star star star
-By Kevin

Here is What Most Users Choose

1-Year Plan


You will be billed at $29.99

  • Monitor 1 Phone
  • Scan Phone in 24 Hours
  • Auto Renew. Cancel Anytime

You May Still Be Wondering...

Q1. How can I tell if there’s a hidden spyware in my phone?

You can use ClevGuard to test if there is a hidden spyware in your phone. Its support detect Application of hazard level determination, Blacklist example monitoring, etc.

Q2. Where can I download ClevGuard?

You can download it in or Google Play.

Q3. How can I know whether the current version of ClevGuard is the latest one?

You can directly check it’s latest version in our App, if you can’t figure, just contact with our Customer Center for help.

Q4. Is there any method that can help to prohibit with one-click?

Yes, we support one-click prohibit or open permissions in this App, so you can setting this function and reduce inconvenience caused by operation.