Setup Guide for ClevGuard Anti-Spyware

Check out the simple steps below to scan phone and keep security easily.


How to Use ClevGuard Anti-Spy Software:

Things You Need to Know Before You Start:


Downalod ClevGuard


Need to install ClevGuard Anti-Spyware on your Android device.


No data will be deleted or erased when using ClevGuard to protect phone.

Step 1Download and Install ClevGuard

Go to Google Play to download and install ClevGuard on your phone.


download clevguard

Step 2Start scanning and Detect Spyware

Open ClevGuard Anti-Spyware, click "Scan" button to detect spyware that has been installed on your device.

scan phone

Step 3Remove Spyware with ClevGuard

After Scanning, you can check the results and remove spyware in few seconds.

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tipsTips: Add App to Whitelist/Backlist

You can add app to whitelist or blacklist with your own mind.

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tipsTips: How to Clean Junk

Check the junk files, residuals, cache, thumbnails, and empty folders you want to clean up and click the "Clean" button to free your storage space.

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tipsTips: How to Check Microphone/Camera Use Logs

It will notify you when some applications turn on the microphone or camera with or without your consent. You can also view history logs at Guard Event.

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tipsTips: Email Data Breach Check

Enter your email and we'll check to see if any accounts linked to it have been compromised.

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