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How to record keystrokes on Android phones

See everything typed on a keyboard

If used correctly, a keylogger can be a valuable tool. Take full advantage of this keystroke recorder for Android to capture every keyboard input, show the exact app in which the conversations occurred, and time and date details. See all the keystrokes when someone types.

How to check keyboard inputs

Hidden app to parenting and security compliance

Regardless of parental control or security concerns, a keylogger for Android can record every taps to guarantee the legitimate computer activity and age-appropriate content on a mobile phone. Say no to potential security threats

Safeguard your child's every keyboard activity

Android keylogger dashboard

Safeguard your child's every keyboard activity

How to download Android keylogger

Step 1: Install the Android keylogger

Download the keylogger on the target Android phones. When the app is installed successfully on the target device, it will go incognito immediately.

How to register for an account

Step 2: Create your account

The next phase is to sign up for a new account and log into the target device. To enable keystroke recording features, you'll need to select the appropriate plan. Alternatively, you can begin your experience with a Free Demo to gain a comprehensive understanding of this tool.

How to monitor keyboard activity

Step 3: Monitor keystroke activity

Following the successful configuration of the application, sign into your ClevGuard account on both the target device and MoniVisor's online dashboard. Here, you'll have complete control and the ability to oversee keystroke recording activities using the provided online dashboard.

Best keystroke logger for Android

Promote safer device use and ensure informed supervision with the keylogger for Android. Start monitoring now.
Kidsguard pro dashboard


  • What is a keylogger for Android?

    A keystroke logger on Android is a type of software or application that is designed to record and monitor keystrokes made on an Android device. It captures and logs every key or button press, including text input, passwords, and other typed information. Keyloggers are often used for legitimate purposes, such as parental control and monitoring, to keep track of a user's digital activities.

  • Is keyboard activity monitoring secure, and how is my data protected?

    The best keystroke logger prioritizes data security, typically employing encryption and secure protocols to protect your data. It's crucial to choose a reputable logger with strong security measures.

  • Why is monitoring keyboard activity with KidsGuard Pro important for digital parenting?

    Monitoring keyboard activity with KidsGuard Pro is crucial for understanding your child's online communication and ensuring their safety. It helps you stay informed about their digital interactions.

  • Can I access historical keyboard activity data with KidsGuard Pro?

    Yes, KidsGuard Pro typically allows access to historical data, enabling you to review past keyboard activity and understand your child's digital habits.