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What ClevGuard offers
How to view contact details

Stay updated on whom your cared ones are contacting

Worried about someone’s social circle? Whether your loved ones are connecting with unknown and inappropriate individuals? A contact tracker can represent the entire contact list in front of you. The contact profiles, like names, email addresses, personal website, or the home addresses, will be displayed on the main dashboard.

How to see others contact information

Reasons to track one’s contacts

For the purpose of digital parenting, security threats detection, business compliance, or harassment prevention, contacts monitoring can be regarded as a way out. Scenarios related to safety, security, or legal compliance may resort to a contact tracker to monitor somebody’s contact list.

Guardianship at your fingertips

How to view others contact list

How to keep track of a kid’s phone contacts

How to download Kidsguard pro

Step 1: Activate the contact tracking

Initiate your journey into contact tracking by enabling our discreet monitoring tool on the designated device. Android users can conveniently follow the provided URL, while iOS users can start by visiting the specified website.

Register for a Kidsguard pro account

Step 2: Create your profile

The next step involves setting up a new account and signing in to the target device. To start phone usage tracking, you'll need to select the appropriate plan is essential. Also, you can begin with a Free Demo to know how to track someone's recent contacts.

How to locate cellphone location

Step 3: Monitor other's contacts secretly

When the app is successfully installed on the monitored device, navigate to your ClevGuard account. Here, you'll have full access to one's recent contacts.

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Protect your child's digital world with our contact tracker. Start tracking their contacts now to secure their online interactions and keep them safe.
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  • How can a phone contact tracker help me as a parent?

    Our phone contact tracker lets you monitor your child's contacts, helping you ensure their online safety by keeping an eye on who they interact with.

  • Can I access contact tracker data from multiple devices?

    Yes, our contact tracker feature is accessible from multiple devices, allowing you to keep tabs on your child's contacts from wherever you are.

  • Does this feature work in the background, or do I need to actively track my usage?

    Our app operates silently in the background, continuously tracking your usage without requiring your constant attention.

  • Can the phone contact tracker help me identify potential online threats?

    Absolutely, the phone contact tracker can set keyword tracking. Parents can specify certain keywords, and when these keywords are detected, you will receive a notification to help you protect your child from potential online threats.

  • How does the contact tracker promote a balance between monitoring and trust in parenting?

    Our contact tracker promotes balance by giving you insights into your child's contacts without infringing on their trust. It's a valuable tool for responsible parenting.