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Top 6 Anti-Spyware Apps for Android Phones in 2021

author_icon Megan Evans time_icon Last updated May 28, 2021 06:56 pm

Anyone who knows the basic customization controls of android can download the spyware app and start tracking your device without being notified by the user in any way. Today, one of the easiest ways to spy on any android smartphone is spyware apps. This is because the Android operating system is known for its high volume of tweaks and customization that the user can make. Spyware apps take advantage of this policy and start using these policies to track and spy on the victim's mobile.

They can easily track your messages, contacts, recent calls, WhatsApp messages, Facebook, and other personal data. On the other hand, the user who controls the spyware can easily see all these details on its dashboard that a spyware service provides. Luckily, there are some anti-spyware apps that you can use to identify which apps are spying on your phone. That is why we've written this review on some of the 6 best spyware android apps for you!

best anti spyware app for android

Top 6 Anti-Spyware Apps for Android

Although, spyware apps keep working on your mobile anonymously without leaving any trace, there are some anti-spyware android apps that you can use to identify spyware apps quickly. That's why after in-depth research, we've shortlisted some of the 6 best anti-spyware apps for android. So let's get into it!

1. ClevGuard

If there was an award for the best spyware detectors, then this app was the winner!This app is our personal favourite and #1 best anti-spyware for android. ClevGuard anti-spyware application makes sure that no spying or any kind of malicious service runs on your device. If any sort of spyware exists or is working on your device, don't worry, ClevGuard will kick it out from your phone. The app is not just limited to installed spywares in your phone.


  • Support for scanning all the third-party applications installed on the phone in a quick time
  • Reporting each app access permission according to the risk grade
  • ClevGuard with cutting-edge technology can remove any kind of spyware radically
  • One single click to eliminate malicious files
  • Real-time spyware detector, ClevGuard can 24/7 protect your phone and warning you in time when spyware is found


  • 24/7 protect your phone
  • Notification remind with unsecure app
  • Upload the suspicious hazard app to help you to check
  • Easy to understand and operate


  • Scanning results only available in premium version

2. Incognito Spyware Detector – Anti Spy Privacy Scanner

Incognito Spyware Detector is a straightforward app that efficiently detects any kind of spyware and kicks it out from your phone. With over 10 useful spyware detecting tools, this app is great if you are looking for a minimalist anti-spyware app.

incognito spyware detector antispy privacy scanner


  • Real-time email checker to detect security breaches
  • Advanced website analyzer that detects any kind of spying code on the given URL of website
  • A deep scan option scans each file and app of your device to see who the black sheep is


  • Real-time application checkers
  • Keeps a strict eye on each app to detect if they are spying or not
  • Advanced website analyzer works seamlessly


  • Watch up to 3 ads to access pro features in the free version
  • The deep scan feature works extremely slow if we compare it with the other apps

3. AntiSpy & Spyware Scanner

The app offers more than 20 tools to help you protect your smartphone from any type of spyware. The app is not just the best free anti-spyware detection tool but a complete suite for all your privacy risks. ProtectStar, the backend company behind this AntiSpy app, is already known for creating other productivity apps for its users so you can trust this app.

antispy spyware scanner


  • The built-in ad-ware detector scans every app before you install it
  • Ideal for detecting spyware as well as fake apps, SMS trackers, and unknown camera access apps
  • Real-time scan option that keeps running in the background all the time


  • Advance AI algorithm that analyzes every application in real-time while running in the background
  • Able to detect hidden and disabled spying apps
  • Protects from espionage app


  • Due to its features, it may take more resources in your background than other anti-spyware apps
  • Sometimes it detects trusted applications as malicious software

4. Anti Spy Mobile

Anti Spy Mobile is another best android anti-spyware app that keeps looking on those apps with the characteristics of spying. Anti Spy Mobile focuses only on spywares without offering other tools that makes it easy to use and extremely light-weight on your device. The app works on two different models: first, through recognizing the installed spyware stored in its database. In the second method, the app scans for permission models that look similar to those used by spyware apps. Although, you can mark them safe as well.

anti spy mobile


  • Two different ways to scan spyware apps
  • Whitelist feature for trusted apps and fake alerts
  • Background run supported


  • Most straightforward and minimal UI
  • Extremely lightweight (only 123 KB)
  • Secure and no advertisements


  • The UI is highly outdated
  • Fake alerts may annoy you

5. AVG AntiVirus for Android

To prevent any application to spoof on your phone, you need an antidote that can recognize, eliminate and block this malicious activity. For this task, no one can beat AVG. If you're a regular antivirus user, then you may already be aware of AVG. With over 100 million downloads on Play Store, AVG falls in the top 3 most downloaded best anti-spy detector.

avg antivirus for android


  • AI-based spyware detector
  • Intruder selfie when someone tries to unlock your device
  • Able to detect spyware in WiFi (if any)


  • Not just a spyware app, but a complete suite to prevent any kind of malicious activity
  • Remote lock feature to lock the phone in case if you lose your phone
  • AI-based algorithms will prevent false alerts


  • The app size can reach up to 400 MB that is relatively higher in spyware apps
  • Some necessary features are locked in the free version

6.Certo Mobile Security: Anti Spyware & Spy Detector

Today, any app with access to your android phone permissions can easily spy on your phone remotely from anywhere around the world. To prevent this spoofing, you need to make sure that you're using the right anti-spyware. The question that appears here is which is the best anti spyware for android? As there are thousands of applications that claim to be the best anti spyware for your android. Certo Mobile Security is one of them that does its job efficiently without creating any mess in your device. So why is this award-winning anti spyware-perfect for your phone? Below is the answer:

certo anti spyware


  • Real-time smart spyware keeps a strict eye on every anonymous and suspicious activity happening behind the scenes
  • A dedicated algorithm is designed that scans trojan horses and eliminates them from your phone
  • Easy and minimal UI will not take up much space on your device


  • Smart AI algorithms will not consume many resources and batteries in the background
  • Dedicated scanner for those apps that are not spying but have the ability to spy on your device
  • Best for low RAM devices, as it does not use much resources
  • A lightweight 4.6 MB is making your device secure. What more can you expect?


  • No additional VAS
  • 30-second video ads may frustrate you while using the app

Comparison of the above Anti-Spyware Apps

Free Version Support Remove Spyware Infections Anti-Malware Scanning Support Real-time Protection
ClevGuard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Incognito Spyware Detector Yes Yes No No
AntiSpy & Spyware Scanner Yes Yes No Yes
Anti Spy Mobile Yes Yes No No
AVG Antivirus Yes Yes Yes Yes
Certo Mobile Security Yes Yes Yes No

Frequently Asked Questions about Spyware

Below we have listed some commonly asked questions that must appear in your mind whenever you listen to spyware services on android. Especially, if you're hearing about spywares on Android for the first time. Below we've mentioned and answered them for you:

Q.Can My Phone Be Spied?

Ans. Yes easily, today's Android spyware is not that hacking sci-fi apps that you see in movies. Any android application that has access to all the permissions of your phone and uses it anonymously without telling you, is known as a spyware. Any person can install this spyware on your device and can easily track your phone remotely from anywhere around the world.

Q. How to Tell If I am Being Spied?

Ans. Today, spywares are so advanced that they work without getting caught by the victim. However, some hints can tell if your phone has spyware or not. Hints like fast battery drain, slow processing, more RAM consumption are the signs that your phone has an active spyware. To be more precise, you must use a trusted anti-spyware app that can precisely tell you if your phone has spyware or not.

Q. How Can I Stop Spyware from My Phone?

Ans. Spywares are smart enough that they call themselves a" system application." Therefore, if you uninstall them, it may be possible that you accidentally uninstall the real system application. To prevent this, we recommend using trusted third-party anti spyware that can quickly identify which one is black sheep.

anti spyware apps


Spywares are one of the worst enemies of your privacy. In simple language, spyware in your phone works as an agent that collects and sends all your phone activities to the source of instructions. However, if you're not tech-savvy and don't know much about Android OS, then it may not be possible for you to detect whether your phone has spyware or not. That's why in this article, we've reviewed 6 best anti-spyware apps for your Android that will immediately kick out all the spywares from your phone. All of them work great, but if you want full-fledged security, then we highly recommend using ClevGuard. The features that ClevGuard provides, no one is even close to it! So we suggest you must give a try to ClevGuard.


By Megan Evans

Posted on May 28, 2021 ( Updated: May 28, 2021 )

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