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Stop Someone from Reading Your Text Messages on Android

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Jun 18, 2021 03:54 pm

Smartphones have made communication super convenient. Thanks to instant messaging apps, people are in constant touch with one another no matter what they are or what they are doing. However, there is a growing concern about the security of smartphones and apps that we use daily. We often hear news of leaking of private chats and messages on a public platform by anonymous people.

While iPhone users are at relative peace thanks to their tight security, Android users always doubtful. Though hard to believe, it is possible for someone to spy on text messages and even intercept messages without your knowledge. Therefore, your private information can get into the hands of hackers, and their nuisance can ruin your life. In this article, we will answer the question of how to stop someone from seeing my text messages on Android.

stop someone reading your text

1. Who Can Read Your Text Messages?

Tracking activities of users on their smartphones have become quite easy among the hacker community. If the users are not serious about their smartphone’s security, anybody with correct knowledge can track everything they do with their smartphones. Here are the possible scenarios of how your smartphone can be spied.

Spying Through Wi-Fi Connection

When you are using someone’s hotspot, you are literally giving the person permission to track your smartphone activities. Hacking becomes extremely easy when you are using a public hotspot as the security setting is minimal.

The hacker can track all the activities you are doing through the Wi-Fi session, intercept your messages, steal data store in your phone. Most importantly, dump a spy app on your device to track your future messages and even hack your phone’s camera.

Hacking Through Spyware

Spyware is a malicious application that users install thinking that it is a regular app. Sometimes, it can get downloaded in the background when you click on a malicious link that you come across while reading emails or surfing websites. Spyware stays hidden in your smartphone, and it transfers all your sensitive data to hackers secretly.

It can also perform text messages intercept as well as forward incoming messages to the hacker’s phone. Moreover, it can record pins and passwords, and hackers can log into your accounts and read messages remotely without your knowledge.

Reading Messages Through Physical Access

If someone gets physical access to your smartphone, he can read the unread messages that appear on the locked screen. If he can unlock your phone, he can install a spyware, a keylogger, and even read your messages on various apps. With a keylogger, he can get to know everything you type on your smartphone. This includes your private messages, passwords of various accounts, and much more.

2. How Can I Block Other People from Reading My Text Messages?

Now that you know that your smartphone is vulnerable to attacks and your private messages might be spied on, you should take steps to stop someone from intercepting text messages. Here are the steps you to take to block wicked people from reading your text messages.

block other read my text

Be Careful About Using Wi-Fi Connection

Make it a resolution never to use a public hotspot. Public hotspots can be tempting as they are free of cost, but cheap things always have their own drawbacks. Therefore, whether you are in an airport, hotel, railway station, or shopping mall, avoid using free Wi-Fi connection. You should only connect to hotspots of very trusted people, and that too when there is an urgent need.

You should also be careful when you connect to someone’s hotspot. Do not do any account login or online transaction, as well as send private messages when you are connected through someone’s Wi-Fi. Most importantly, turn off Wi-Fi on your phone as soon as your work is done. This would block any tracking activities going on when you were connected.

Install A Spyware Scanning App

If a hacker has already got access to your smartphone through a spyware app, you can block him only by detecting the spyware and removing it instantly. That is why it is essential for Android users to have a trusted Spyware scanner app all the time.

ClevGuard Anti-Spy is a highly efficient and trusted app that not only detects spyware apps and malicious files but also provides a one-click solution to delete them instantly. Not just that, the app has a real-time monitoring feature that alerts the users as soon as it detects downloading on spyware app or suspicious files.

anti spyware

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

If someone has installed a keylogger app on your phone secretly or you have downloaded thinking it is a regular app, the hacker can get regular update on what you are typing. After some basic analysis, he can discover the passwords you are typing for logging into various accounts.

Even if any hacker gets passwords of your various online accounts, if you have two-factor authentication enabled, he will not be able to get through. This is because, in two-factor authentication, one needs to provide OTP sent to the linked mobile number after entering the password. This OTP keeps changing every time, and hence, the previous OTP that you have typed will not be useful.

3. [Tips & Tricks] How to Stop Someone from Reading your Text Messages on Android?

Apart from the above-mentioned steps, here are a few tips and tricks to block someone from reading your messages. The aim should be to do everything you can to ensure ultimate security for your Android smartphone.

how to stop someone reading your text

Lock The Messages

It is easy for anyone to watch you enter your password, PIN, or pattern when you unlock your phone in front of them. They can use the same to access your phone in your absence when the phone is away from you. Once they get through, they can easily read the messages unless you double protect them.

You should install an app locker from Google Play Stores. An app locker locks the selected apps with a PIN, password, or pattern. Therefore, even when someone opens your phone lock physically, he has to know the PIN or password you have set in the app locker to read the messages. The most secure thing is to use a fingerprint lock so that no one can access your phone or app in your absence.

Manage Access Permissions

An obvious question might arise how can I tell if someone is reading my text messages? There are many apps installed on your phone that are secretly accessing your messages and photos. As a matter of fact, you yourself gave them permission for access unknowingly when you installed them.

If you find any app having access to messages for no reason, you can be certain that those apps have the potential of reading or transferring your messages secretly. To know which app is having what access permission, you should go to Google Play Stores and install ClevGuard Anti-Spy.

ClevGuard Anti-Spy app has a dedicated Access Permissions Management where you can see the installed apps and their access permissions. You may consider non-essential apps that are having access permission for messages and photos without any purpose.

Moreover, ClevGuard Anti-Spy labels apps as safe, warning, and dangerous based on their access permissions and background activities. You can uninstall unsafe apps to block their developers from reading your messages.

Disable Lock Screen Message Preview

Every messaging app shows notifications on the screen when the phone is locked for user convenience. When you are away from your phone, anyone can read the message previews or snippets, and your privacy can be hampered. If you think such a situation can occur, you can turn off the lock screen message preview on your Android smartphone.

Step 1: Go to Settings of your phone.

setting icon

Step 2: Tap on Apps & Notifications option.

app notifications

Step 3: Turn on Don’t Show Notifications option.

do not show notification

These options can vary for different Android phones. You can refer to the manual for better clarity. Moreover, there are some apps like Instagram where you can exclusively disable locked screen message previews.

4. Summary

It is high time for you to take steps to protect your smartphone by tightening the security. No matter how premium your Android phone is, it is vulnerable to spying and hacking all the time. Therefore, install a trusted spyware detection app like ClevGuard Anti-Spy for 24/7 monitoring. Take all the other measures you can to prevent an intruder from getting access to your sensitive data.


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Posted on May 25, 2021 ( Updated: Jun 18, 2021 )

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