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How to Check Boyfriend's Text Messages for Free? Look Here!

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Aug 24, 2020 11:14 am

"I suspect that my boyfriend is having an illicit affair with a neighbor who moved in a month ago. They are always chatting even late at night, and he has passwords all over his phone. Is there a way I can track his text messages for free?"

If you are in the similar situation, don't worry, there is a variety of methods that you can use to spy on boyfriend's text messages. One of which is using spy apps as they are able to monitor and record all his sent & received messages and find out who he's texting for free. In the next section, we'll dive into why and how to use these spy applications.

how to read boyfriend's text  messages without his phone

Why Choose Text Message Spy Apps

Before you search for how to read your boyfriend's text messages for free, there are three main reasons why we suggest choosing a text message spy app. These reasons include:

1. It can save you a lot of trouble if you are figuring out how to see boyfriend's text messages to check on his chats. It is also very time-saving and cost-effective compared with other possible ways.

2. Once the app has been installed, it can keep on tracking the text messages for you. It's true that you will not always have access to your boyfriend's phone, but with the spy app you will get the first-hand information.

3. Some advanced apps are invisible on the target device, so you don't have to worry about being caught. The user of the device is also not aware that they are being monitored and so they will continue with their behaviors normally.

When you want to clear those doubts and find a solution on how to see your boyfriend's text messages and his possible cheating behavior, you should definitely get the KidsGuard Pro text message spy app. In the next part, we will discuss what can you do with it in detail. If your boyfriend has an iPhone, please skip to "Part 2", and if he has an Android, skip to "Part 3".

Part 2: How Can I See Who My Boyfriend Is Texting Without His Phone (for iOS)

If you want to spy on your boyfriend's text messages on an iPhone or any other iOS device without having access to it, it is absolutely easy to do this, simply because Apple recommend its users to back up the data of iPhone regularly. So if your borfriend has the habit of backing up his phone, then it is very easy to view his text messages from the backups. Here we strongly recommend KidsGuard Pro for iOS app for its incredible features and intuitive UI. You can set it up easily and don't require to touch your boyfriend's phone.

Features of KidsGuard Pro iOS Spying:

  • View all outgoing, incoming and deleted SMS/iMessage along with timestamp, date and time on your boyfriend's phone.

  • Monitor instant messages from WhatsApp, Line, Kik, Wechat and more.

  • Keep tab on each search history made by your boyfriend and know what he had visited.

  • Check call logs on target phone so that you don'w miss any detail.

  • Access photos, videos, contacts, voice memos, notes and more files on his phone.

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check text messages with kidsguard pro for ios

Simple Steps to See Text Messages on Your Boyfriend's iPhone:

To use the KidsGuard Pro text spy app for iOS, you don't need to jailbreak target iPhone like other competitors. You need to follow the steps below:

1. Create a KidsGuard Pro account

Create an KidsGuard Pro account using a valid email address, buy an iOS license and select the Operating System: iPhone/iPad.

2. Download KidsGuard Pro on the target computer

Access the target computer and download the app onto it. Once installed, log in your account and it will scan and display the existing backup of target device.

download kidsguard pro ios

3. View text messages and other data on the computer

It will take some time to extract the data. After that, you can view all the files you want of target device. For "Messages", you can find it in the left sidebar of your dashboard.

kidsguard pro for ios dashboard to check all files on target device

Part 3: How Can I See My Boyfriends Text Messages Without Him Knowing (for Android)

Now the market is flooded with many spying apps and some advertise for the ability of remote installation without touching the Android device at all. Be careful that there is no such technology can achieve that goal due to Android phone limitations. For more detail, you can refer to How to Install Android Spy App Remotely? Truth Revealed!.

Then how can you spy on your boyfriend's text messages? Don't worry, KidsGuard Pro for Android comes in handy. It is a comprehensive cell phone monitoring app and helps you keep track of your boyfriend's cell phone activities without him getting to know. You simply have to access his phone for less than 5 minutes and install the app on it, the rest of the spying process can be done remotely. It is the easiest to use and takes up little space on the phone as well. When the installation is complete, the app icon will disappear from home screen and runs in the background without be spotted by your boyfriend. You can then log in a web panel and check all collected data in the target Android.

Features of KidsGuard Pro Android Spying:

It performs well with text messages tracking, and with it, you can:

  • Read all the sent and received messages on the target device.

  • Check the sender information and details. The messages will have the sender's name and the time the texts were sent.

  • It can record every keystroke on the phone so you are able to access even the unsent and deleted texts.

  • Monitor instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. and get other clues.

  • Let you know your boyfriend's location in real time and view location history.

  • Monitor the app activities and usage on your boyfriend's Android phone.

  • Record each outgoing and incoming live call conversations and take photos with its rear camera remotely.

  • Access the photos, videos, notes, and other files stored in your boyfriend's phone.

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check text messages on the target  device

Simple Steps to See Text Messages on Your Boyfriend's Android Phone:

Unlike other apps, rooting the device is not required when installing this app on the target device. To use the KidsGuard Pro text spy app, you need to follow the steps below:

1. Create a KidsGuard Pro account

Register for a KidsGuard Pro account. Then you have to purchase the premium plan for using the advanced monitoring features.

2. Download KidsGuard Pro on the target device

Go to the browser of the target device and visit its downloading site below to download the KidsGuard Pro assistant app. For you not to be detected, ensure that you delete all the browsing history and the downloaded APK file.

download kidsguard pro

3. Check the data on online panel remotely

Click on the downloaded file to complete the installation of KidsGuard Pro on the target device. Then log in to your account and enter basic user information. The on-screen setup wizard will guide you through the proper configuration of the target device. Once the configuration is complete, the app will disappear from the screen and start working in stealth mode. Finally, log in to the KidsGuard Pro control panel on your smartphone or computer and click on Messages on the left panel, where you can check all the collected SMS from your boyfriend's phone remotely.

login kidsguard pro

Other Solutions to Read Boyfriends Text Messages and the Comparison

Of course. In addition to the method mentioned above, many other ways can be tried. But let me speak frankly, none of them are as effective as using KidsGuard Pro, especially when you want check your boyfriend's text messages without them knowing or even having access to the target device. Anyhow, let's have a look.

Way 1: Directly ask for permission

When you suspect your boyfriend is cheating, you might as well take a simple test and ask him if he is willing to let you check his phone. If yes, then you can directly read the text messages without investing in any money. If no, it should ring the alarm bell.

Way 2: Contact network providers

The carrier can provide you with text messages for the previous 90 days, which means, if you can have the account login information of your boyfriend, you will be able to access his text messages via the providers.

Way 3: Hire a hacker

This is the least recommended method. On the one hand, the data you can view depends entirely on the hacker. On the other hand, it's hard to find a trusted and professional hacker. Most hackers you can find online just care about how to take your money out of the pocket.

Comparison of the above methods to track your boyfriend's text messages

KidsGuard ProDirectly CheckCarrierHacker
Cost$8.32/monthFreeFreeHundreds to thousands of dollars
Feasibility100% workPossible to failMay workAll depends on the hacker
Ease of use- The app is readily available
- The installation can be done in 5 mins
Easy, buy you may be refusedEasy, but you need to know his carrier account and passwordHard to get what you want. You may end up with a scam
Will the target know it

As you can easily tell from the comparison table, if you want to check your boyfriend's text messages without him knowing, KidsGuard Pro SMS monitor is a good deal. It won't cost you too much energy and after you set it up correctly, you can remotely check everything on your boyfriend's device. So why waste a minute? Try this great app today!

What to Do After You Find Out Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

When you use KidsGuard Pro to read boyfriend's text messages, you may actually find out that he is cheating on you. Infidelity puts one in disarray. One has feelings of anger, guilt, resentment, and rejection. It is, therefore, reasonable to know how to react after finding out he cheated. The following are tips that you can employ to deal with the situation.

Get help from friends

You should contact a trusted friend who you are sure is going to support and help you. Some friends may make suggestions that may confuse you or lead you to take action that may be regretted. Therefore, you should be careful when deciding which friends to approach.

Scream or cry

Sometimes people don't allow themselves to vent their emotions. They hope to be strong by closing their inner feelings. However, it's recommended give a vent to your feelings, but remember don't yell at your partner. This doesn't solve the problem. If you want to cry, just shut yourself somewhere and cry your heart out.

Understanding infidelity is not your fault

No matter what the situation, your partner has no reason to cheat on you. If you have problems, the other party should choose to solve them together instead of escaping. Your partner made a promise to you, but he/she don't keep it. So infidelity can never be your fault.

Avoid using social media

Give yourself time to calm down. You don't want to post about how much your partner has hurt and how much you hate them just to forgive them later. Don't start posting photos that try to get your partner to squat.

Give yourself enough time before making a decision

Decisions should not be made immediately. Take a step back and decide if your partner can be forgiven for cheating. If it is forgiven, start working in that direction. If not, please start accepting the fact that this relationship may not be valid.

Take care of yourself

Nothing you do will make the process painless. Sometimes people refuse to eat food or take unhealthy food or alcohol. This will have an impact on your health. Therefore, you should take care of yourself and your body.

Accept this reality

Denying your partner's cheating will not help this situation. The best thing is to accept the fact that it happened and it can't be reversed. Then look for a face-to-face situation with your partner. Hurting each other more will only make the situation worse. Sit down with your partner or seek help from a relationship therapist who can help you solve the problem.


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