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How to See Who Someone is Texting without Having Their Phone

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Apr 14, 2021 05:13 pm

Are you wondering who texted your boyfriend or husband frequently? Or what your kid is chatting about so much? Or simply track down the person who just texted you?

These are a few questions popping up in the minds of a lot of people. Being doubtful can not only spoil your mental peace but also won't do you any good either. So, what to do in such circumstances? How to see who someone is texting? Well, the answer is very easy, in the last few years several tracking apps are popping on the internet and they are known to be very effective. But before you use it, you need to know a few details regarding the app and the monitoring. So, let's take look into the article below.

how to see who someone is texting

What to Expect in a SMS Tracking App

Well, tracking the text messages on a mobile device is possible and the process has become really convenient in recent days. Numerous powerful text message tracker apps are available online, and there are a few advantages that you can utilize in order to track texts remotely.

  • You can track sent, received and even deleted messages on the phone.

  • You can see see who is texting and have full access to details like time and date.

  • You can track their conversation without them knowing.

  • In addition to text messages, instant messaging apps can also be tracked.

4 Best SMS Tracker Apps to See Who Someone is Texting Remotely

The best way to see who they are texting would be a professional tracker app. After a lot of tests, we are glad to find the 4 best tracker apps to achieve the job.

1. KidsGuard Pro

Rating: 9.8/10


KidsGuard Pro is undoubtedly the best solution and qualifies in every mentioned category. The advanced features implemented via this app satisfy to track each text messages on both Android and iPhone. You can also check the name of the sender and view timestamps as it is able to upload data in real-time. More importantly, this app stays 100% hidden and leaves no icon on target phone, which saves you from the trouble of being caught by someone.

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How to See Who Someone is Texting with KidsGuard Pro

The app is very easy to operate with the simplest installation. So, here's how to see who someone is texting with KidsGuard Pro:

Step 1: visit KidsGuard Pro website and register your account. Then get hold of the target device and download KidsGuard Pro Assistant on the device.

download kidsguard pro app with any browser

Step 3: Now, tap on the downloaded file to run the setup. You can follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process. Also, it is suggested that you should delete the file after the installation is finished.

complete the installation of kidsguard pro app on target device

Step 4: As soon as the installation complete, you can leave the phone alone and visit its official website with your account. And then you will be asked to sync your mobile. Do it, the first sync takes longer but after it is finished, you will be able to track the messages, sent and received by the target device by selecting "Messages" in the left bar.

track message from kidsguard pro's dashboard online

As you can see, the installation is also very simple. It also has the most intuitive interface.

What Else Can KidsGuard Pro Do to Monitor A Phone

As a one-stop monitoring app, KidsGuard Pro is packed with numerous features. Besides text message tracking this app is capable of 30+ features which includes call tracking and even Geofence. So, let's have a look at KidsGuard Pro's most useful list of features:

  • Location Tracking

  • Geofence

  • Call Recording

  • Contacts

  • Social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram and more

  • Browser History

  • Take Screenshot

  • Photos & Videos

  • Keylogger

  • Take Photo

For more details, you can access its free demo to check how KidsGuard Pro looks like by yourself.

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Rating: 8.5/10


XNSPY is a popular message tracking app to see who someone is texting. It has a pretty user-friendly interface and is equipped with advanced tracking and monitoring features. Remote tracking is available for both Android and iOS device. You can even view the conversations deleted by the users. How to find out who someone is texting is as easy as a piece of cake.

xnspy app monitoring message

3. Appmia

Rating: 8.0/10


If you wonder how to see someone's text messages, Appmia is another great app to track the mobile activity of someone else. You will be getting real-time access to the target device. The text message tracker allows the user to track every incoming and outgoing message on the target device.

appmia monitoring app

4. MobiStealth

Rating: 7.8/10


MobiStealth is another app that is of great help to find out who they are texting. You can monitor all the incoming and outgoing messages on the target device. The app works on both Android and iOS devices. The installation of the app is very simple and you can also check social media chats along with texts.

mobistealth monitoring app

Why KidsGuard Pro is Our First Pick?

Overall, these are 4 exceptional apps capable of tracking text messages on the target device. They are all packed with features that complement their capabilities. Based on user reviews and other factors, KidsGuard Pro SMS tracker stands out from the competition for its distinct advantages below.

1. Secret Tracking. The tracking mechanism of KidsGuard Pro on the target device is completely incognito. This is a feature that is not so efficient on the other apps.

2. Good Compatibility. You don't need to jailbreak or root the device. It works well on all iPhone models running iOS 13 and up. For most Android devices, this app supports latest Android 10.

3. Budget-friendly pricing. The price of KidsGuard Pro can be as low as $0.27/day for a yearly plan. What's more, you can get all premium features in one package unlike its competitors.

4. Timely Customer Support. KidsGuard Pro provides 24/7 live and email support to help with all your queries. You can also prefer video guides online and how-to tutorials to solve all your concerns.

Extra Tip: How to Track Down the Person Who Just Texted You

Did you receive a text message or a call from an unknown number? If you want to track down who texted without asking directly, then there are a few tricks to do:

1. Do a reverse directory search:

When it comes to search something on the internet, Google is our first thought. It may contain the names, addresses and even social media accounts related to this phone number. It is noted that don't hope high of this, because it doesn't work everytime. But it is the most easy way to start tracking who texted anyway.

do a reverse directory search on google to track down who texted

2. Resort to phone tracking websites:

There are a lot of online websites for free to help you track the location of a phone number. For example, is a famous one. All you need to do is type in the cell phone number of the text message you received. Then it can tell you the country or the city where the owner of the phone number is located in.

use freephonetracer to track down person who just texted you

3. Go to your telecom operator:

If you wonder who is texting for free, some of the telecom operators offer inquiry services to check the text message. Basically, you have to go to the official website of your service provider, provide proper ID and password and you will find out some details of the text messages associated to that number.

utilize verizon to track person who just texted you


Therefore, you have the idea of how to see who someone is texting, now. If you want to track the messages on your closed ones' cell phone, it is very simple, just get a professional app that is capable of tracking the text messages. And we took the privilege and chose KidsGuard Pro for you. You will enjoy working with this app! If you want to track person who just texted you from an unknown number, we also offer some useful tricks to help you out.

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