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See Someone's Location on iPhone with 5 Best Ways

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Cody Walsh

Updated: May 08, 2023 03:31 pm

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How to see someone's location on iPhone without them knowing? I want to track my son to know his location in real-time but he refuses to share location with me.

Finding someone's location on iPhone has become so easy over the last couple of years. As a matter of fact, Apple offers some native features which enable users to check locations on iPhone of our friends and family, or to find the lost phone. But there are certain restrictions.

If you desire to know how to find someone's location on iPhone, then top 5 different ways in this article can definitely answer your question.

How to see someone's location on iPhone

Way 1: Track Someone on iPhone Without Them Knowing Via KidsGuard Pro

Suitable users: For those who want to track someone's iPhone secretly and keep getting the location info.

Is it incognito: 100% hidden.

Out of all the ways I am going to mention, using KidsGuard Pro for iOS is certainly a perfect solution. It allows you to check someone's location on iPhone without the target user ever finding they are being tracked. This efficient iPhone monitoring app works remotely online, so you can know where the person is anytime, anywhere.

And the best part is that it is fully compatible with all iPhone models and latest iOS 16 without jailbreaking. This is a feature that other competitors do not have.

How to See Someone's Location on iPhone Secretly with KidsGuard Pro for iOS

With only 3 simple steps, you can start to find someone's location on iPhone:

Step 1: Get a valid KidsGuard Pro account.

Click the button below to create your KidsGuard Pro account and then select an plan in order to have unlimited access to all advanced monitoring features. Proceed by selecting the operating system of the target phones or tablets.

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sign up kidguard pro

Step 2: Download and Setup The Software

Then you will be redirected to "ClevGuard Member Center" page. Here you will find the corresponding order you have choosed before. Now you can go to to download and install KidsGuard Pro. After complete setting, you will be led to KidsGuard Pro's web control panel.

finish setting

Step 3: Start tracking iPhone location.

Once you are on the KidsGuard Pro's web control panel, you can start monitoring the target device and checking all the updated data remotely. Click on the "Locations" and you will get to see friend or other's location in real-time on a digital map and share location iphone indefinitely without them knowing.

start tracking iPhone location with kidsguard pro

Sound simple enough, does it? We have told you how to secretly track iPhone location with the best app KidsGuard Pro. You may need one-time access to the target iPhone if the two-factor authentication is enabled.

More Benefits of KidsGuard Pro for iOS

KidsGuard Pro for iOS specializes in tracking and monitoring someone's cell phone.

In fact, it does much more than just provide location details. It enables you to have a complete insight into someone's iPhone, including photos, videos, contacts, notes, iCloud drive, and more.

We recommend KidsGuard Pro for iOS not only because it is secure and legitimate, but it has a good reputation.


  • Remote and hidden location tracking.
  • Track the current location of the target guy without hime/her permission.
  • It cannot be turned off or refused by the user.
  • It can upload all data in real-time.
  • Read all the text messages sent or received by the target user, including those deleted ones.
  • Monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, LINE, Viber, QQ, and Kik chat history, as well as exchange media files, emojis, and more.


  • It requires you to know the target iCloud ID & password.

Way 2: Check Someone's Location Using Find My Friends

Suitable users: For those who can have access to the target iPhone and in the contact list of the one they want to track.

Is it incognito: It can easily be discovered if the owner of the iPhone opens Find My Friends app. And the iPhone itself will also remind the user that the location is being shared.

Another way by which you can know how to check someone's location on iPhone is to make use of the "Find My Friends" feature designed by Apple. This feature allows iPhone users to share their locations with others so they can track their whereabouts as they go about their day.

How to check someone's iPhone location using the Find My Friends app

Step 1.Getting the app

To track an iPhone user running iOS 12 or below, Find My Friends is readily available or download it in the iOS App Store on the targeted device if you can't find it.

However, if your target phone is running iOS 13 and latest, Find My Phone and Find My Friends have been combined into one app called Find My.

getting find my friends app on iphone

Step 2. Enabling the app on the target iPhone

Once you open the Find My Friends app on the target iPhone, click on the contact picture at the bottom to enable "Share My Location".

enable share my location in find my friends app

Step 3. Sharing location to yourself

To share the location of the target iPhone to your own device, swipe your iPhone up from the bottom of the screen to enable AirDrop and make your device discoverable to "Everyone". Click "Add" on the target device and select "Share Indefinitely".

share location indefinitely in find my friends app

Step 4. Accept their location without sharing yours

When the pop-up message asking if you want to share your location, choose "Don't Share" to make sure you can find your family's iPhone without them knowing.

find my friends location sharing feature

Step 5. See someone's location

Now in the Find My Friends app, you should see the contact icon and the exact location. Of course, there is the possibility that you will be caught this way and your friends can stop sharing location at any time. You can also set an alert when someone leaves or arrives at a particular area.

see someone's location in find my friends app and set alert


  • It is free and official.
  • The location is in real-time and accurate.
  • You can set up a geofence.


  • Possibility of being discovered.
  • It can easily be turned off by the user.
  • Both devices should be using iPhone.

Way 3: See Someone's Location on iMessage App

Suitable users: For those who can have access to the target iPhone and can get permission for location sharing.

Is it incognito: The iPhone owner can see a status in iMessage saying "You started sharing location with [contact name]", so obviously it's not hidden.

iMessage is another way on how to get someone's location on iPhone. This is a hidden feature that many users don' know. Here are the steps on how to see someone's location on iMessage app.

How to see someone's location on iPhone on iMessage App

Step 1. Get the target iPhone and open iMessage app

get the iphone and open imessage app

Step 2. Open a conversation with yourself and tap the contact icon

open a conversation and tap the contact icon

Step 3. Tap info and select Share My Location

tap info and select share my location

Step 4. Set the duration for one hour, until end of day or indefinitely

share location and choose duration

Step 5. Join in the location sharing on your own iPhone/iPad and select not to share yours

Then the target's location will be sent and you can check the current location of the said iPhone on the conversation.

see current location on imessage app


  • This method is completely free.
  • You can get the up-to-date location info.


  • Not hidden.
  • The target can stop sharing location with you.
  • You and your target should have iPhones.

Why does it say location not available on iMessage?

Some users gave us feedback on this issue. Here are some reasons you can refer to:

  • The device is switched off or there is no internet connection.
  • Your friend turned on Hide My Location in Find My Friends.
  • The Find Friends feature is disabled. Enable it from Settings > Privacy > Location Services or in Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Find Friends.
  • No account is signed in to Find my services.
  • The date is not correct. Modify it from Settings > General > Date & Time. Better to enable Set Automatically.

Way 4: See Someone's Location Using FindMe

Using FindMe is also a good alternative to track someone's location. But you should enable sharing before others can know your location. Only after you and the guy both allow the sharing, you can setup to receieve alerts and check the guy's location.

How to check someone's location on iPhone using FindMe:

Make sure your iPhone system is running iOS 15 or later.

see someone's location using findme

Step 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone device.

Step 2. Tap on your Apple ID > Find My > Find My iPhone.

Step 3. Allow Find My Networking if you would like your device tracked when it's offline.


  • It's easy to use and check someone's location.


  • GPS may be not accurate.
  • You should get the location-sharing requests from the target guy.

Way 5: Check Someone's Location Using Apple Map

If you want to check your friends' location, you can also use Apple Map. But you should ask your friends to share their location as a link in the Apple Maps on your device.

How to find someone's location using Apple Map?

see someone's location with apple map

Step 1. Download, install and open Apple Maps app.

Step 2. Scroll down, find and tap on Share My Location icon.

Step 3. Then ask the target guy share the location link to you.

Step 4. Tap on the link you received, you can view the guy's location on Apple Maps app now.


  • You can find the guy's location quickly.


  • The target guys should be willing to share the location link to you.
  • You can't track the current location.

People Also Ask About iPhone Location Tracking

Q1: How accurate is the location on Find My Friends?

Find My Friends is not very accurate. iPhone can usually be accurately positioned to the nearest 20 feet or so.

Q2: How to see location history on iPhone?

iPhone doesn't record location history. There is iPhone Significant Locations feature that allows you to check frequently visited locations. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System > Services > Significant Locations. If it's on, you'll probably see a few locations here under History.

Q3: Can you tell when someone checks your location?

Not possible. When sharing a location with your friend using Find My Friends, iPhone won't give an indication about how many times someone checks your location. There are no event logs available to look up.

Q4: Can you see someone's location if their iPhone is off?

No, iPhone is not trackable when it's switched off.

You may want to know: How to Trace A Switch off Phone's Current Location.

Q5. How do I see my location history on my iPhone?

Go to the privacy option in settings and find the location services option. From there, you will see system services. Click it. Now click on significant locations and then click on location history.

Q6. How to turn on location services on your iPhone?

Go to the privacy option in settings and click on-location services. Now click all apps to turn location on.

Write in the end

We have covered 5 best ways on how to find someone's location on iPhone. Depending on your needs, you can choose any of the three methods discussed above. However, KidsGuard Pro for iOS is the most guaranteed and the only hidden means of tracking an iPhone without being detected. Supposing you want more monitoring features, go ahead and choose it.

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