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How to View Someone Else’s WhatsApp Call History

author_icon Megan Evans time_icon Last updated Jun 18, 2020 09:32 am tips_icon Device Monitoring

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social apps of the 21st century. People spent so much time on it and the app carries so many messages we send and received.  Also, its call feature make it easier to socialize than ever.

While enjoying the convenience, we also have worries. Many parents worry about their children are addicted to WhatsApp and talking something has nothing to do with learning. Or couples who want to know each other's WhatsApp messages, especially their WhatsApp call history, because of suspicion. So, there's a need to monitor or get someone else's WhatsApp call history.

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1. Can I Get WhatsApp Call History of Others?

Yes, you can access someone's WhatsApp call history but it won't be easy. Some ways need to access the target device, and some ways need to get the target's WhatsApp account and password. It is hard to get someone's WhatsApp call history without them knowing.

But, we found that there are many great apps specialized in monitoring cell phone. One of the best is KidsGuard Pro, it can monitor in stealth mode and monitor all the contents of target device, including WhatsApp call history. What impressed us most is the easy operation, the process can be finished within 5 minutes. Having said that, let's look at the details.

2. Get Other People's WhatsApp Call History Remotely with Third-party Tool

We can know from the above information, using a third-party tool to get other people's WhatsApp call log is the easiest way. And KidsGuard Pro is aimed to monitor and track cell phone without detection. Its WhatsApp monitoring feature is an absolute marvel. The said program works remotely and the installation is pretty simple. So everyone can use it easily without professional knowledge. Here are some highlights of it:

  • This app can upload the screenshot of WhatsApp automatically in rea-time via Wi-Fi. In this way you can know who are calling with the target if they are on a WhatsApp video call.

  • The screenshot will be automatically deleted from target device after uploading to you. So it will not be detected by the target absolutely.

  • It support to monitor multiple accounts for WhatsApp.

The operation can be finished with 3 steps. Below are the simple guide to use the app for WhatsApp monitoring.

  1. Create a KidsGuard Pro Account: Use a valid email address and any other information required to create a KidsGuard Pro account. And you will need to purchase a premium plan to activate all the features of the app.

  2. Download and Install the App: Go to on the target phone to download the KidsGuard Pro assistant and install it by following the on-screen instructions.

  3. Start Monitoring: Then login the online dashboard to get all the details on WhatsApp from the target device.

If you want to know more details then you can check the official guide.

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What Can Else Do with KidsGuard Pro in WhatsApp Monitoring?

Besides the WhatsApp call history tracking, it also has other contents reading feature for WhatsApp. Let's have a look at:

  • It allows you to view all the WhatsApp chat history.

  • Its keylogger feature tracks all the key strokes with WhatsApp.

  • It can monitor all the WhatsApp notifications.

  • It can also record all the calls made on the target Android device..

  • Support to export all the data to you computer.

  • KidsGaurd Pro is capable of effectively monitoring target devices remotely.

  • The program works in incognito mode.

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3. Other Ways You Can Get Other's WhatsApp Call History

So, tracking WhatsApp call history of someone else is effectively by using the 3rd party program called KidsGuard Pro. There also are other ways available that don't require the use of a professional program. Just like we discussed at the beginning, these ways are difficult to realize and have some limitations.

Way 1: Get from The Target Device Directly

For this way, you can directly open the WhatsApp on the target device and go to the "Calls" tab. Here you will check all the voice or video call made by the target. Now that you can get all the call history of WhatsApp on the target phone easily.

The limitations of this way: Well, this procedure is pretty simple once you are able to access the target device. The limitations are very clear: You cannot get into the target device every time and it is easily be detected by the owner of the phone.

Way 2: Log into the Target's WhatsApp Account and Restore the Backup

This way is even more complicated and only works if the target have created a backup of their WhatsApp data. By taking a backup of the WhatsApp data, including call history, then you can restore them on the target device. So, the intent is pretty simple. You have to figure out a way to log into the target's account and restore the most recent backed up data.

The limitations of this way: However, you need to get the target's WhatsApp account and password before using this way. If you have the account and password to login the WhatsApp account,you will be found out by the target because of the notifications for logging.

4. Comparison of the Above Ways: KidsGuard Pro Wins!

Two ways are introduced to us how to get someone's WhatsApp call records, but obviously use third-party app will be very convenient and we don't need to know each other mobile phone password or physically close to the device, merely an application is installed on the target mobile phone you can remotely view and without them knowing. In the long run, checking with third-party app can accord with people's choices. Below are the main differences between these 2 methods.

With A 3rd Party Tool (KidsGuard Pro)Without A 3rd Party Tool
Real-time TrackingYesNo
ConvenienceEasy to ExecuteUsers have a lot of trouble in order to access the account
Remote Access  YesNo
Data ExportYesNo
Possibility of DetectionNoYes


Therefore, you don't have to worry about how to get WhatsApp call history anymore. As you can see we have discussed 2 different methods that will make you able to pull off such feat. No doubt KidsGuard Pro is the best choice for you to get other people's WhatsApp call history. You can go to its demo to enjoy the features in advance.

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