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How To Save View Once Photos on WhatsApp [2024 Top 4 Methods]

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Annie Brooks Annie Brooks

Apr 19, 2024 10:15 am

The WhatsApp view once feature was introduced, keeping the users' security and privacy in mind. The media files shared through the view once feature can be opened only once by the recipient, after which they are automatically deleted. Though the function serves its purpose, in many situations, the need to refer back to these media files arises, and then the issue occurs.

So, if you, too, want to save these view-only files for future reference or other reasons but need more clarification about the methods, we are here to help you. This article will discuss different ways about how to save and view photos on WhatsApp.

how to save and view photos on WhatsApp

Part 1. How To Save View Once Photos on WhatsApp

One of the best ways to save view once photos on WhatsApp is using a WhatsApp spy tool, and for this, we highly recommend KidsGuard for WhatsApp. This WhatsApp tracking tool works remotely to sync all your WhatsApp view once photos to the computer and save them anywhere you want. You can keep the view once photos on WhatsApp permanently

Using the dashboard of KidsGuard for WhatsApp, you can all track and view all the WhatsApp messages on the PC, including the WhatsApp chats, voice, status, call history, photos, videos and more. Actually, it’s a smart WhatsApp spy tool to monitor others WhatsApp messages on your device.

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

KidsGuard for WhatsApp: Best Hidden WhatsApp Tracker Chat

  • Automatically sync all the view photos on WhatsApp to your PC.

  • You can take screenshots of WhatsApp, view photos, and save them.

  • The deleted or recalled WhatsApp photos can be synced to your PC.

  • The software monitors and tracks WhatsApp chat in real-time and remotely discreet mode.

  • You can check the history of WhatsApp calls and even listen to the call recordings .

  • Support to all devices and platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPad

  • Automatically sync all the view photos on WhatsApp to your PC.

How to Save View Once Photos on WhatsAppUsing KidsGuard for WhatsApp:

Below is the step-by-step guide for using KidsGuard for WhatsApp to save views once photos can be checked.

Step 1. Visit the ClevGuard site, create an account, and get a desired subscription plan to use all the advanced features.

log in KidsGuard for WhatsApp

Step 2. Once the software is purchased, you will be navigated to the My Product page, from where click on the Start Monitoring button, and a Dashboard page of the tracker can be located.

start monitoring

Step 3. Next, get access to the target device and download the app through Follow the instructions as they appear to install and configure the app.

login kidguard for whatsapp

Step 4. Once the app is finished setting on the target device, it will start working in the background to provide all the WhatsApp information.

Step 5. Move to the software dashboard, and on the main interface, choose Photos or Videos from the left-side panel. The list of the media files shared over WhatsApp ( including view once) will appear. Select the desired photo/video and click the download icon at the bottom right corner to save it to your local system.

Screenshots Whatsapp

Part 2: Other Methods to Save View Once Photos on WhatsApp

A few other workarounds and tricks can be used to save and view photos on WhatsApp. Check them below.

Method 1: Use Phone Built-in Screenshot Functions

The simplest and quickest way to save view once photos are by taking a screenshot. All smartphones these days have a built-in feature for taking screenshots of the current screen ( using different key combinations). So, as soon as you receive view once image, take its screenshot and save it to your local device.

With the new updates on WhatsApp, this trick might not work as screenshot protection on view once media files have been enabled. So, if you use the old WhatsApp version, you can try your luck with the method.

take screenshot of WhatsApp view once images

Method 2: Use Other Phones to Take Pictures for View Once Photos

Another method to save WhatsApp view photos is to use a different device to take pictures of the view once photos are taken. Here, you can take another phone and point its camera to the image opened through view once on WhatsApp and capture it. The image will be saved to the new device, where it can be used as desired.

take photos to save WhatsApp view once images

Method 3: Use Screen Recording

Another workaround that can be tried is to save your WhatsApp view once the image is screen recording. Launch the screen-recording feature on your device and then open the view once messages and photos are available.

The enabled screen recording will capture everything that is opened and appears on your screen, including WhatsApp messages and media files.

use screen recording to save WhatsApp view once

FAQs About WhatsApp View Once More Photos

Q1. What is WhatsApp View Once Photos

View Once is a feature on WhatsApp that allows photos and videos to be sent to a person to be viewed only once. To enable the feature while sending a media file, click the “1” icon next to the send button. The recipient will get the photo with the same “1” icon, and after tapping on the message, the media file will open once and disappear from the chat.

Q2. Why You can’t see the view once photos again?

The view once photos are enabled with a particular View once feature of WhatsApp to enhance privacy and security and share some sensitive or private information that cannot be opened later.

Q3: How Long Will WhatsApp View Once Photos Expire

The view of photos on WhatsApp can be seen only once by the recipient, after which it disappears and cannot be accessed or opened. On the WhatsApp server, the unopened files are stored for up to 2 weeks before they expire from the chat.


View is a feature of WhatsApp that offers an extra security layer, but if needed, tools and tricks can save the photos, videos, and other files shared through View. We have discussed a few possible solutions in the above parts of the topic.

You can try the one most suitable, but if you are looking for a sure-shot way to save and view photos on WhatsApp, KidsGuard for WhatsApp is just the right tool to consider. Not only does it allow downloading and saving view once files, but it also allows monitoring and tracking other WhatsApp data.


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