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[2024 Signs & Solution] How Do I Tell If My Boyfriend Is Gay Using WhatsApp?

How to tell if my boyfriend is a gay? If you are suspect your boyfriend is a gay, you can get the best methods to know if it's true. Here are listing top sign to check if your boyfriend is a gay and how to tell if your boyfriend is a gay using WhatsApp.

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Annie Brooks Annie Brooks

Mar 25, 2024 03:25 pm

Before We Start

 He said he's neither bisexual nor gay when I asked. He seems to have a lot of feminine qualities and tons of failed relationships with women.

How do I tell if my boyfriend is gay? This is one common question lots of young women keep asking because of how disturbed they are about their lover.  And if you are a woman, you can find out some useful tricks to catch a gay boyfriends using WhatsApp app, since gay usually pretends to be a straight and make their gay friends on WhatsApp.

Thus, we will also give the best way on how do you know if your boyfriend is gay. You can read all your boyfriend's WhatsApp messages and recent contacts to know if he is a gay. Here, you can also know the top 10 signs to check if your boyfriend is a gay and use a smart WhatsApp spy tool to check if your boyfriend is a gay on WhatsApp. Keep reading and find out the answer.

How do I tell if my boyfriend is gay using WhatsApp

How Do I Tell My Boyfriend Is Gay?

To find out if your boyfriend is gay, the best method is to check his WhatsApp messages. If your boyfriend is a gay, then he may make his gay friends on WhatsApp and chat with them on WhatsApp, not letting anyone know their secret.

Thus, you need to check his WhatsApp messages, frequently contacted, liked group. If he frequently chats with some guy on WhatsApp and gives you less attention, there is a high chance he might be gay. To track your boyfriend’s WhatsApp messages without being knowing , you can use a smart WhatsApp monitoring tool -- KidsGuard for WhatsApp.

What Is KidsGuard for WhatsApp?

KidsGuard for WhatsApp is a WhatsApp tracking app that allows users to track other people's WhatsApp without being noticed. Just think of it like an anonymous tracker placed on your boyfriend's WhatsApp to monitor, spy, and follow all of your boyfriend's WhatsApp activities. This way is the best quick to tell if your boyfriend is a gay.

Therefore, with this tool, you can monitor your boyfriend's WhatsApp chats, calls, and live location to see if he's lying to you and who he is always visiting. Moreover, to learn what this app can offer you, let's look at some of its features below.

kidsguard for whatsapp

KidsGuard for WhatsApp: Best WhatsApp Monitoring Tool

  • Sync and read boyfriend’s 10+ WhatsApp data in real-time.
  • Track the real-time location of your boyfriend to learn if he’s always going to see his gay partner.
  • Retrieve his recalled/deleted WhatsApp chats, pictures and voice history. 
  • Allow you to see all of his WhatsApp status updates, even if he restricts you.
  • Listen to his videos and voice calls.
  • It also enables you to record and save the calls as well.
  • See all the encrypted images and media (that is, the view once media) he is sending to his gay partner. 

How to Hack Gay Boyfriend’s WhatsApp Messages?

With KidsGuard for WhatsApp, you can easily know if your boyfriend is a gay. You can view all his WhatsApp chats and frequent contact to check if he is straight. Follow the steps below, you can know the truth simply.

Step 1. Buy a monitoring plan of KidsGuard for WhatsApp, then click Start Monitoring button to start to use this tool.

listen to someone's whatsapp call recording

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

Best WhatsApp Monitoring Tool

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monitor gay boyfriend's WhatsApp

Step 2. Choose Android option ( choose iOS option if you want to monitor iOS device.).

choose android

Step 3. Install KidsGuard for WhatsApp from on the target device and and log in this tool with your account and password.

login kidsguard for whatsapp

Step 4. Click Verify Setup on your computer, then you can bind the target device successfully.

listen to others WhatsApp call

Step 5. You will be located to the dashboard page, then click the Chats tab, you can read all the chat history between your boyfriend and his recent contacts. You can know if he is a gay instantly.

know if boyfriend is a gay using whatsapp

Boyfriend Is A Gay:

If it turns out to be that your boyfriend is a gay, the best choice is to leave him, you deserve better.

You can forgive him for not telling you about the his sexuality before and that it broke your heart. But that you forgive him now and wish him the best for his future. That's the best one can do in this situation according to me and it would bring peace to you too.

Why A Gay Is Pretending To Be Straight?

You may have noticed strange sexual behaviors in your boyfriend's attitude that cause you to suspect he is gay or interested in men. Sexuality is a highly complex and sensitive subject, and numerous erroneous stereotypes do not accurately represent a person's sexual orientation. A gay would like to tell others they are straight and make your gay friend online, such as using WhatsApp.

It’s hard to know if someone is gay. Some homosexual males wish to transcend gay sissy stereotypes by achieving hegemonic masculinity. There are several reasons why a gay could be pretending to be straight. Let's look at some of the most common ones:

is my boyfriend is a gay

To Prevent Stigma

A lot of gays are stigmatized in our society due to their sexuality. Even though it's not as common as it was back in the day, the feeling of detachment and loneliness is still there. Therefore, lots of people who are gay prevent to keep their real personality secret from the Public to prevent social isolation.

Family Expectations

Some families create a standard and expectations for their children, making them refuse to open up about their true personalities. Most of it is known to be caused by the family's religious background and many other causes.

 Societal Pressure

Just like stigmatization, peer pressure and societal pressure are other good reasons why a lot of gays prefer to keep their real sexuality a secret from people. Only those who have been able to overcome pressure can reveal their true sexuality to the whole public, including their parents, siblings, and friends.

Signs to Know If Your Boyfriend Is A Gay

If you’re looking for how to know if your boyfriend is gay, some several ways and signs indicate his hidden sexuality. Below, we'll be mentioning 10 of the most common signs about a boyfriend being gay. Let's see them:

Signs to Know If Your Boyfriend Is A Gay

1. He is emotionally detached

Is he withdrawn, secretive, or keeping you at a distance? There are other reasons why someone can act this way, therefore this alone is not solid evidence that someone is gay. However, observing this in conjunction with multiple other behaviors from this list could be a meaningful indicator.

2. He has little interest in having sex with you

You thought you were with a guy who was obsessed with you and couldn't look at you without wanting to rip your clothing off with his teeth and ravish you until you both passed out.  What about this guy? He'd rather challenge you to a video game marathon or take you shopping.

Alternatively, he is more interested in entertaining guests than in being alone with you. However, in your evaluation, you should consider that it is also possible that he is asexual. He may have tried to be more forward when you first met, but now that he has you, he is less compelled to appear more sexual than he is. 

3. Observe his sexual attraction to other men and his flirting behavior

Naturally, a man is more moved to flirt with someone that he is attracted to. So, if you notice him always flirting with men rather than women or ladies, then that should be one key indicator that he might just be gay. 

4. You notice he enjoys dirty talk

"Talk dirty to me" means something different for him than it does for you. You want him to discuss all the naughty things he wants to do to you when you're alone together.  But when it comes to dirty conversation and role-play, he prefers scenarios involving two men, with or without a woman (i.e., you).  It's a little disheartening when your lover would rather talk about his fantasies about being with a man than the straight-guy fantasies he has any time he sees your chest or backside.

5. You notice Him staring at other guys

If you notice him giving long and “nasty” stares at other guys, that might be the proof you need. Instead of him looking at you with that raw burning fire of affection he has for you brimming hot in his eyes, he’s staring at some other man affectionately. 

6. He enjoys butt play

Not all males who enjoy a little butt-play are queer. However, a guy who is excited by homosexuality will undoubtedly want anything in the ass when having sex. Does your man like being entered by your dildo more than piercing you? Guys enjoy entering. If a guy enjoys being penetrated more than penetrating, you might want to ask why. Could this be one of the proof that your partner is gay?

7. He prefers the attention of men to that of women

Does your partner appreciate observing other semi-clad men when he has the opportunity? Or do you see him "accidentally" flashing a guy on vacation or somewhere else? Straight guys may enjoy attention, but only from the other sex. If he prefers the attention of other males over women, it's a definite clue that he could be gay or bisexual.

8. He prefers to watch gay pornography

Whether they confess it or not, some straight guys watch homosexual porn occasionally. Curiosity occasionally watches one or two homosexual action films. If your guy enjoys homosexual porn and watches it regularly, you should be concerned. It's one of the most outstanding signs that your lover is gay and refuses to admit it to himself or you.

9. He has no interest in Leaving an Impression on other gay men Known by the Public

Now, there are two types of gay males. Some men make considerable efforts to explain how normal it is to be gay. When you discuss homosexuality with other males, they become abrupt and unpleasant. It's a reflexive action. Intense emotions always produce extreme expressions. This could be one of the indicators your partner is homosexual or bisexual - don't always assume he'll complement males; he could be battling with his sexuality and using homosexuality as a safety blanket.

10. He is secretive about his social circle

Haven't you met many of his male friends? It could be because if you met them, you'd be skeptical. Why does he not bring his pals around, or have you never met them? In that instance, understanding how to determine if a guy is gay usually boils down to what he conceals from you.


Finally, now that we have addressed your question: “How do I tell if my boyfriend is gay?”, we have shown you the common signs that can help you know if your boyfriend is gay or not.  Moreover, even if you notice most of these signs in your boyfriend, you might still need to be corrected.

That is why you had better use KidsGuard for WhatsApp to hack all to his WhatsApp activities to know if he is straight. This is a smart WhatsApp cheating catch, you can know better about your partner and know if he is cheating on you using WhatsApp.

Use this smart WhatsApp tracking tool right now.


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