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[2024 Updated] Best 9 WhatsApp Last Seen Checker Online

How to see last seen on WhatsApp even if hidden? Check out 9 WhatsApp last seen checker apps to see when your contacts go online or offline in this post! Among them, KidsGuard for WhatsApp is the top WhatsApp last seen tracker, which can allow you track all your contacts' WhatsApp without being knowing.

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Megan Evans Megan Evans

Sep 26, 2023 04:44 pm

Do you want to know when your WhatsApp contacts is online without asking them? It'll be much funnier to know when your WhatsApp friends is active. Though WhatsApp has put forword a function to let all WhatsApp users to check contact's WhatsApp last seen, you will fail to check it if your contacts hide their WhatsApp last seen.

So can you check others' hidden WhatsApp last seen?

You must come to the right place. With some great WhatsApp last seen tracker, track your kid's or partner's WhatsApp last seen in real-time.

In that case, we've compiled a list of the 9 Best WhatsApp Last Seen Checkers for you and teach you how to check someone's WhatsApp last seen even if hiden. In the end, there will be a outstanding tool that even lets you track specific people's WhatsApp chats, calls, status, files, etc. Let's check out all the WhatsApp last seen checkers for both iOS and Android!

WhatsApp Last Seen Checker

Can We Track Last Seen on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can track last seen on WhatsApp. If you want to track someone's WhatsApp last seen, then you need a smart WhatsApp last seen tracker to help you out, such as KidsGuard for WhatsApp, which is the top 1 WhatsApp last seen checker I want to highly recommend.

KidsGuard for WhatsApp not only can help you check everyone's WhatsApp last seen, but also allows you to track all the WhatsApp data including WhatsApp chat, WhatsApp call history, WhatsApp voice message and more on the target WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Last Seen Checker

2023 Top 9 WhatsApp Last Seen Checkers

Here are 9 best WhatsApp last seen checkers in this article, as well as the best WhatsApp last seen tracker - KidsGuard for WhatsApp to track what someone is doing on WhatsApp online. Try the demo by clicking the button below to know how to see Last Seen on WhatsApp. You won't be disappointed!

whatsapp Last Seen tracker

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1. KidsGuard for WhatsApp [Android & iOS]

Users Rating:

When it comes to WhatsApp last seen checkers, KidsGuard for WhatsApp must come to the first place. KidsGuard for WhatsApp is an official WhatsApp last seen tracker online, which allows you to check anyone's WhatsApp last seen without being knowing even if hidden.

Apart from that, you can also use KidsGuard for WhatsApp tto track others WhatsApp status, read WhatsApp chats, hack WhatsApp calls and listen to WhatsApp call recordings instantly.

Besides, This WhatsApp spy software can work with WhatsApp app on both Android and iOS devices, an also it's compatible with WhatsApp last seen tracking on WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business, GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, which meet the need of all users for all purpose.

whatsapp last seen checker

KidsGuard for WhatsApp: The Best Real-Time WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker

  • View WhatsApp last seen & status: Public, private, or expired status.

  • Track someone's WhatsApp chats: Sent, received, or deleted messages.

  • Access media files: Photos, videos, documents, and voice notes.

  • Monitor someone's WhatsApp calls: A detailed list of voice or videos WhatsApp calls and record WhatsApp calls.

  • Capture WhatsApp screenshot: Automatic phone screenshot when WhatsApp's in use.

  • Limit WhatsApp Screen Time: Limit WhatsApp usage exact to minute.

  • Set Keywords Alerts: Get notification once the person types the certain keywords that you set.

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How to Track Someone's WhatsApp Last Seen via KidsGuard for WhatsApp:

KidGuard for WhatsApp, as the top real-time WhatsApp last seen checker, can help you see someone's WhatsApp last seen with an easy way.

KidsGuard for WhatsApp: Top WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker

Step 1. Click the Try it Now button below to create a KidsGuard for WhatsApp account with a valid email. Then you will have to purchase a WhatsApp monitoring plan to activate all the features. Click Start Monitoring button to move on.

WhatsApp monitoring tool

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

Top WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker

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WhatsApp call history tracker

Step 2. Choose Android or iOS options. Download KidsGuard for WhatsApp app from on the target Android, (iOS Steps Guide) and finish the configuration according to the on-screen prompts.

choose android

download kidsguard for whatsapp application on target device

Step 3. After the successful installation, the app will disappear from home screen. Finally, you can go back to your web dashboard and view all the collected WhatsApp data by a few clicks. Remember that it will take some time to make initial synchronization for the first time.

check someone's WhatsApp last seen if hidden

That's KidsGuard for WhatsApp, a smart WhatsApp last seen checker. With this last seen hacking tool, you can definitely know your kid's online activity on WhatsApp to protect them from online predators on WhatsApp.

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2. wTrack

Users Rating:

To begin with, wTrack is the best online WhatsApp Last Seen checker in our list with more than 100,000+ downloads. You can easily check your friends and your family's time that spends on WhatsApp.

It also features in parental control to get a notification once your children become online or offline. More details like online/offline time, duration as well as contact number will be shown on your account. What's more, it's completely anonymous and your contacts can't know that you're tracking their Last Seen or online activity.

wtrack app

Features of wTrack:


  • Daily, monthly and weekly WhatsApp activity statistics.

  • Activate the push notifications to be alerted instantly when someone is online or offline on WhatsApp.

  • It works well on all types of Android and iOS devices.

  • You can also block WhatsApp app on someone's mobile in the premium plan.


  • Premium version is expensive.
  • Not 100% safe.
  • Cannot monitor someone’s WhatsApp without being knowing.

3. WaStat

Users Rating:

WaStat is also capable of WhatsApp last seen tracker online, which can allow users to check others' WhatsApp last seen in an easy way. It has free access too. You can add a contact to watch. Then, whenever the contact comes online, you get the notification.

You can even see how long the contact remained online. The feature of the duration of access is an excellent option for parents monitoring their kids. You can figure out whether your kids have been up to WhatsApp or study in their rooms. Plus, this WhatsApp online checker is very simple to use and the size of this application is also very less, so it runs very smoothly.

WhatsApp last seen tracker


  • You can check the WhatsApp online status of anyone's WhatsApp number.

  • It will display all time intervals on WhatsApp in a handy clock view.

  • You can also observe the last 30 days' statistics in charts.

  • And finally, with its notification feature, it can send you alerts as soon as the person is online on WhatsApp.


  • There are some limitations to check your WhatsApp contacts' last seen
  • You cannoy check someone's WhatsApp last seen in real-time.

4. WhatsLog

Users Rating:

If you wonder how to see last seen on WhatsApp even if hidden, WhatsLog is another amazing Android application that you can use in your WhatsApp. You can put any of your friend's numbers in this application, whenever your friend comes online or offline on WhatsApp, you will get a notification of that.

In this WhatsApp Last Seen checker, you can also change the notification sounds to the ones you want for each contact. It provides a one-day free trial before purchasing. Moreover, at any time you can withdraw the subscription, the data is stored on their secure protocol, everything is safe!

whatslog app


  • Accurate and very effective.

  • The WhatsApp Last Seen checker app comes with a complete contacts profiles list of online/offline activity.

  • It will immediately identify the number and even block the telemarketers who are annoying you.

  • It is working 24/7.

  • You can manage notification sounds the way you want them.


  • Only available for Android devices.
  • Free trail is not offered.
  • You cannot track a few contacts' last seen in a time.

5. WhatsDog

Users Rating:

WhatsDog is another famous WhatsApp last seen checker app that could help you see WhatsApp status without seen, which gives you the chance to see the activity of anyone online on WhatsApp. Regarding how to see hidden Last Seen on WhatsApp, through this application, you can track all or specified WhatsApp users on your phone without opening WhatsApp which is a special thing about this application.

In this application, the calendar is provided to switch between dates. So you can check previously saved data. And another menu is provided to see the activity of the current day.

whatsdog app


  • Access the list of all WhatsApp contacts profiles.

  • You can see someone's Last Seen on WhatsApp if hidden at a time.

  • You will get a notification whenever the selected user comes online.


  • you are not allowed to check someone's WhatsApp last seen in real-time.
  • There may be someone stucks while using it.

6. wLog Online

Users Rating:

wLog Online, as a smart WhatsApp last tracker is able to identify WhatsApp online status immediately. It is designed for parents or spouses to monitor family's WhatsApp. You will see instant notifications and detailed reports when they are online.

This WhatsApp last online checker gives you all the information about how long your loved ones are sitting online. You can also watch how often your lover goes online and checks messages. And it also provides detailed status activity analysis which is ready daily and monthly.

whatsapp last seen tracker


  • You can find out how long someone spends time on social media and WhatsApp.

  • It provides the online mode for your love, your children, and your friends.

  • Get unlimited statistics to analyze online activity.

  • Instant membership cancellation.


  • Cannot track someone's WhatsApp last seen in real-time.
  • Not 100% security

7. WpTrack - Online Seen Tracker

Users Rating:

WpTrack - Online Seen Tracker is a versatile WhatsApp last seen tracker for iPhone that allows you to monitor the online presence of your contacts. With this tracker, you can easily check when someone is online on WhatsApp, providing you with valuable information about their availability.

WpTrack also offers features like online/offline notifications and detailed activity logs for a more comprehensive understanding of someone's WhatsApp usage.

WhatsApp last seen tracker online


  • Monitor online presence on WhatsApp.
  • Online/offline notifications. Detailed activity logs.


  • Premium version is expensive.
  • Only available for iPhone devices, not available for Android devices.
  • Cannot monitor someone’s WhatsApp without being knowing.

8. FamiGuard for WhatsApp

Users Rating:

FamiGuard for WhatsApp is specifically designed for parents who want to ensure their child's online safety. With this WhatsApp last seen tracker, parents can easily monitor their child's last seen status and track their online activities. FamiGuard offers additional features such as app blocking, geofencing, and screen time management, providing parents with complete control over their kid's digital experience.

WhatsApp Last Seen Checker


  • Monitor last seen status on WhatsApp.
  • Additional features for comprehensive parental control.
  • Easy-to-use interface.


  • It’s a new WhatsApp last seen tracker with limited WhatsApp monitoring functions.
  • Cannot allow users to track someone’s WhatsApp in real-time.
  • Only available for Android device, you cannot use this tool to track someone’s WhatsApp on iPhone device.
  • Unable to monitor someone’s WhatsApp without being knowing.

9. mSpy

Users Rating:

mSpy is another popular WhatsApp last seen tracker for iPhone that offers a wide range of monitoring features. With mSpy, you can not only track someone's last seen status on WhatsApp but also monitor their messages, calls, and even social media activity.

This tracker provides comprehensive insights into someone's online behavior, making it an ideal choice for concerned parents or individuals who want to keep tabs on their loved ones.

WhatsApp Last Seen Checker


  • Track last seen status on others’ WhatsApp.
  • Monitor messages, calls, and social media activity.
  • Comprehensive insights into online behavior.


  • Unable to track someone’s last seen in real-time.
  • Doesn’t offer free trial for any user, you should paid for it if you need to monitor someone’s WhatsApp.
  • Too complex to use.

FAQs About WhatsApp Last Seen Checker

Here are some poplar FAQs about WhatsApp last seen tracker tools, which can help to answer your confusion about WhatsApp last seen checker tools.

Q1. Will Someone Know if I check their whatsApp Last Seen status often?

Absolutely no. There is no official way or third-party tool to let someone check if you have checked their WhatsApp Last Seen status. Using KidsGuard for WhatsApp is even less likely to be known, it will be hidden on the desktop and the person you are trying to track will not find it.

Q2. How to Check WhatsApp Last Seen if Blocked?

You cannot see the Last Seen from WhatsApp if you are blocked. But you can utilize WhatsApp Last Seen checker apps mentioned above and even get notified every time the person comes online or goes offline.

Q3. Why Is My Last Seen Checker Not Working on WhatsApp?

There are several reasons for you last seen checker not working on WhatsApp, which are:

  • They hide online status on WhatsApp to prevent others from checking their Last Seen.
  • You may have been blocked by that person.
  • Your aren't on their contact lists.


This article has put forward to top 9 real-time WhatsApp last seen checkers online. Here you've found out how to see someone's Last Seen on WhatsApp if hidden. Depending on what you need, you can choose the WhatsApp Last Seen checker online that's right for you.

If you also want to know what's going on, check out their WhatsApp chat, calls or other activity would be better. Just choose the best WhatsApp last seen tracker -- KidsGuard for WhatsApp that offers you a lot of monitoring features and become a WhatsApp spy yourself.

If you have liked this information then please give us your feedback in the comment and share it with your friends on social media.

whatsapp last seen checker

KidsGuard for WhatsApp: All-in-One WhatsApp Last Seen Checker Online

  • Track your contact's WhatsApp last seen in real-time.
  • Able to monitor all your contact's WhatsApp messages.
  • Work with both Android and iOS devices.
  • 100% Security, no root.

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  • leap

    Can it see track someone's last seen on WhatsApp if they have hidden it?

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    • ClevGuard Reply to leap

      Yes, WhatsApp Status Seen can help you track someone's last seen on WhatsApp if they have hidden it. Just input the target WhatsApp number, you can view someone's hidden WhatsApp last seen remotely and secretly.

      4 days ago


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  • leap

    Can I get notification when someone is online on WhatsApp?

    4 days ago


    • ClevGuard Reply to leap

      Yes, WhatsApp Status Seen allows you to get notified when someone is online on WhatsApp instantly.

      4 days ago


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