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[2024 Full Guide] Can Police Trace WhatsApp Messages of Others

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Annie Brooks Annie Brooks

Apr 12, 2024 10:35 am

WhatsApp is among the most widely used platforms for messaging, calls, and sharing media files. So, if the police need to investigate a person, put him under surveillance, and know with whom and what they are talking about, checking WhatsApp messages is one of the best ways. So, if you are in the police or want to get information, can the police trace WhatsApp messages ? If yes, then how? This article will be a great read.

can police trace WhatsApp messages

Part 1. Can Police Trace WhatsApp Messages

Yes, WhatsApp chats can be traced by police . Police have the right to trace WhatsApp messages (after obtaining a warrant from a judge) to investigate a case. Though police can request access to the servers of WhatsApp, since these messages are end-to-end encrypted, they can only be read by the sender and the recipient.

So, getting access to the WhatsApp servers would not provide them access to the message content. However, third-party tools are available that, once installed on the target device, can remotely allow you to keep track of and read all the WhatsApp messages.

We will take you through these tools in the following parts of the topic.

Method 1: Use KidsGuard for WhatsApp

To track WhatsApp messages of any number, and that too secretively and remotely, the best tool we recommend here is KidsGuard for WhatsApp . This is an excellent and powerful WhatsApp spy app that can monitor and control anyone's WhatsApp texts, call history, voice, and media files remotely and secretly.

This WhatsApp spy tool is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices and allows you to check messages remotely in real-time.

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

KidGuard for WhatsApp: Best WhatsApp Tracking App for Police

  • More than ten types of WhatsApp messages can be remotely checked in real-time.
  • Allows tracking WhatsApp chats and call recordings, contacts, voices, WhatsApp current location and other details.
  • All the media files shared over WhatsApp, like images, documents, videos, and also deleted and expired files, can be traced.
  • A safe and reliable tool that works in a discrete mode without the target device owner knowing.
  • Besides WhatsApp, the software can track all other device activities, including calls, location, social media sites, voice memos, browsing history, notes, messages, contacts, and much more.

How to Trace Others WhatsApp Using KidsGuard for WhatsApp :

The guide below lists detailed steps for tracing and reading others WhatsApp messages using KidsGuard for WhatsApp

Step 1 . Firstly, visit the ClevGuard site, create an account, and purchase a desired plan.

listen to someone's whatsapp call recording

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

Best WhatsApp Monitoring Tool

Try It Now

Step 2. My Product titled webpage will be opened. you need to click on the Start Monitoring button, and the Dashboard page for the tracker will open.

Start Monitoring Kidsguard For Whatsapp

Choose Android Device

Step 3. Next, get access to the target device and download KidsGuard for WhatsApp from . Follow the instructions as they appear to set up the app on the device.

Login Kidguard For Whatsapp

Step 4. Once the set-up is done, log in to the app using the created account. Follow the installation and configuration process, and when you are done, you will be redirected to the Dashboard page.

Verify Setup Whatsapp

Step 5 . On the Dashboard page, choose the Chats option from the left-side panel, and all the messages will appear on the right-hand side. You can also check WhatsApp contacts, calls, and media files.

how to read other whatsapp messages on Android

Method 2: Use mSpy for WhatsApp

Another widely used WhatsApp spy tool for police to trace others' WhatsApp messages is mSpy. For WhatsApp, it can be considered for checking someone's WhatsApp messages. It is a mSpy WhatsApp tracker. Using the software, you can monitor the messages, calls, call duration, media files, and more.

Mspy Whaysapp


  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Allows monitoring and checking of all WhatsApp activities, including messages, calls, videos, pictures, and more
  • Keylogger support
  • Allows activating the camera of the target device remotely


  • Subscription plans are expensive
  • Compatibility issues faced by a lot of users for devices and platforms
  • Device rooting and jailbreak are needed for advanced functions
  • No option for automatic URL filtering

Method 3: Use Any control for WhatsApp

Another popular WhatsApp spy tool on the list for monitoring any person's WhatsApp messages is AnyControl for WhatsApp. Once installed on the target device, the software allows viewing and checking all the messages, media files, location, and more.



  • Allows checking WhatsApp messages from private as well as group chats
  • Monitored the contact list along with shared media and location.
  • The tool facilitates reading the deleted messages as well
  • Allows checking time stamps
  • User-friendly interface


  • Extensive remote-controlled features are limited
  • Customer Support is not very efficient

Part 2: Why Police Trace Others WhatsApp Messages?

In the above parts of the topic, we have gone through the tools that can be used by police to trace others' WhatsApp messages. So here we will discuss a few situations, reasons, and conditions when the need for tracking others' messages arises for the police.

can whatsapp messages be traced by police once deleted

Investigation for a case: The police might need to trace someone's WhatsApp messages to investigate a crime or a case that has already happened.

Keeping an eye or surveillance on someone: If the police have doubts about someone and suspect that he/she might end up in a crime or engage in some illegal activities, they might start keeping an eye on the person and their WhatsApp messages for precaution.

Tracking someone: Monitoring someone's WhatsApp messages by police may be done to know about their whereabouts and track them.


So, tracking someone's WhatsApp messages by police or any other person may be needed for safety, security, surveillance, and other reasons. Though there are several tools available that can be used for remote WhatsApp tracking , not all are effective and user-friendly.

If you are looking for a powerful and functional tool, we recommend KidsGuard for WhatsApp as the best available option. The software not only supports WhatsApp message tracking but all other activities like calls, duration, videos, pictures, and more. Installing, navigating, and monitoring through the software is easy and quick.


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