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6 Ways on How to Track Browsing History Secretly

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The Internet has provided us much ease – ease of gaining information easily, ease of communicating with others, ease of sharing various stuff and so forth. On the contrary, a lot of insensitive and inappropriate contents are also available on the internet and as parents, we always wish our kids to stay away from such things. You never know what they are browsing on the internet and therefore, tracking sometimes makes sense. Considering this, we would like to make you aware of some effective web browser tracking software that will be of great assistance for you. Begin to scroll and find out more!

Reasons to Track Browsing History Secretly in Such a Life Greatly Influenced by Internet

The Internet has taken an important role in both our adults and children’s life. These days, kids are also very familiar with technology and its uses. They have easy access to the Internet, but they may don’t know which contents are good for their development and which are harmful. In today’s busy lifestyle, the best way to apprehend someone is by tracking their web activity. This allows us to know if they are running through a troublesome time or is being influenced by anything. No matter what the reason is, you can refer to learn how to track browsing history secretly. By taking the support of some reliable, professional Browsing history tracking apps, you can follow children’s browsing history without letting them know.

For concerned parents, it is essential to learn how to track browsing history secretly. Some of the reasons for monitoring a child's browsing history are:

  • Parents wish to know whether their kids are getting revealed to inappropriate content at an early age.

  • It can help you know whether your child needs any help or if they are going through a severe dilemma (like depression).

  • Parents may want to make sure that their children are safe.

  • It also helps parents to know if their kids are getting harassed or how they react to their current state of mind.

  • No matter what condition you are going through, by learning how to track browsing history secretly, you can surely help your children in different ways.

track browsing history secretly

Therefore, it is up to parents to teach them what is appropriate and what is not.For parents today, it's great to have apps that can remotely monitor their children's activities and track what they're exposed to on the Internet.You can do this in your daily activities by using the site history tracker. Take a closer look at the top 6 recommended web tracking software.

1: KidsGuard Pro to Track Child's Browsing History

One of the best and most recommended web browser tracking software is KidsGuard Pro. It is designed to remove the parents’ worries regarding what their kids do on the internet. You can easily supervise your kids’ behavior and control them before accessing any wrong website thereby fulfilling an ideal parent’s responsibility.


  • You can be able to track every site your kid has browsed on the web. You can then block the unwanted website which you do not want your kid to visit again.

  • With this android web history tracker, you are not only provided with the data but also with time and date stamps connected with each of the browsed websites.

  • One more excellent feature of this KidsGuard Pro parental control software is that you can get all the data at one single place, which means you can directly access the dashboard to see all the data related to your kid's browsing history without having to browse elsewhere.

  • And you can also view how many times your kid has visited the website. You can browse securely without having the requirement to root the target device which you are handling.

Price: Only cost $ 6.99 /monthly, which gives it an immense advantage over rival apps. You can use this similar feature for zero additional cost.

Compatibility: Android

Star Rate: 4.9/5

The process to monitor kid's browsing history is very easy. You can go to the Control panel and track all the data stored on the target device.Please go to the official guide for more details.

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2. SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone is an excellent app when it comes to checking the browsing history of your kid's cell phone. It saves information about all the websites surfed by the user. And the app also obstructs unwanted content like gambling or porn sites to prevent your child from cyberbullying. You can also count on SpyMyFone app that works as a phone tracker and monitors your kid's phone without much quarrel. With SpyMyFone, parents can obtain the insight of the kid's web history, know about the records secretly saved in their device, and manage geofence too.

spymyfone browsing history


  • Web Filtering

  • Browsing History Tracking

  • Photos & Videos Viewing

Price: $ 9.99 /month

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Star Rate: 4.0/5

3. FamiSafe

The FamiSafe is another famous internet history tracker for iPhone, Android, and tablets. It is the most secure monitoring tool to assure the safety of your kids from cybercrimes. This parental control app monitors the kid's web history and apps and blocks the unnecessary apps along with filtering the web contents and control distant screen time. Apart from contributing browsing history, the app also hinders unwanted content.

samisafe browsing history


  • GPS Location History and Tracking

  • App Blocking and Restriction

  • Internet Content Filtering and Web History

Price: US $9.99 /month

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Star Rate: 4.0/5

4. FoneMonitor

This app is a reliable internet history tracker with a well-managed control panel which not only checks the web browsing history but also assists you to spy on call log history, messages, contacts, GPS location, and Social apps. One more significant option is FoneMonitor tracking software is useful in overviewing the data present on your kid's phone. With this browsing history tracker app, you can peep onto your child's phone and get the minutest details surrounding their device. It enables you to view the bookmarks saved in their device, the notes created by them, etc. Alt: FoneMonitor browsing history

fonemonitor browsing history


  • Easy access to check internet history.

  • Provides the call log details, messages, and social media apps.

  • The real-time GPS location of the targeted mobile device.

Price: $18.99/month

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Star Rate: 3.6/5

5. mSpy

Using mSpy, you can trace all the activities taking place on your child's web browser and can monitor what the websites your child is surfing on the internet are. You will be provided all the data about internet usage on the target phone. This can be done by you very easily by as this application will track the complete browsing history for you. You may be able to know what the target user and how frequently visit all websites. This will let you know what they are browsing on the Internet. With these smart features, you can also block the unwanted websites that you do not want them to access.

mspy browsing history


  • Can monitor online activity remotely.

  • Filter web content for blocking unwanted websites.

  • View time and date stamps of browsing history.

Price: $20.99/month

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Star Rate: 3.5/5

6. TruthSpy

The TruthSpy app allows you to check the internet history of your child mobile very easily. It is a comprehensive monitoring solution for parents to maintain an eye on their kids' internet activities. The app works remotely and grants you details the internet activities, and you can access all the browser history. This will help you in knowing what your kid has been viewing over the internet. The best part about TruthSpy is that it is totally safe and remote. The target will never come to know about the presence of this software on their devices as it is very stable and hideable.

truthspy browsing history


  • Monitor online activity remotely

  • Entire Internet activity report

  • Filter web content to block inappropriate websites.

Price: $12.99 /month

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Star Rate: 3.0/5


We made you aware of several web browser tracking software that is really productive in their own ways. As they are multiple, you need to choose the one that meets your requirements. However, considering KidsGuard Pro will be the more suitable option in our eyes. We hope you got the solutions you were longing for. Thanks for reading!


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