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How Can I Check Child's Internet History on Computer?

The prevalence of the Internet poses another threat to kids: online safety. You want to make sure your kids live happily and safely, even when online. Therefore, how do you keep kids safe online? One of the most straightforward is to check your child’s search history.

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Megan Evans Megan Evans

Sep 26, 2023 06:31 pm

When the internet is within reach today, it presents new challenges for parents. It could be more difficult for them to ensure online safety, especially if they are under 18. Kids may be immersed in and even hooked on material that is not always suitable for their age.

No parent doesn’t want their children to grow up safe and sound. As a result, keeping tabs on their online activities is strongly suggested. At this stage, you might be wondering: how can I check my child's internet history on computer? This article will answer this question in detail.

Why Do You Need to Check Your Child's Computer History?

Every youngster these days have gained an easier access to computers, tablets, or smartphones. As a parent, you must be cautious about teaching and regulating your child at a very young age. So why does a child’s search history matter to you? Some of the obvious reasons are listed below.

  • Keep an eye on your children to protect them from being duped or exposed to violence.
  • Finding the time and date stamps in your browser history can deter your kids from late-night Internet browsing.
  • Prevent them from visiting adult websites.
  • Know their browsing history and online activities.

How to Monitor Your Child's Online Activity on Computer?

The history of all the major browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge, may be readily accessed until deleted or visited a website in an incognitive mode. However, nowadays, kids are smart enough, and they know how to delete history and use an incognitive mode to avoid detection.

But don't worry. We have powerful software to monitor your child's Internet activity: MoniVisor for Windows. It enables you to remotely monitor your kid's computer activities. You will not only monitor their browsing history, but it will also empower you to have real-time access to track their screen and online activities.

Way 1. Check Kids’ Incognito History in MoniVisor for Windows

It is a safe and user-friendly tool that enables you to keep track of most online activities. MoniVisor is compatible with all the major browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. In addition, even when the browser is in incognito mode, MoniVisor can record all the keystrokes with its Keylogger.

kg monivisor

How to install MoniVisor to check child's search history

You can install and start monitoring the targeted device in a few easy steps instantly.

Step 1: Register an account to get started.

After that, you can purchase a pricing plan to activate all the PC monitoring features of MoniVisor.

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Step 2: Follow the setup guide and finish configurations.

After the purchase process, you'll be taken to a webpage with a title "My Product and Orders Management". Then click "Setup Guide" to check out the detailed instructions for completing the required configurations on the target's Windows computer.

monivisor setup guide

2.1. Download and install MoniVisor for Windows on the targeted computer.

download monivisor win

Step 3: Start monitoring the internet history on the dashboard.

Go to and log in your account. Afterward, you will be guided to the online dashboard to see all the monitored data from the targeted device.

web history

Track Internet Activity

It saves all browsing activity and lets you go back and look at the pages your child has visited. In addition, it shows the precise time spent browsing any site. The downloads they have made can also be checked, as well as the location of the files.

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer are among the supported browsers. The best part is that you do not need to physically reach the target computer to open the visited page, as you can do it remotely from the comfort of your device.

Monitor Social Media

When you use MoniVisor, you will be able to access all of their chat messages from the web versions of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, and Instagram. You can monitor their social media, including shared contacts and multimedia like photos and videos. For example, you can read your child’s Facebook messages without being noticed.

read facebook

Even the missed calls can be viewed in the call history section. Real-time data transmission means you can keep an eye on the target's data without being detected.

Read Sent & Received Emails

With the help of MoniVisor, you can monitor the sent & received emails of your kids, staff, and partners. The software runs in the background, and the targeted person will not get any notification that they are monitored.

Besides, the MoniVisor supports all major mailing platforms, including Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. You can easily know the full attached file path of each email.

Take Automatic Screenshots

Another fantastic feature that MoniVisor offers is that you can take automatic screenshots at regular intervals to know the screen usage of the targeted device. You can also download or delete the screenshots at your convenience. With this feature, you can remotely know what your child is doing so as to ensure the child’s safety.

computer screenshots

Record Every Keystroke

Keystroke tracking is another excellent feature of MoniVisor. Using this feature, you can monitor each keystroke they make on their computer. It allows you to track the keyboard on the target device. You can even find the deleted keystrokes of the targeted device. Even an incognitive browsing mode can also be monitored, and you can easily find their activities.


  • Highly reliable
  • QUndetectable
  • Real-time data syncing
  • User friendly


  • You have to access and install the software on the targeted device for the 1st time

Way 2. Use Google Family Link to See Child's Search History

What is a Google Family Link? This is a parental control service provided by Google, aiming to set restrictions on kids’ mobile devices, including content filters, screen time limits, and app usage monitoring.

It helps parents monitor their kids’ online activities and enforce specific limitations on their gadgets using Google's parental control software. Parents may also set up a Google Account for their children using the Family Link. The app is often used to keep an eye on children under the age of 18.

Creating a Google Family Link account is as simple as going through the steps listed below.

install family link1

1. Login to your Google account to get started.

2. Download the Google Family Link from the Google Play Store on the target device.

3. Create a family group and link it to your child's account after installing the app.

4. The next step is installing the Google Family Link app on your kid's device and signing in using your login details to start monitoring.

Way 3. Use Google Account to Check Child's Internet History

Your kids' Google account history is accessible from any browser-enabled device, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet. You simply need your login and password to get started. What you have to do is as follows:

1. Open Google in your web browser and log in to your account.

2. Go to "Manage your Google Account" by clicking on your profile symbol in the screen's upper-right corner.

manage your gg account

3. Select "Data & Privacy" from the menu.

4. Select the "Things you have done and places you have visited" tab from the drop-down list.

things places

5. Select "My Activity" from the drop-down menu.

choose my activity1

If you are looking for something specific, you may use the general search box or the Filter by date and product option (Android, Maps, YouTube, etc.), or you can just scroll down the list and explore by time.

The above activity page keeps track of everything your kids have done with your Google account.

Other Ways to Check Your Child's Computer History

There are other simple ways that you can use to find out the browsing history of your kids. You can manually check the browsing history in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer to know what your kids are up to.

1. Google Chrome

Simply open Google Chrome on the target device and click on the three-dot icon at the right top of the page. There, you will see the 'History' option in the menu. By clicking on "History", you can easily find out the browsing history of your child.

google chrome history

2. Internet Explorer

Similar to Google Chrome, Internet Explorer follows the same process. You just need to open Internet Explorer, and you will find a three-dot icon on the top right of the main page. There, you will find your kids' browsing history with just a few simple keystrokes.

FAQ About Child's Online Activity

Q. Can I check child's social media activity with MoniVisor?

MoniVisor is a powerful software that enables you to remotely monitor your child's social media activities in real-time with utmost ease and comfort.

Q. How do I check child's browsing history on iPhone?

KidsGuard Pro for iOS has been designed to remotely monitor the browsing history of kids, staff, and partners. It is a sophisticated tool that works silently in the background and cannot be detected.

Q. Can I see someone's websites visited and screen time on the computer?

Yes, with the help of MoniVisor, you can remotely monitor browsing history, visited websites, and screen time of the targeted computer in real-time.


With a large amount of improper content hidden on the internet, keeping an eye on your kids to safeguard them from negative online activities is crucial. We have provided several ways to monitor your kid's online activities.

However MoniVisor, as a professional monitoring tool for Windows, guarantees unprecedented access to and control over browsing history, social media activities, and screen time. As a result, MoniVisor for Windows proves to be a reliable assistant when it comes to seeing your child’s search history.<.p>

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By Megan Evans

A certified content marketing specialist with great passion for Internet and online safety. She is bent on educating the audience about cyber safety tips and tricks.

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