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[100% Work] How to Track Calls and Texts from Another Phone?

Cody Walsh Cody Walsh

Mar 21, 2024 11:41 am

I used to think that I can’t view my wife’s texts messages and calls from my phone and I would have to go and check her chats and calls every time. It turns out I was WRONG!

Don't be misled by your erroneous assumption like me! There are many applications designed for remote installation - with no technical knowledge required on the user's part.

This is the key: all you need is the target cell phone to install the software, from then on, your target user call logs, SMS messages, and GPS location will be at your fingertips.

how to track calls and texts from another phone

How to Track Someone's Calls & Text Messages without Their Phone?

There are several ways to track someone's phone without operating their phone. But the most efficient solution is the latest invention, KidsGuard Pro, which works on every Android and iOS device.

This cell phone tracker comes with over 20 advanced features. It helps parents keep a closer eye on the activities of their children. KidsGuard Pro is an app that allows one to monitor almost everything on the targeted device even it let bosses track their employees' lives. You can remotely see what others are doing, and no need to root the devices.

kidsguard pro

Features of KidsGuard Pro spying

Here are some of the prominent features that every iOS user can enjoy.

Track messages and calls

KidsGuard Pro allows text tracking including deleted ones. Similarly, you will be able to track all incoming and outgoing calls, getting the contact names and approximate timestamps of when the call was made and a summary of how long the conversation went on.

View Safari History and Bookmarks

Browsing history speaks volumes about a user. KidsGuard Pro allows you to see what sites a target Internet Explorer user has visited and marked up a word document of bookmarks to understand what the user may have been interested in.

Monitor social media apps

With social media apps being so popular, it's hard to monitor a child's activity sometimes. But KidsGuard Pro helps you out with apps tracking and more. You can monitor popular social media applications.

Capture Screenshots

KidsGuard Pro allows parents to easily capture screenshots from their devices. This will help you keep track of what your kids are doing on the screen.

Using Steps of KidsGuard Pro

Here is the step-by-step process of KidsGuard Pro installation into your phone.

Step 1. Sign Up

The first step is click Monitor Now button below to sign up for KidsGuard Pro with your valid email address. Then choose a suitable plan which fits for your needs.

Monitor Now View Demo

Step 2. Download and Install the app

After subscription, follow the instruction to download and install the KidsGuard Pro app on the target device. This step only needs to take 3-5 minutes.

install kidsguard pro on the target device

Step 3. Start Monitoring Remotely

Now access to the dashboard, and more than twenty files will be displayed. You can start tracking calls and texts instantly.

use kidsguard pro to setup parental control

Part 2. Other Solutions to Track Calls & Texts from Another Phone?

Other than KidsGuard Pro, how can I track phone calls and texts? NO WORRIES! We have some other handy tips for you to spy on your texts and calls of your target user.

Directly Ask for their Permission

You can directly ask their permission and have a look at their phone. On their phone, you can see their gallery, chatbox, Google history, and other files that you might suspect.

However, there is a strong possibility that they have deleted their chat and call logs. So it might not be that much helpful. Also, they will come to know that you are watching them so next time they will be more careful.

Hire a Professional Hacker

To avoid the above-mentioned consequences, you can hire a professional hacker. A hacker can spy on your target phone and provide you with all those details that you can view by yourself on your target user's device. But hiring a professional hacker might be expensive as compared to other options.

Contact Network Providers

The third ultimate option is to contact network providers. They will share texts, call logs, call duration, frequent chats with one contact, and much more. Some spying agencies are also helping find out the undercover truths, but it will also cost your money.

track calls through network providers

Part 3. The Benefits of Using KidsGuard Pro Compared to Other Solutions

Works in stealth mode

As already discussed, asking for your target user's permission to use their cell phone will give them a trigger warning. So, there is a possibility that they clear out all suspicious chats and calls.

In that case, KidsGuard pro works in stealth mode without letting the user know they are being tracked.

Reasonable price

While hiring a professional hacker, contacting the network provider, or using other spying apps will cost your money, KidsGuard pro saves those extra pennies. KidsGuard pro services are available in a reasonable price range, you can subscribe to a suitable subscription plan according to your needs.

All in one spying app

With KidsGuard pro you can not only track texts and calls but much more. You can track their GPS location, set a virtual boundary, view their Chrome or safari history, view deleted messages, and can view their all social media accounts.

Part 4. The Reasons to Use KidsGuard Pro Spy App

Here are a few reasons to use the KidsGuard Pro spy app.

Protect Kids Safe Online

The foremost reason people use kidsGuards Pro is to protect their kids from online predators and pedophiles. With KidsGuard Pro, parents can set a safe online environment for their children.

KidsGuard Pro is an easy to use application that allows parents to monitor the online activity of their children and also protect them from strangers.

Catch Cheating Spouse

If you are wondering about "how to track my wife's phone calls and texts?" KidsGuard Pro can resolve your worry. KidsGuard Pro can dig out any truths that might have been buried. If you are trying to know cheating spouse secrets by spying, KidsGuard Pro makes it easy to do so by keeping everything anonymous.

It is marital bliss for harmonious family life. KidsGuard can discover truths and dig out information about your significant others by letting you monitor their texts messages, social media application, calls, photos, and even GPS location.

Part 5. Final Thoughts

Spying on your loved ones is not a bad thing if you do so with good intentions, i.e., to protect them from dangers or prevent them from being taken advantage of by people who might try and lure them into making poor decisions.

With cell phone tracking software such as KidsGuard Pro, you can monitor the calls and texts of the people you care about in real-time without having their phones. This makes it easy to stay on top of what they're up to while they're away from home or at school, so if anyone suspicious approaches them - you'll know!

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By Cody Walsh

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