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Houseparty: An App Parents Should Know for Their Kids

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Megan Evans

Updated: Oct 21, 2021 06:00 pm

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Houseparty: An App Parents Should Know for Their Kids

Houseparty App, initially released in 2016, happens to be popular during the Covid-19 lockdown today. It has already became one of the most downloaded apps in the several countries such as the United Kingdom. As a social media, Houseparty is widely used during teenagers and attracts more and more kids to join it. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to know Houseparty for their kids.

What is Houseparty?

Houseparty is a social network where multiple users can interact face to face. It allows up to 8 participants in a single session. Anybody from the age of 13 upward can download the Houseparty and use it to join video chats according to the app´s privacy policy. Unfortunately, there is no Houseparty app for kids specially.

The profile setup process on Houseparty is quite easy and after that, you can join one-on-one or group video chats with anybody. It is easy to connect with people you know on Houseparty and you can meet new people on the app as well.

Houseparty logo is simply a hand waving just like it is trying to say "hi, let´s chat and have fun". The New Yorker dubbed Houseparty as the virtual living room of apps. Kids would most likely be pleased with the idea of a Houseparty app for kids however, there is no news of that yet.

houseparty app

How does Houseparty Work?

Houseparty is an innovative social network that allows users to connect via group video chats on both mobiles and computers.

It was developed by Epic Games, the same company that made the famous Fortine game. Users can play games while video chatting. Some of the available games on Houseparty include Quick Draw, Chips&Guac, trivia games magic 8-ball, and card games.

Houseparty, generally, works from 3 aspects: conversation, social and game.

three aspects of houseparty app


  • To initiate a call, you can press the smiley in the top left corner of the app.
  • Then click on my friends, and you can press the green call button to call them or the ´say hi´ button to notify them of your intentions to talk. 
  • To send a text message, locate the ´pass a note´ bar at the bottom of the screen on iOS devices and Android devices.
  • Social

  • To add more people to a call, click the plus button (if you have locked the room, the plus button will appear with a padlock symbol). 
  • Then click the circle beside the name of the friend you want to add to the room.
  • Also, click invite to room and your friend will be notified. They can click join to connect with you. 
  • Game

  • To set up the Housearty and Fortnite together, the first thing to do is to open Houseparty and connect to Fortnite through settings or the TV icon. 
  • Then invite your friends to join you or join an existing room as you would normally. 
  • Now, launch Fortnite on your PC or console and you can keep talking to your friend as you play. 
  • For more tips, you can go search the Houseparty´s website for the Houseparty help section. 
  • houseparty and fortnite

    What Potential Risks would Houseparty Bring to Kids?

    The Houseparty app is overall a very cool app however kids may be at risk when they use it. Houseparty app age limit is 13 years. People below the age of 13 are not expected to use Houseparty app.

    However, kids may claim any age of their choice while registering on Houseparty. There is a need to protect Kids on this social app just like other ones, such as Snapchat, since it is a public space with different kinds of people and content on it too.

    Kids who play the Fortnite games may have a special preference for Houseparty because of how they can easily use it to stream their game. So, there is no doubt that there are a lot of kids on Houseparty.

    The following outlined risks are why kids' protection on the Houseparty app should be taken very seriously:

  • Potential exposure to pornographic content:
  • There is a chance that some users may use the video chat app to show nudity or pornographic content which is inappropriate for kids. It is a known fact that kids can be overly inquisitive when unguided and they may add up total strangers to their friend list or proceed to join adult video chats. Exposing kids to porn can have devastating effects and should be prevented at all costs.

  • Cyberbullying:
  • Kids may become victims of cyberbullying on Houseparty social app. Cyberbullies are lurking in almost all of the space on the internet. And what can be more intense than a video encounter with one? It can have damaging effects on Kids.

    On Houseparty, you can put your kid's profile on private however, their profile will still pop up on a name search. School or neighborhood bullies who know their full names can use this to their advantage and ill intentions. So, there is an imminent need to adopt measures that protect your kids from cyberbullying on Houseparty.

  • Data Mining:
  • Data miners are everywhere nowadays and Houseparty is no exception of course. Kids can be innocent and unsuspecting which makes them susceptible to these kinds of people. A simple question and your kid can divulge important information more than safe to strangers on a video chat on Houseparty. Don't you think they should be protected?

    houseparty risk data mining

  • Others:
  • Groomers and kidnappers now use social media apps to lure their unsuspecting victims. It is just a reminder that Houseparty can also be used and cautionary measures should be taken to protect kids.

    Ways to Protect Kids on Houseparty

    Of course, it is quite important to protect kids from any form of danger. Maybe there is even a need for a Houseparty parents guide. The Houseparty is a functional app that everybody enjoys including kids however, we have also seen that kids can be exposed to danger on this social app if they are not properly protected. Parents and Guardians should be proactive about protection for kids on Houseparty.

    KidsGuard Pro for Android is a tested and trusted tool that parents can use to monitor their kids' activities on Houseparty and also provide maximum protection for them. KidsGuard Pro for iOS works similarly on iOS devices.

    Way 1: Protect Kids on Houseparty with KidsGuard Pro for Android

    KidsGuard Pro for Android is an efficient tool that offers protection for kids on Houseparty. It achieves this herculean task using some sophisticated features that have been proven to provide 100 percent protection for kids on Houseparty. The features include:

  • Browser History Checking: This feature examines all the activities of your kids on the internet including their activities on Houseparty.
  • Social Media Monitoring: The social media monitoring feature monitors your kid on all social media platforms and of course Houseparty as well. The monitoring prevents kids from connecting with strangers.
  • Geofence Setting: You can customize the geofence feature to set boundaries over geographic regions. This feature can alert you as soon as your kids are in those geographic regions you forbid and you can quickly swing to action to ensure their safety.
  • Location Tracking: This is a feature that makes it easy for parents to track their kids. Parents can easily know the whereabouts of their kids from their comfort zones.
  • Keylogger: The keylogger feature is used to record keystrokes that can be used to make sense of who your kids are texting and what they are talking about or a webpage they are visiting.
  • How to use KidsGuard Pro for Android to keep kids safe

    Using KidsGuard Pro for Android is quite simple and straightforward. The app has a very user-friendly interface and you can easily locate and customize the customizable features. Below are steps to follow:

    Step 1. Create an account with Email address on KidsGuard Pro official website.

    create a kidsguard pro account

    Step 2. Select a suitable plan that works best for you.

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    Step 3. Download KidsGuard Pro for Android from on the target device.

    download kidsguard pro for android

    Step 4. Install KidsGuard Pro for Android on target phone.

    Tap on the downloaded APK file and start installation. Then log in your KidsGuard Pro account. After that, go through the setup procedures to provide the necessary permissions.

    install kidsguard pro on target android

    Step 5. Start to use KidsGuard Pro for Android to keep kids safe.

    kidsguard pro for android dashboard

    Log in your KidsGuard Pro account. Then you are able to view the information related to the target device. Click on the features on the left side and start to use KidsGuard Pro for Android to keep kids safe.

    At this point, you are up and running and have been equipped to protect your kids. You can log in the account in your own devices, which enables you to assure that your kids are safe and secured with KidsGuard Pro for Android.

    Way 2: Protect kids on Houseparty by having an open conversation with them

    It is a good idea to have open conversations with your kids about why they need to be careful on Houseparty and the internet generally. Having serious conversations with kids help them develop a sense of responsibility.

    Use this opportunity to teach them that video chats are only safe with known people and strangers should not be entertained on video chats. You also need to explain to them why it is not right to share personal details on Houseparty?and the Internet generally. They should understand that such acts may be a threat to their security. Also, you need to assure your kids that you are always available for them and they can discuss anything with you.

    Way 3: Protect kids on Houseparty by helping them to form good habits on their internet activity

    Teach your kids how to ignore friendship invitations from people they don't know. Blocking may seem like a negative word but it is important to maintain a sane social media environment.

    They should also learn about features that can be used to dissociate from a bad connection or influence like unfriend, ghost, and report as available on Houseparty and other social media apps.


    Houseparty social app is a functional app and it is fascinating that it allows up to 8 participants in a video chat. It is an enjoyable social application for both adults and kids to interact with friends and families however, there is a need to guide kids'access to this app. KidsGuard Pro for Android is an effective app that can be used to ensure that our kids are safe on Houseparty and the Internet generally.


    By Megan Evans

    A certified content marketing specialist with great passion for Internet and online safety. She is bent on educating the audience about cyber safety tips and tricks.

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