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Check Out 7 Best Email Monitoring Software of 2023 Here!

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Annie Brooks

Updated: Feb 21, 2022 05:12 pm

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Hello! Before you start, I've compiled these questions you may want to ask. Just take a look first.

1. Can emails be monitored?

Yes. You can use those advanced email monitoring softwares to keep track of someone's emails activities, which is considered the most effective way to do that.

2. How does email monitoring work?

Those email monitoring tools wiil record each email activity, including the body content, subject and timestamps. That can provide you an overview of all the incoming and outgoing emails from the computer you are tracking.

I have tested all the top email monitoring softwares to help you make the right choice. Just keep on reading!

7 Best Email Monitoring Here for You to Choose From

Here I have a descriptive list of the top 8 email tracking softwares for you with their different characteristics.

1. MoniVisor for Win (Recommended)

Starting Price: $10.82 Per Month.

It is one of the best currently available email monitoring?softwares that you can use to track someone's email and other computer activities. I have tested it for a long period of time, and its email monitoring features are really useful. Trust me!

monivisor for win dashboard

Features of email monitoring:

  • Checks and reads all incoming and outgoing emails, writing text as well as the attached files.

  • You can use it for all primary email platforms, including Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail.

  • You can generate a complete report of all the emails that the target user sends or receive.

monivisor productbox mini

MoniVisor for Win

The Best Email Monitoring Software for You.

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Why I recommend MoniVisor for Win as the best email monitoring software?

  • You can secretly monitor someone's email activities.

  • An easy-access console is available for checking the emails at anytime.

  • It protects your company's data and privacy with high-security standards.

  • You can easily get started with it in just a few minutes. And it is user friendly.

  • Free Demo is offered for you to try the product without extra cost.

The developer of MoniVisor for Win (ClevGuard) is a leading software provider that focus on developing utility monitoring products. It has millisons users all over the world and it is highly recommended by famous technology websites. You can totally trust it.

clevguard media review

Other features for computer monitoring:

  • Check all conversations on social media (web) of the target computer.

  • Monitor internet history to check what content the target has visited.

  • Take auto-screenshots from the target desktop.

  • Record every keystrokes on their keyborad.

Monitor NowView Demo

2. Teramind

Starting Price: $12 Per Month.

Teramind is a powerful email tracking tool that can help employers create a safe work environment by tracking their workers' email activities.

teramind email monitoring

Features of email monitoring:

  • You can check all attachments and track file transfers.

  • It features an alert option with various settings.

  • You can configure rules to block or alert any incoming or outgoing email.


  • It has a free trial.

  • Intuitive user interface and dashboard.

  • The video recording feature is also offered.


  • Some reports take a long time to load.

Other features for computer monitoring:

  • Screen recording feature is available.

  • Records individual keystrokes amd recently accessed files.

  • Monitors application usage on the monitored computer.

3. InterGuard

Starting Price: $9 Per Month.

InterGuard is a cloud-based software that works perfectly fine for email tracking. It captures everything in an email, be it the subject line, body content, time snap, or attachments.


Features of email monitoring:

  • It detects a change in someone's email activity. It will alert you in case of seeing user behavior anomaly.

  • It creates a visual overview of email activity.

  • You can generate email reports of the target user that can help you monitor any part of an email.


  • It can help you spot threats at an early stage.

  • It provides an online trial without installation.

  • It works on PC, web, Mac, iOS, and Android.


  • The uninstallation process is time-consuming and usually fails.

Other features for computer monitoring:

  • Filter internet content to enhance employee productivity.

  • Monitors file activities on the target desktop.

  • Gets reports and alerts about the computer usage on their PCs.

4. WebWatcher

Starting Price: $10.83 Per Month.

It is an email monitoring software that checks, reads, and informs the employer about his employee's email activity. It is a compelling software that can enhance email monitoring in the workplace.

webwatcher email monitoring

Features of email monitoring:

  • You can view emails, IMS, web history, and take screenshots with this software's help.

  • It informs you in case of suspicious activity or attachment of sensitive files.

  • It is compatible with Mac, Android, iOS, chrome, and windows.


  • It is cost-effective software that startup companies can use for threat detection and email monitoring.

  • You can use it remotely and monitor your employee's activity even from a more considerable distance.


  • It is confusing to use and requires careful planning.

  • It cannot work with antivirus and other security plans.

Other features for computer monitoring:

  • Checks the website History on the target PC.

  • Takes continuous screenshots on the desktop.

  • Chats monitoring feature is also offered.

5. Flexispy

Starting Price: $67.99 Per Month.

Flexispy is a useful email tracking software that allows you to spy on someone's computer without giving them a clue.


Features of email monitoring:

  • You can check all emails sent or received on the monitored computer.

  • You can search for emails by date, sender's name, subject line, or signature.

  • You can see all file transfers through the target user's computer.


  • It has a free demo option available on the website.

  • Good customer support (live chat, email and phone)


  • It is more expensive compared to other tools.

  • Sometime that may occur errors when using some features.

Other features for computer monitoring:

  • Read social media chats on the monitored computer.

  • Track all keystrokes on a desktop computer.

  • Chats monitoring feature is also offered.

6. Mobistealth

Starting Price: $20 Per Month.

Mobistealth is an email tracking software ideal for small-scale businesses. It enables email monitoring in the workplace and provides value for money.

mobistealth email monitoring

Features of email monitoring:

  • Keep track of work-related emails and working hours of their employees.

  • It can monitor emails through Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail.

  • It is compatible with Android, iOS, desktop, and web.


  • It allows real-time tracking, with or without internet or GPS.

  • It provides a comprehensive security plan.


  • It does not feature a free trial or return policy.

  • It is a little bit expensive.

Other features for computer monitoring:

  • Track keystrokes on the PC you are monitoring.

  • Monitor Skype and Yahoo chats.

7. TheOneSpy

Starting Price: $40 Per Month.

TheOneSpy is also a suitable software for email monitoring because of its user-friendly and useful email tracking features.


Features of email monitoring:

  • It works on all email platforms, including Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

  • It features remote operation.

  • It has an integrated password chaser and key logger so you can access someone's email and devices in case of suspicious activity.


  • It has an easy installation process.

  • It provides ease of mind and the best security.


  • It does not have a free trial or money-back guarantee option.

Other features for computer monitoring:

  • Records screen activities on the target desktop.

  • Monitor browser history on the target PC.

Final Verdict

Keeping track of someone's email is a need of time. And using email monitoring softwares can make things easier. All of the above softwares serve the same purpose- employee email tracking. But the features, prices, and user-friendliness vary from software to software. To avail of the maximum features, the best go-to option for all you is MoniVisor for Win at minimum cost. You can try it out first through its free online demo.

Monitor NowView Demo


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