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How to Use KidsGuard for Facebook to Monitor Target Devices

  • Part 1: Get your plan and create a ClevGuard account. More>>
  • Part 2: Download and install KidsGuard for Facebook. More>>
  • Part 3: Go to the online dashboard and start monitoring Facebook activities. More>>

Part 1: Purchase A Facebook Tracking Plan & Create An Account

Step 1: Navigate to ClevGuard website. Then sign up for a ClevGuard account using a valid email address. Log in to your account if you already have one.

sign up clevguard


If you directly sign up for ClevGuard with third-party accounts like Google or Facebook, you will receive the ClevGuard account and password in your email.

third part login

Step 2: Click the Buy Now button below to purchase a premium plan of KidsGuard for Facebook, so that you can use all advanced Facebook monitor features of this Facebook tracker.

Step 3: Once the price-plan and purchase are finished, you' ll automatically be taken to the My Product page. Here, you can find your order, and click Start Monitoring button. You will be located to the Dashboard page of KidsGuard for Facebook tracker.

third part login

Part 2: Download and Install Facebook Tracker

Step 1: Download the App to the Target Phone

Visit with the browser of the target phone and download the KidsGuard for Facebook app.

download kidsguard pro on the target device

Step 2: Install the App and Complete the Settings

Open the downloaded file from the browser downloading history or File Manager to finish the installation. Then log into your account and enter the basic information of your target.

install kidsguard pro on android and login

Part 3: Verify Your Setup and Start Monitoring Facebook and Messenger

If everything is set up properly, click the "Verify Setup" button to complete the process. It will bind the target device to your online account. You can now access all Facebook details on the Dashboard, including messages, photos, videos, etc.

monitor facebook



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