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Cancel Guide for KidsGuard Subscription

  • Step 1: Login in your ClevGuard account. More>>
  • Step 2: Enter to “My Product” Page. More>>
  • Step 3: Select product you want to cancel subscription. More>>
  • Step 4: Enter verification code to cancel subscription. More>>

Follow these steps below to cancel your ClevGuard subscription:

Step 1: Login in your account on the ClevGuard Member Center

sign up account

Step 2: Enter ''My Product'' page and choose the product you want to cancel subscription

select product

Step 3: Select the benefit you'd like to cancel and click ''Cancel Subscription''

click cancel subscription

Step 4: Send verification code to the Notification Email and enter the code finally

enter verification code

Tips: All ClevGuard products are available in 1-month, 1-quarter and 1-year subscription plans. After purchasing any product, you can use it anytime during the subscription period.

If you don't want or need a subscription, you can cancel it anytime.

You can also contact our ClevGuard Support Center for help and we will cancel it for you.

Can I cancel KidsGuard subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel if you don’t need it anymore.
Auto-subscription will be enabled if you purchase a subscription plan for 1 Month, 1 Quarter, and 1 Year licence. You can check here to cancel KidsGuard subscription with your own.




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