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4 Ways to See Who Your Boyfriend is Messaging on Facebook - 100% Hidden

Megan Evans Megan Evans

Mar 25, 2024 05:30 pm

Is your boyfriend increasingly getting addicted to Facebook? Do you see his eyes light on upon seeing Facebook message notifications? Do you suspect that your boyfriend is cheating on you and dating someone from Facebook friends? Now your main question must be "how to check my boyfriend's Facebook messages?"

It is obvious that you do not want to confront your boyfriend based on your suspicion. You also cannot ask your boyfriend for his Facebook password so that you can check his messages. There is nothing to worry as we will illustrate how to see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook without him knowing.

Is It Possible to See Who My Boyfriend is Messaging on Facebook?

Yes, it is possible to see your boyfriend's Facebook messages secretly. There are so many methods you will come across online but none of them seem to actually work for you. This is because seeing someone's Facebook secretly is not as easy as many think.

However, when you know the correct way, you can legitimately check who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook. Here are all the possible ways on how to check boyfriend's Facebook messages without him detecting it.

see boyfriends facebook messages

Way 1. Check Boyfriend's Facebook Messages with a Reliable Facebook Hacker App - Recommended

The most reliable and easiest way to check boyfriend's Facebook message is through a Facebook hacker app. We recommend KidsGuard Pro app as it is a legitimate app that can let you check your boyfriend's Facebook messages secretly.

All you have to do is install the app on your boyfriend's phone. The app will stay hidden on the phone and upload phone data on the web server so that you can check his social media messages from your account on your device.

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Features of Checking Facebook Messages with KidsGuard Pro

Here are all the features of KidsGuard Pro app that will help you check your boyfriend's Facebook messages legitimately and secretly.

kidsguard pro

  • Check Received and Sent Messages
  • KidsGuard Pro app lets you read all the Facebook messages sent and received on your boyfriend's account. The messages are shown in a proper format, exactly like you see on Facebook. You can check these messages directly from your KidsGuard Pro Dashboard by logging into your KidsGuard Pro account from any device.

  • Check Shared Multimedia
  • KidsGuard Pro app allows you to check all the photos and videos sent and received on your boyfriend's Facebook account through chats. For videos, you can check only previews, but for photos, you can check and download them for future reference. In fact, you can check all the documents shared through chats.

  • Capture Facebook Screenshots
  • KidsGuard Pro offers a unique option to take screenshots of your boyfriend's phone remotely from KidsGuard Pro Dashboard. Therefore, you can take real-time screenshots of your boyfriend's phone and find out what exactly he is doing on Facebook.

  • Check App Activity Record
  • You can check how frequently your boyfriend is using Facebook app daily from KidsGuard Pro Dashboard. Besides, you can find out how much time he is spending on Facebook app regularly.

  • Export Facebook Data
  • Last but not least, you can export all of your boyfriend's Facebook account data that you can monitor through KidsGuard Pro app. You can save them on your device in Microsoft Excel format.

Find Out Who is Online with My Boyfriend in 3 Steps

Here are the steps to deploy KidsGuard Pro app on your boyfriend's Android smartphone and start monitoring his Facebook messages.

Step 1. Create An Account

Click the "Monitor Now" button to register an account for KidsGuard Pro with your email address. Thereafter, pick an appropriate plan based on your needs.

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Step 2. Deploy KidsGuard Pro Facebook Tracker

Get your boyfriend's phone and visit Download and install KidsGuard Pro app. Launch the app after installation and set it up perfectly.

download kidsguard pro for android

Step 3. Start Monitoring Boyfriend's Facebook

Get your device and go to KidsGuard Pro web portal. Log into your account and go to your Dashboard. Go to Social Apps> Facebook to check your boyfriend's Facebook messages.

kidsguard pro demo view facebook messages

Can You Expect More from KidsGuard Pro?

Apart from tracking your boyfriend's Facebook messages and activities, KidsGuard Pro is a full-fledged remote monitoring app. Here are all the activities on your boyfriend's phone that you can monitor with the app.

Monitor More Social Media:

Apart from Facebook, KidsGuard Pro app lets you monitor your boyfriend's social media activities on different apps. Starting from WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat to Telegram, Line, and even Tinder, you can track all his social media activities.

Track Location & Set Up Geofence:

If you want to track your boyfriend's whereabouts, KidsGuard Pro lets you track his real-time location on the map. Besides, you can check his location history to understand where he has been in the recent past. Moreover, you can set a Geofence so that you can get alerts when he crosses your set virtual fence.

View Call Logs & Contact:

You can instantly check the call history of your boyfriend's phone from KidsGuard Pro Dashboard. The syncing is done almost in real-time, and hence, you will get the latest data. Along with call logs, you can check the contacts saved on his phone and understand who he is keeping in contact with.

Record Phone Calls:

KidsGuard Pro app offers an exclusive feature of recording your boyfriend's phone call in real-time. You will always get these recordings on your Dashboard, and hence, you can check them out minutely any time you want.

Check Browser History:

You can also check browser history on your boyfriend's phone from your Dashboard. Therefore, you will come to know what he is searching for and the websites he is visiting.


KidsGuard Pro app comes with an inbuilt keylogger that records every keystroke on your boyfriend's phone. From Dashboard, you can check what he has typed on different apps. Most importantly, you get to check the deleted messages on social media apps.

Read Text Messages:

Apart from social media messages, you get to check boyfriend's text messages that are sent and received. Therefore, if he is keeping in contact with someone through text messages, you will get to know about it.

Way 2. Check Boyfriend's Facebook Messages by Resetting Facebook Password

If you have access to your boyfriend's email address, you can reset his Facebook password from your device and check his Facebook messages. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Open Facebook login page on your web browser. Click on Forgot Password option.

facebook forgot password

Step 2: Enter the email address or phone number of your boyfriend to identify his account.

find your facebook account

Step 3: You will get the option to get the password reset code via your boyfriend's email address or phone number. If you get access to his phone momentarily, you can choose the option to get the code via phone.

reset facebook password

Step 4: Put back the verification code and reset the password. Thereafter, log into his account with the new password and read all his messages.


You need to have access to your boyfriend's email address or phone for some time to reset password. Your boyfriend can always change his password after you reset it, and hence, you will have access to his Facebook account for a limited time.

Way 3. Check Boyfriend's Facebook Messages via Phishing

You can design a phishing webpage that looks exactly like the login page of Facebook. You can send the link of the phishing page to your boyfriend and trick him into keying in his Facebook username and password.

Once he does, you will get his Facebook account credentials, and you can log into his account. Thereafter, you can check on all his Facebook messages as well as activities as long as he does not detect it and changes the password.


Designing and deploying a phishing webpage need technical knowledge. Besides, when you log into his Facebook account, he is likely to get an email from Facebook notifying new login. Therefore, he can detect that someone has logged into his account and changed his password.

Way 4. Check Boyfriend's Facebook Messages by Keylogger

You can deploy a professional keylogger app on your boyfriend's phone. The keylogger app records every keystroke including what your boyfriend is typing on Facebook. Depending on the keylogger app, it can either send the recorded keystrokes to your phone in log form or store on boyfriend's phone where you can check directly. If your boyfriend deletes any messages after sending them, you can also check them through the keylogger app.


Deploying a keylogger is not very useful because you cannot see the received messages. Besides, you cannot check the media files shared through Facebook messages and app activities.

FAQ about Checking Boyfriend's Facebook Messages

Q1. Will My Boyfriend Know that I'm Checking His Facebook Messages?

If you are using KidsGuard Pro app to check your boyfriend's Facebook messages, your boyfriend will not know about it. This is because the app stays hidden on his phone, and you can check his Facebook messages from KidsGuard Pro Dashboard on your device.

Q2. Is It Legit to Check My Boyfriend's Facebook Messages?

No, it is not legal to check your boyfriend's Facebook messages without his consent as it is a breach of his privacy. Therefore, as long as he does not know about it, you are safe. Even though it is not legal, there are many suspicious girlfriends who do it regularly to expose their cheating boyfriends.

Q3. What Does It Mean When Someone is at the Top of Boyfriend's Chat List on Facebook?

If someone is at the top of your boyfriend's chat list on Facebook, it means that your boyfriend has chatted with that person or the person has sent messages to your boyfriend just recently. All the recent interactions stay at the top and the latest one stays at the topmost position.

Final Words

We have stated how to see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook. All the ways we have mentioned work successfully and you can choose as per your comfort factor. However, we recommend KidsGuard Pro app for secretly monitoring your boyfriend's Facebook messages remotely from your device.

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By Megan Evans

A certified content marketing specialist with great passion for Internet and online safety. She is bent on educating the audience about cyber safety tips and tricks.

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