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2 Ways to View Someone Else's Calendar in Outlook

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Megan Evans

Updated: Jun 17, 2022 04:50 pm

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There are times when you have to view someone's Calendar in Outlook so that you can get an idea of his future appointments and meetings. You could be scheduling appointments for your managers or you could be watching secretly the scheduled appointments of the target person to understand his whereabouts.

A person can willingly give you the permission to view his Calendar in Outlook. We will illustrate how to view someone else's Calendar in Outlook with the person's permission as well as secretly without the person knowing. We will also state how to unshared Calendar in Outlook once it is shared with a person.

Way 1. View Someone's Calendar in Outlook with Permission

There are times when you have to share Calendar folder with your co-workers to check all the important dates related to a project. Similarly, if you have someone to schedule your meetings, you have to share your Calendar folder.

Therefore, you can view someone's Calendar in Outlook with the person's permission. Both of you should have Outlook accounts. Here are the steps how to see someone else's Calendar in Outlook.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook application on your computer.

Step 2: Go to Manage Calendars section from Home menu.

Step 3: Click on Share Calendar option.

outlook share calendar

Step 4: You will get a drop-down menu from where you have to select the calendar that you want to share with the target person.

Step 5: Now, Calendar Properties dialog box will open, and you have to click on Add option under Permissions tab.

Step 6: You have to find the person by typing in the email address of the person with whom you want to share the calendar. If the person is already available in address book, you can search for the person and click on Add button and Ok button.

share calendar search

Step 7: You will be back to Calendar Properties box and select the person under Permissions tab, and you have to select the type of permissions you want to allow and click on OK button.

outlook calendar properties

If all the above steps are done successfully by the person who wants to share the calendar with you, you will receive a sharing invitation through an email. Open the email and click on Accept button and you can view the person's Calendar in Outlook.

Way 2. View Someone's Calendar in Outlook without Permission

There are times when you may want to view someone's Calendar in Outlook secretly. This means you want to view the target person's calendar without his permission. You will require a third-party application that gives the user easy access to someone's calendar in Outlook without his permission.

We recommend MoniVisor Outlook Viewer as the solution for how to view someone's calendar in Outlook. You have to install the application on the target person's computer from where he uses Outlook. The app stays in stealth mode, and thereafter, you can view the target person's calendar in Outlook remotely from your device.

Key Features of MoniVisor Outlook Viewer

Here are the main features of MoniVisor for Win app that are useful in tracking calendar in Outlook and monitoring the target person's activities on his computer.

Capture Screen Automatically:

MoniVisor automatically takes screenshots of the target computer screen at regular intervals. These screenshots are synced to MoniVisor Dashboard in real-time so that you can check them instantly from your device. Therefore, when the target person uses Calendar in Outlook, MoniVisor is likely to capture the screenshot and view the calendar without permission. You can even download these screenshots for future reference.

Read Sent & Received Emails:

People generally sync Calendar in Outlook with Outlook Mail for appointments and meetings. MoniVisor lets you read all the emails sent and received on the target person's email account. Therefore, you can check calendar appointments through emails directly from Dashboard as MoniVisor syncs all emails in real-time. The target person won't get any notification, and hence, he won't know about your monitoring.

check email with monivisor

Monitor Social Media Conversation:

Starting from WhatsApp and Facebook to Twitter, Skype and Instagram, you can monitor the social media conversations of the target person. In fact, you can even monitor his social media profile, and media files shared such as photos, videos, documents and much more. If the target person uses social media apps for audio and video calling, you can even check the call log.

Track Internet Activity:

MoniVisor records all the web browsing history on the target computer and syncs the history in real-time so that you can monitor internet activity from your device. You can know the visited webpages along with the exact timestamp, and you can even check the download history as well as the location of the downloaded files.

monivisor browser history

Check File Activity:

You can even track all the file activities such as copying and deleting on the target computer. You can also know the exact storage paths of the files and check the timestamps on every file activity. Moreover, you can also check on various app activities, computer login activities as well as printer and USB activities.

Record Keystrokes:

MoniVisor records all the keystrokes on the target computer so that you can check what the target person has been typing on Outlook. You can even check the deleted keystrokes as well as those keystrokes that the person has typed in Incognito mode. You get to check the keystroke logs with proper timestamps.

record keystrokes

Steps to See Other People's Calendars in Outlook

Here are the steps you need to follow on how to deploy MoniVisor on the target person's computer and how to look at someone's Calendar in Outlook.

Step 1. Create a MoniVisor Account

Click the "Monitor Now" button below to register an account for MoniVisor for Windows app with your valid email address. Then choose a proper plan for accessing the application perfectly.

Monitor Now View Demo

Step 2. Download and Install MoniVisor

Download and install MoniVisor app on the target person's computer. Thereafter, follow the onscreen instruction to finish set up progress.

download monivisor for win

Step 3. View Calendar in Outlook

After the installation, open MoniVisor web portal and log into your account. Go to Dashboard > Capture Screenshots > View Screenshots option. You will see the calendar in Outlook in screenshots that got captured when the person used Calendar in Outlook.

check calendar on monivisor dashboard

How to Unshare Calendar in Outlook?

We have stated how to see other people's calendars in Outlook with their permissions whereby they share their calendars with you. However, if you have shared your calendar with a person for a limited time, you have to unshared Calendar in Outlook. Unsharing calendar in Outlook will revoke the access permission you gave previously. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Open Outlook and go to Navigation side panel.

Step 2: Under My Calendars or Shared Calendar, right-click on the calendar that you have shared earlier but now want to unshare.

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, click on Permissions. This will open Calendar Properties dialog box.

Step 4: Go to Permissions tab and select the person with whom you shared the calendar. You can select and remove the person by clicking on remove button. Otherwise, under Permissions section, select None option.

outlook unshared calendar

Step 5: Click on Apply and Ok button to save the changes.


Now you have got the ways to to view someone's calendar in Outlook with and without permission. Just follow the full guide, and then you can view other's calendar in Outlook. However, if you want to view it secretly and without the person's permission. We highly recommend MoniVisor for you!

Monitor Now View Demo


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