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How to Track IMEI Number Through Google Earth in 2024?

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Megan Evans

Updated: Jun 29, 2023 04:22 pm

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Do you constantly worry about the whereabouts of your loved ones? Well, you can rest easy as today's smartphones come with many programs to enable you to keep a close eye on their location. You can either do that through the pre-installed apps or by downloading a third-party location tracking app like KidsGuard Pro.

In this piece, you discover more on Google Earth. Among what you will uncover includes where to get it, its functionality, and features. Most importantly, you also get a comprehensive guide on how to track IMEI number through Google Earth.

what is google earth

Can Google Earth Track My IMEI Number?

YES! Google Earth can track your IMEI number.

Google Earth allows you to tour any place you desire from the comfort of your device. Of course, you can track IMEI number through Google Earth. The computer program relies on multiple location data inputs such as location photography, satellite imagery, and GIS information to provide you with accurate 3D maps of whatever location you desire.

what is google earth

According to Google, the program currently has location inputs of over 98% of the world and over 16 million kilometers of street images. Additionally, the program also allows you to observe 3D images of Space. For example, you can scour the surface of the Moon thanks to archive footage from NASA's Apollo Missions. Furthermore, the program also offers 3D satellite views of the other planets and their respective moons.

You can download and run the program across all the standard operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. In addition, with so much location data available to it, Google Earth now offers Google Map IMEI number tracking. The feature allows you to track and monitor the real-time location of your family members.

How Does Google Earth Work?

As per earlier, Google Earth relies on satellite imagery, aerial photography, and GIS information for location data inputs. However, how does Google Earth work?

Firstly, Google Earth is a virtual 3D representation of the Earth and other objects in the Solar System. It collates all the data from the various sources and presents it in 3D. Your concern on the accuracy of the location data is valid, given the rapid urbanization happening globally.

Regardless, Google constantly updates the information to ensure you receive the most accurate location details available.

Therefore, its developers and systems constantly receive information from satellites, Google's Street View cars, and millions of registered users. For example, users submit over 20 million bits of location data daily. Consequently, the constant updating of information makes it possible for you to utilize services such as IMEI number tracking.

how does google earth work

How Do I Track A Cell Phone Using Google Earth?

How to Track IMEI number through Google Earth? The process of tracking IMEI number through Google Earth is the same across all your devices. Below is a quick run-through of how to get things going.

Step 1 Firstly, download the application from your respective app store. Android; iOS

Step 2 Once you finish the installation, launch the app and log in to your Google account.

Step 3 Then, input your cell phone number on the text box, and press send out a link to my phone. Alternatively, you can also copy the link on the phone's browser and hit 6

Step 4 You will receive a notification with the URL link on your phone.

Step 5 Clicking the link opens up a dialogue box, Enable Google Latitude to view your current location, where you need to choose. Yes. Google Earth can now report your exact location.

Step 6 Google can now report your exact location through the app.

Step 7 Finally, you can follow the same procedure to enable tracking of your family member's current location.

how to track imei number through google earth

Importantly, location sharing and internet connectivity are critical for Google Latitude to work. Therefore, an advanced smartphone user can turn off the Location Settings and remain incognito if they wish to do so. As such, what other options can you try?

Why Are Alternatives to Google Earth for IMEI Number Tracking So Popular?

Judging from the above, there are some disadvantages to only relying on Google Earth as an option to track the whereabouts of your loved ones. However, before discovering your alternatives, here are some of the challenges you face on relying on Google Earth for IMEI number tracking.

User privacy concerns:

Google Earth collects tons of data from you regarding your location. For example, you can pull up your entire history of places you visit as far back as ten years ago. Additionally, you can only use the account when you have a Google account. As such, the amount of information that Google requests is creating concern among people.

user privacy concerns

National security threats:

Google claims to have over 98% of the Earth available for users to explore. Therefore, its data also includes the exact location of sensitive government installations across the world. For example, you can key in the site of an army base, and Google Earth provides you with the exact location, including its layout.

Consequently, some countries do not allow its use within their borders. Furthermore, these concerns to national security have led to countries mandating Google to obscure imagery of areas such as military installations and government data centers.

So, with all these concerns lingering, what else is there?

Best Alternative to Google Earth – KidsGuard Pro

There are tons of applications out there offering IMEI number and location tracking. However, none stands out as KidsGuard Pro. Here is all you need to know about KidsGuard Pro.

What is KidsGuard Pro?

KidsGuard Pro is a leading parental control app in the market. This tool allows you to track IMEI number without Google Earth and with 100% security. Besides, it allows you to monitor and track suspicious activity on installed devices, thereby giving you peace of mind for your loved one's safety. Additionally, the app is available on both Android - KidsGaurd Pro for Android and iOS devices - KidsGuard Pro for iOS.

It provides the free demo where you can try its features.

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Now, KidsGuard Pro offers a 30% special discount for both products. Don't miss out!

What You Can Do With KidsGuard Pro?

KidsGuard Pro app includes the following features that make it the best alternative to Google Earth:

Location Tracking:

KidsGuard Pro is also considered as IMEI tracker app. You can remotely track the target phone's IMEI location history and real-time location through the KidsGuard Pro website. Additionally, the app can give location data by monitoring your phone's GPS signal and through its internet connection.


KidsGuard Pro allows you to set perimeter limits to how far the user can travel. As such, you receive alerts whenever they go outside the geofence that you have selected. So, for example, you can set a geofence around your child's school, and you get geofence alerts on your phone anytime they breach the boundary.

Browser History Viewing:

The app allows you to monitor the internet activity of your target device through advanced keylogger technology. Additionally, you can view the URLs they visit, the frequency of each URL visit, and pull records from specific dates.

kidsguard pro

Social Media Monitoring:

Also, you can monitor the chat history, videos and photos on the target device across all the typical social media applications such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp, etc.

Call Log Checking:

The call log-checking feature enables you to download and view a history of the phone calls made since the apps first run on the device.

Text Messages Reading:

KidsGuard Pro also allows you to keep track of all incoming, outgoing, and deleted messages on the target phone. Consequently, you can take necessary action should you discover any discrepancies in their activity.

100% Security:

KidsGuard Pro promises to protect all your device data from being damaged. In the whole process, there will be no any data loss. You can use this tool to track IMEI number without any worries.

Tracking IMEI Number Through KidsGuard Pro in 3 Easy Steps

The procedure to track IMEI number through KidsGuard Pro is the same across Android and iOS devices. Tracking IMEI is as hard as you think. In fact, it's quite easy. Keeping this in mind, here we take the KidsGuard Pro for Android as an example, to show you how to get everything set up.

Step 1. Create A KidsGuard Pro Account

Register an account on the KidsGuard Pro website using a valid email address. Then, purchase your subscription.

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sign up

Step 2. Download and Install KidsGuard Pro

Download software to the device you want to monitor and open it to finalize the installation by following the instruction.

download kidsguard pro

Step 3. Start Monitoring Current Location

Log into KidsGuard Pro account and proceed to the online dashboard. Then, you can select Location from the left menu to view your device's current location.

kidsguard pro location


Now you have succeeded in using KidsGuard Pro to track the IMEI number. As you can see the demo of KidsGuard Pro, this tool not only can help you track IMEI number without any data loss, but also allow you monitor all device data of the target phone. Just click the feature tabs on the left menu, you can track all the information from the target phone.

Final Words

Your smartphone is increasingly becoming an indispensable extension of your life. With so much information in it, you must have it secure at all times. In this article, you have learned how to track IMEI number through Google Earth. While there are many limitations using Google Earth to track IMEI number.

Therefore, consider apps like KidsGuard Pro for reliable and non-invasive protection on all your devices. KidsGuard Pro can help you track IMEI number without any limitation, and also support you to monitor all activities from the target device.

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