2021 Top 10 Location Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Jul 19, 2021 04:30 pm

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These days there are a lot of technological advancements which prove to be very useful in our day to day life. GPS location tracking is one such inbuilt innovation on most cellphones which has helped people in many problematic scenarios. Therefore some location tracking apps also come into being. Using these applications you can be aware of where your family or loved one is at all times and know they are safe. Here we have summarized top 10 location tracking apps of 2021 so that you can monitor someone's whereabouts in real-time.

best location tracking apps

How To Check Someone’s Location Without Them Knowing?

You can easily find someone's location without their knowledge by using location tracking Apps? These specialized software come with an in-built stealth mode that lets you track any Android or iOS device from any mobile device or web browser.

However, not all tracking applications have the capability to work in stealth mode. So it may be wise for you to find the best location tracking App with a stealth mode feature if your goal is the ultimate detectability.

What Can A Location Tracking App Do?

A location tracking App is the most efficient and effective way to track a cell phone location without their knowledge. From finding a phone to monitoring employees, the best tracker app gives you peace of mind and protection.

With the help of the phone location tracker app, you can view and log every single day activity as well as pinpoint their whereabouts down to just feet from your personal computer or another device on their network. It gives you information on people by monitor location history, texts messages, call history, social media apps, internet browsing history, and much more.

A location tracking App gives you the exact location of the target phone. You can find out where your kids or loved ones are within seconds when they are out of sight. You will know for sure if they are at work or school and even get an accurate address.

Best Location Tracking Apps for Android & iOS

1. KidsGuard Pro (Best choice)

Our ratings: 9.8/10

Price: Only one edition with all premium features. The price is cut down to $8.32 per month for a yearly plan.

Compatibility: Android 4.0 - Android 11,iOS 9.0 - iOS 14,Windows 10, 8, 7.

KidsGuard Pro, which is used by millions of people, not only acts as the best phone location tracker app but it is packed with a lot of features as well which prove to be very effective in monitoring your loved one. With the help of this app you are able to get the instant access of someone's whereabouts in real-time. What surprises us is that it works secretly so that your target will never find out their phone is being monitored. KidsGuard Pro for Android not only can track targrt phone's real-time location, it can also be used for viewing call logs, browser history, SMS, and social apps data on that device remotely. You can choose KidsGuard Pro for iOS when you are using iOS device. Check out what can you benefit and why it is awarded as the best location tracker app.

kidsguard pro app

    KidsGuard Pro for Android

  • Track real-time location with GPS and also gives out the entire location history.

  • This app offers accurate indoor location details because of its Wi-Fi based location tracking technology.

  • View the live location on a map along with street info, time and date.

  • Set a safe zone with geofence feature and get notifications when the target enter or left that area.

  • Search or export the location data on your device.

    KidsGuard Pro for iOS

  • Track every activity on the target iPhone or iPad.

  • Check the location history.

  • View iCloud data of the target device

  • Monitor Social media Apps

  • It does not require jailbreaking the target phone.

  • Check Safari history and bookmarks

To see what more it can do, head over to its live demo here for free.

Monitor NowView Demo


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2. FamiSafe App

Our ratings: 9.7/10

Price: You will be billed at $59.99 for the yearly plan.

Compatibility: Android 4.4 to 10 and iOS 9-13.

FamiSafe is another one of the best location tracking apps which can be used to know the whereabouts of someone. The real-time locations are effectively tracked with the help of GPS. A detailed report about the entire history of where your target visited will also be shown on the device. It has the geo-fencing feature which you can set boundaries and get alerted whenever your target enters a dangerous area.

famisafe app

    What Can You Do:

  • You can easily access the live location just like KidsGuard Pro.

  • You can view the location history with details.

  • You can track multiple devices with one account.

    Limitations of FamiSafe:

  • Some users reivew that this app may freeze at times.

  • Phone's battery gets drained easily.

3. Life360

Our ratings: 9.6/10

Price: It provides free version for basic features and costs $95.88/year for premium features.

Compatibility: Android 8 at least and iOS 12. It does not support iPads.

This mobile location tracker app is designed for families to share their locations. This is a simple app with limited features but it is a great way to keep track of each member so that you don't have to worry about their whereabouts and safety.

life360 app

    What Can You Do:

  • You can track your target's recent and real-time location.

  • You will be notified when your target passes your most frequented places.

  • Families can share location with each other.

    Limitations of Life360:

  • It works with the target user's knowledge. If you want to track location secretly, KidsGuard Pro is the best choice.

  • Limited features with a bit higher price.

4. Glympse

Our ratings: 9.5/10

Price: It is free for Android user.

Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later and Android version 2.2 minimum.

This popular location tracking application enables user to share the real-time location using GPS tracking. It acts as an Android tracker bridge between families, friends or co-workers. You can also invite you friends or families to join Glympse group and share location with each other on dynamic map.

glympse consumer app

    What Can You Do:

  • You can share current location with anyone.

  • You can send a message to let friends know you are almost there.

  • It does not need sign up to use the app.

    Limitations of Glympse:

  • It is only compatible with Android.

  • It stops updating at times even you reload the app.

  • The location is not accurate at times.

5. iKeyMonitor

Our ratings: 9.3/10

Price: Free 3 day trial provided, but after that you have to pay $59.99/month for full version.

Compatibility: iOS 12.2 or later and any Android phone.

As one of the best location app for iPhone/Android, you can find out the current location of your loved one, and get to know of any potential threats early via iKeyMonitor. It presets the time period during which you want the target device to be monitored. Besides, it also works quietly in stealth mode to track phone location.

ikeymonitor app

    What Can You Do:

  • You can access location history on may easily.

  • It provides accurate addresses and time stamp.

  • It offers more comprehensive monitoring features on target phone.

    Limitations of iKeyMonitor:

  • You have to root or jailbreak target phone to access advanced features.

  • The installation is too complex for novice.

  • The price is in higher place.

6. Prey

Our ratings: 9.2/10

Price: A person plan costs $60 and a home plan costs $180 for a year.

Compatibility: Both Android and iOS devices

With the help of this phone location tracker app you can see a hour-by-hour location history. It has the excellent feature of remote locking. In case, your target loses their phones, all their personal data like documents, emails, directories, cloud storage files etc can be wiped off remotely.

prey app

    What Can You Do:

  • You can keep an eye on your target location with combined tracking methods.

  • It can gather new movement with timed checks.

  • You can lock or erase data when a device is lost.

    Limitations of Prey:

  • Some users report accuracy issues.

  • Lack muitiple phone monitoring features compared to other apps.

7. Qustodio

Our ratings: 9.0/10

Price: The medium plan costs $96.95/year.

Compatibility: Qustodio works on laptops, tablets, desktops, and smartphones

How to track phone location? Qustodio is an excellent GPS tracker Android/iOS app that help the parents monitor and manage their children's device remotely to keep them safe and away from dangerous scenarios. It features an online dashboard which can be accessed anytime from anywhere to track current location with GPS. The best thing with this app is that child can use the Panic button to call for help in an emergency.

qustodio app

    What Can You Do:

  • You can find your target on the map and know where they have been.

  • You can also monitor time spent on app activities.

  • You can set time limits or block apps.

    Limitations of Qustodio:

  • Location-based panic button is only available for Android.

  • The phone's functioning becomes very slow.

  • Custome support is poor.

8. ESET App

Our ratings: 9.0/10

Price: It provides free trial with few features and starts from $29.99/year for extra features.

Compatibility: Works on both Android and iPhone.

With the help of this phone location tracker application, you can keep your kids safe in a friendly and easy way. You can remotely check the GPS location of you target and set up geofencing. It also offers a details report on app activies of your target.

eset parental control app

    What Can You Do:

  • You are able to view the current location of your target.

  • You can set up alerts with geofence.

  • You can control inappropriate web content.

    Limitations of ESET app:

  • The installation has many steps which is hard undetstand for new user.

  • It is not stealthy so that target user will find out.

  • Location results lack accuracy.

9. GPS Phone Tracker App

Our ratings: 8.9/10

Price: It has free trial and covers $1.49 - $69.99 subscription plans.

Compatibility: Requires Android 5.0 and up, iOS 9.0 or later.

This application uses the latest technology and advancements of GPS to track the Android location. It is easy to track the location of your target at any time to make sure they are in a safe and secure area. This application can also be used in cases when you lose your cell phone or if your cell phone gets stolen.

gps phone tracker

    What Can You Do:

  • You are capable of tracking the live location with simple steps.

  • It gives more location details down to street.

  • You can view previous history to check where your target has been.

    Limitations of GPS Phone Tracker:

  • This app contains a lot of ads which is annoying.

  • The update is not real-time and lags sometimes.

  • Some users report the result is miles away from real location.

  • Does not include other parental control features.

10. FollowMee

Our ratings: 8.8/10

Price: It has multiple plans and starts from $5.98/mon for real-time location tracking.

Compatibility: Requires Android 5.0 or above and iOS 11.0 or later.

The FollowMee tracking mobile app is a good tool to monitor your target's whereabouts through a online web site. How to track someone location? FollowMee can be used to track down the real-time updates after the downloading. It comes in a stealth mode, which means they would not get to know that their mobile phone is being monitored.

followmee app

    What Can You Do:

  • Real-time location tracking is available.

  • You can simply login to its website using browser to monitor location.

  • You can track unlimited number of devices with one account.

    Limitations of FollowMee:

  • Only 3-day location history is maintained.

  • It does not offer more useful monitoring features like other apps.

  • The location results is wrong sometimes.

FAQs About Location Tracking Apps

Q1. Which app is best for location tracking?

KidsGuard pro is one of the best location tracking apps available for both iOS and Android phones. It aids to keep an eye on your spouse, friends, peers, relatives and it is a must-have for parents with kids. This location tracking software lets you pinpoint your spouse or children's whereabouts on an interactive map at any time of day from anywhere in the world.

Q2. Can someone tell if I check their location on Google Maps?

If someone has shared their location with you, you can track a cell phone location online (on Google maps). Once you deleted that message of shared link, they will not know that you are tracking their location. Android and iOS do not give any notification to the user when you check someone's location until the location is updated.

Q3. How do I track a cell phone using Google Maps?

You can track a cell phone on Google Maps of any person who is sharing their location with you. To do that, open the "Location sharing" menu and tap that person's name from the list of users. You will be updated about their location. If the person disables sharing location or turns it off, there won’t be any further location updates on Google Maps.

Q4. Does location not available mean they turned it off?

You track someone’s location as long as they are sharing their location with you on Google map. If the person turns it off, the GPS receiver will stop working. Thus, you won’t be able to track their location any further.


We have introduced top 10 track cell phone location apps and to me, KidsGuard Pro seems like a clear winner on all factors considered individually and the most recommended product which not only works as an amazing location tracker app but it also has many other features which can be used to monitor your loved ones phone activities and keep them safe from any kind of danger. Now you can start the location tracking with the 3 simple steps below.


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