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[2024 New] Best 10 Parental Control Software Reviews

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Apr 02, 2022 05:27 pm

4 min read

There are a lot of dangerous situations which can arise while using computers with the internet. Due to this, our children become very vulnerable to unwanted scenarios. The online virtual world is filled with strangers and dangerous criminals yet the kids are unaware of such dangers. You cannot completely strip them off of the internet or their computers as they are important at their own levels.

Also, the internet provides many useful things essential to building the knowledge of the kids. So instead of worrying and being in a dilemma, you can install one of these parental control software to monitor your kid's activity and keep them safe and secure.

1. KidsGuard Pro - Best Parental Control App - Editor's Pick

These days, kids use their mobile phones more than laptops or PCs. It becomes very necessary to employ a parental control app to protect them from online predators and also from malicious content available on the internet.

Out of all the available parental control apps, KidsGuard Pro is by far the best application that satisfies every parents need to keep their children safe and secure. The main features of this application are given below.

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  • You can read the incoming and outgoing text messages on the target phone.

  • You can even record calls and see the detailed call logs.

  • Even photos and videos on the target phone can also be viewed.

  • Browser history can be monitored.

  • Many popular social media applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LINE, etc. can also be monitored.

  • Real-time screenshots on the target device can also be taken.

  • Take surrounding pictures is supported to ensure your kid's safety.

  • With this app, real-time location tracking is possible.

kidsguard pro dashboard


Price: The 1-year license comes at only $8.32 per month.

2. Norton Family Premier

This software is great for providing protection against online threats. This provides a means to enjoy the benefits of the internet while limiting the dangerous content and predators. It has the ability to automatically block inappropriate websites when your child tries accessing them. It even alerts you whenever such sites are visited. You can set a list of inappropriate sites which should remain inaccessible to your kid. With this software, you can even set screen time restrictions.

norton family premier


Price: $49.99/year for 10 devices

3. K9 Web Protection

This parental monitoring software provides tools through which you can protect your kid in the online world. Unwanted content can be blocked using this software and the safest form of internet activity is allowed for the kids. It automatically blocks more than 70 website categories. There is a safe search option on all the search engines on the device. It can be customized as well! It is compatible even with Mac systems and Windows PC/laptops.

k9 app


Price: Free

4. Net Nanny

This is one of the most downloaded parental control software. It has the feature of blocking more than 18 types of online content on the target device. If your child is trying to open any adult content, you will be immediately notified. Internet usage restrictions can also be employed. Some of the other features which prove to be very useful for parental controlling include app blocking, remote access, customized profiles, mask profanity, etc. The only fallback of this software is that the time limit on the specific applications cannot be executed.

net nanny


Price: $39.99-$59.99-$89.99/year for 1/5/15 devices respectively.

5. Qustodio for Families Premium

It is the perfect software to monitor your child's online activity. It comes with a website filtering engine, which automatically filters out all the inappropriate and dangerous sites online. Some other features of this software include monitoring time spent on social networks, setting time schedules or limiting internet time, and blocking apps you don't want running.

qustodio software


Price: $54.95-$137.95/year for 5-15 devices

6. Mobicip

Mobicip is a good choice if you want to put screen time restrictions on computers. It is good software if you want good parental control features at your disposal. You can block websites and adult content as well. It comes with good online configuration and overall management. Available on Windows and Mac!



Price: $39.99/year for 5 devices

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Your kids will be safe online with the help of this wonderful software. It has many attractive features and putting screen time restrictions is one of them. You can block access to any web content which you do not want your child to access. This can be installed on an unlimited number of devices. The social media platforms cannot be monitored using this software.

kaspersky safe kids


Price: $14.95/year and comes with auto-renewal.


ContentBarrier is only compatible with Mac. It fully supports macOS 10.14! Create custom user-profiles and customize parental controls. You can block any type of objectionable content on the web which includes websites, emails, and much more. Equipped with Whitelist functionality so that you can access only the sites you allow. Also comes with chat monitoring, time restrictions, and alerts.

content barrier


Price: $39.99 for 1 year and $69.99 for 2 years.

Opendns FamilyShield

This is not exactly a parental control software but it does have a few features which make it fit for this list of parental control software. It has the unique feature of blocking domains. It will run at the router level so you can restrict internet access. Comes with customizable content filtering as well!



Price: Free


SafeDNS is basically a filtering software that is needed to be configured to the router directly. It features an excellent dashboard that allows you to filter out inappropriate content on any device that is connected to the home network. It comes with malware, Phishing, and Botnets protection.

It gives you the freedom to block any kind of website access. You can get full reports on the websites visited and also blocked. The downside doesn't come with full-fledged parental controls.



Price: $19.95/year for Home use. It goes up to $80 and $970 per year for 5 and 100 users respectively.

Part 2: Is Parental Control Software Necessary for Kids?

It is always better to invest in good parental software for protecting your kids from the virtual world of dangerous criminals and unwanted content. Here are some of the reasons why employing parental control software for kids' safety is essential.

Internet Safety

Cyber safety is the main concern when it comes to keeping your kid safe. There are so many risks and dangers lurking on the internet and on social media sites in the form of cyber predators and cyberbullies etc. Installing parental control software acts as a shield and also a monitoring tool.

Device Safety

The internet is filled with various malware and viruses that may cause total computer breakdown. There are risks of hacking or leakage of personal information as well. A barrier on a computer can definitely help in such cases.

Screen Time Restrictions

These days screen time usage is a huge thing! You do put time limits for different tasks for your kids. But, how can you be completely sure whether your child is adhering to the restrictions? By using the parental control software it will be easier to enforce the screen usage limitations. It will ensure that the icon remains hidden so that your kid does not even come to know that you are monitoring their activity.

Remote Data Monitoring

Even though you might be checking on the messages and browsing data from time to time. But, how frequently and diligently do you do this? You might sometimes miss out on many things which can put your child in danger. In fact, older kids can even delete the data on their browsers or social media messages. Through parental control software, all your child's activity will be recorded which can be accessed by you remotely at any time.

Restrict Inappropriate Content

As the kids grow older, they become more and more comfortable with technology which will make it difficult for you to cope and still monitor all their activities. If you install parental control software, they won't get access to some things like adult content.


With the high rise in the number of things you can do online, it is the parents' responsibility to make sure that their child's activity is safe online. These top parental control software make it possible for the parents to look after their child's PC. This way your kids will be safe from any kind of online activity! However, to parental control cell phones, use KidsGuard Pro. It is the best parental control software and also the most sought-after application which performs its job effectively.

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