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[2024 Latest] Best 5 Movie4k Alternative Websites for Watching Movies

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Jun 28, 2023 04:31 pm

4 min read

Movies, TV series, and many serials are present online on different websites and one can watch them in leisure time for fun. Movie4k stream was one of the famous ways to get in touch with the latest movies.

Nowadays Movie4k is getting slower as many bugs and links may interfere with the privacy of the user. We will provide you Movie4k alternative so you can continue your fun journey with some other websites.

Best 5 Movie4k Alternative Websites

1. CoolMovie Zone

CoolMovie Zone is a good Movie4k alternative in terms of seamless movie streaming. You can enjoy live streaming of many serials with a free download option.

A unique feature of this website is the availability of a unique video tool that allows you to record video screens at high resolution.

This website not only allows recording but you can edit or change the format style of video according to your choice.

The user interface is very attractive and you can also allow standby mode, which in turn, proves itself one of the best options as a movie4k alternative.

More security is added by this SSL certificate to protect the website from scammers. As many scammers offer movies to download for free or at a low cost. This scamming has been lowered to zero because of this certificate.

coolmovie zone


  • SSL certificate
  • Standby mode
  • Easy screen recording
  • Free download
  • Cons

  • Many doubtful websites presence
  • Overall this website is good for those who want an interruption in their entertainment.
  • 2. Filmy Anju

    To make your weekend best, filmy Anju offers you many dubbed movies in Hindi for free. You can watch Hindi, Tamil, and many Hollywood movies on this Movie4k alternative.

    This website is a torrent search website and offers movies in both Hindi and English language. This website is highly popular in India and in areas where Indian movies are watched because this website has a vast collection of Indian movies.

    This website not only offers movies dubbed but a large collection of HD movies are also present on this website.

    You can use this website on both android and laptop thus making access for everyone to move easily according to their choice.

    filmy anju


  • Catalog arrangement
  • Easy access
  • Can be installed in android
  • A vast collection of movies in different languages
  • Cons

  • The IP address is vulnerable to expose
  • This Filmy Anju is a good website in all; you can protect your IP address by using a VPN on your PC.
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    3. 123 Movies

    123 movie is an online free video streaming website and offers a good Movie4k alternative free.

    This website allows you to watch your favorite movies without any account and charges. 123 movies have all the new and latest movies available that are not present on other websites.

    Its attractive interface is very charming and you can block unwanted ads that may hinder your fun.

    You can watch as well as download your favorite season and movies with high resolution for free. This website has a large collection of movies and is used by millions of movies lovers worldwide.

    To mask your IP address and keep your other information secure, use a valid VPN while streaming on 123 Movies.

    123 movies


  • Unwanted ads can be blocked
  • No account is required for login
  • Availability of latest movies
  • Attractive interface
  • Versatile content available
  • Cons

  • The device may be vulnerable to have a virus
  • Usage of 123 Movies is not legal if you watch content by the channel with proper permissions.
  • 4. FilmRise

    The next alternative for Movie4k com is Film rise that is gaining publicity is film lovers rapidly. This site is not so old but able to mark its position in a very short time because of its popularity.

    With everyday traffic on this website is increasing by several deals offered by the channel. This website is free from any privacy concerns as it has an SSL certificate.

    SSL certificate ensures that your data and communication remain between you and the website only. This website is leading from other sites in terms of distribution pattern and number of varieties offered.

    FilmRise has no match in terms of speed and has something for every kind of movie lover from romantic to horror.



  • A large number of movies
  • Free streaming
  • Can be downloaded
  • Cons

  • Too many ads
  • Sound of ads louder than the movie
  • FilmRise is a better option who wants a versatile option in one interface, but you have to compromise on several ads.

    5. WatchMovies Free

    Last but not least website for free online movies is WatchMovies free website that has many options for every user.

    With its content and divisions of categories, no one got bored with this website. If you want any movie like horror, comic, and romantic this website has multiple options for your entertainment purpose.

    The interface is clean and clear for everyone. All categories are present separately on the homepage for user help.

    You can only stream movies but cannot save them on the server for later watch. Different videos are available of different quality some are high quality even HD but some movies also have quality concerns.



  • Easy access
  • Free streaming
  • Less adds
  • Cons

  • Adds are there for interference
  • WatchMovies Free is the best alternative to Movie4k stream and has everything for the better entertainment of the user. Content present on this website is free from any copyright claim and is 100% original.

    Are These Sites Safe for Users?

    These online free websites offer several options for user satisfaction. Some sites are safe to use as they keep communication between website and user private but some sites have security concerns.

    If you are concerned about security we strongly recommand you use ClevGuard-anti-spyware.

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    Many other anti-spyware are present but this application has an advantage over other applicatons as the scan is completely and freely.

    How to Use ClevGuard Anti-spyware

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    google play store button

    Step 2. Open the app and click on the Scan button present on the screen. It will start to scan spyware and malicious sotware on your phone.

    clevguard scan

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    Can I Download Movies from These Websites?

    Yes, you can easily download movies from some of the websites freely. This option is not available for all the websites, but some of the websites Movie4k to has this option.

    123 movies and Filmy Anju are a few websites that allow the download option for your favorite movie.


    While watching online movies you may get hundreds of options on your screen, but you may expose your data by clicking on the links.

    We have made a list of movie4k alternatives that allow you to enjoy free with fewer risks. If you still have security and privacy concerns you can easily scan your device with ClevGuard anti-spyware.

    Online movies are available and can be a cheap source of entertainment during the lockdown and with family members. We have provided you few best websites for free movie streaming if movie4K is unavailable to you.

    google play store button


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