How To Check Phone For Malware?

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Jul 19, 2021 04:55 pm

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Mobile phones are generally not secure as the computers in the current scenario, not only the individual’s data is at risk but established businesses are also at risk. Mobile devices are at threat to suffer malware attacks. A lot of threat depends on how the smart phone’s surrounding is set up and how the person reaches the sensitive information.

When one comes to know that the phone is under attack from the malware then obviously, he wants to remove the virus and spyware from the mobile phone. This article will discuss all important methods that what is malware,types, how to check your phone for malware, tips, features, ways to eliminate, and methods to secure the phone.

what is malware

What is Malware

Malware is a piece of software that is desired to cause damage to the system and reach out to access sensitive information. Malware is different from the common and ordinary programs in a way that most of the time it can reach itself in the network or system stay untraceable, cause harm to the infected system.

Types of Malware

Few people don’t know that how to check the phone for malware, then hackers can get a benefit from it. Hackers carry on penetrating the device in unpredicted, surprising, and sudden ways to avoid uncovering and detection by someone.The common phone viruses are as follows.

Trojan Horse

A trojan horse on the mobile phone will normally show as a text note. From there the hackers send messages, users are unaware of how to check the phone for malware, which leads to an increase in mobile phone bills. In recent times, banking trojan horses penetrated android mobile phones/devices and capture messages regarding individual financial data.


Worm is another virus that spread through text messages.The worm does not require user communication to cause destruction. Its main purpose is to reach as many phones as possible so the hackers can load viruses to mobiles and take personal information. The users of mobile should know how to check for malware on phone to avoid any problem.


Few pop-ups are likely part of the marketing-related advertisement. An arrival/influx can be an indication of adware. At most, it is an annoyance. On the other hand, it can be the path to track and loot the information.


First showing up on the desktop. Ransomware encodes once private information so that the person cannot get to it. A payment is then asked for those specific documents.


Spyware is connected to real applications. At that moment, it loads itself at the device and monitors/tracks your movement,location,area,and importantly the username and passwords. Most of the time you will notice that this kind of hazardous and devastative software is stacked on the device.

How To Check Phone For Malware?

To protect your smartphone everyone must know the procedure of how to check the phone for malware. There are some signs if observed closely malware on the phone can be identified.

Signs of malware on your phone

Mobile phones can be weak to harm outside and inside. The inside issue is generally out of sight, a person is unable to see it. Because of the virus which creates chaos, one should aware of it and have the skill to “check my phone for malware”.You can easily check malware on your phone by following these signs. Malware like a virus is identified to carry out frequent activities. Indications and signs of virus/malware may appear in these ways.

  • Your device or mobile phone is too slow to perform a proper activity. Slow performance of the phone can be an indication of malware so check your phone for malware.
  • The battery consumes faster than estimated. malware drains the phone battery very fast so if your smartphone consumes its battery fast you can check for malware.
  • You will receive high phone bills due to access third party to your smartphone and it might be the reason for high phone bills.
  • Unexplained and inexplicable data usage happens because of malware attacks.
  • When you load the application, it takes a longer will put an impact on the performance of applications and they perform slowly.
  • You will receive plenty of pop-up advertisements on the smartphone whenever you open any phone application.
  •  check for malware

    How To Check Malware Manually - Put the Mobile Phone On Safe Mode

    Restart the mobile phone on the safe mode so that this mode can prevent all the third party applications to run together with the malware. Few mobiles will allow you to restart in safe mode while those remaining require some more steps to come up there.

    1. In various devices,a person can reach the safe mode to hold down the button of power as though one can plan to turn off the mobile phone.

    2. For two or three seconds,long-press the option of the Power Off. Then press the button of “OK” when asked if would wish to reboot to the Safe mode.

    3. When you reached the safe mode, check for malware if the issue persists then it means that the issue is caused by the virus/malware in a 3rd party application.

    Tips for the Protection of Phone from Malware

  • Use the Protected and Secure WIFI
  • Whenever you use Wi-Fi, use the protected one to avoid malicious spyware and viruses.Use powerful passwords. One should turn on the encryption and use multiple firewalls.

  • Do not unlock the doubtful messages
  • Smartphone security is always a burning issue nowadays as hackers send such malware that a common person is unable to identify. So, don’t unlock such suspicious messages.

  • Open the ClevGuard Real-Time Protection Mode
  • clevguard real time protection

    While using the mobile, open the ClevGuard real-time protection mode. It is very useful in terms of when a person is engaging with a smartphone. It helps to protect the data. if there would be any malware, then software checks for spyware and malicious software just with a single click from the phone.

  • Do not root or jailbreak the phone
  • Jailbreaking is the procedure of eliminating limits obligatory by the company Apple and linked carries on mobiles running the ios system, rooting is the word for the method of erasing the limits on the device running the android system. So do not root or jailbreak the phone.

    How To Check Malware With ClevGuard software

    It is very convenient to check the smartphone for malware with software. ClevGuard will not only help you to check your phone for malware but it can eliminate and erase the malware from your smartphone. Things a person requires to identify before starting:

    Step 1: Download and install ClevGuard

    Press “Get it on Google Play” and skip to download page to download ClevGuard on your smartphone and finish installation.

    download clevguard

    Step 2: Scanning malicious software with ClevGuard

    In the second step,open the ClevGuard software, click on the button “Scan” to identify whether spyware is installed on a mobile phone.

    clevguard scanner

    Step 3: Remove malicious software with ClevGuard

    After scanning,users can check suspicious applications in the list. You can click the "Fix" button to remove the spyware in a few seconds. If you cannot ensure the security of the app, you can also choose"Report" it. For the safe software, you can choose "Ignore" it.

    scan results

    Excellent Features of the ClevGuard Security App

  • ClevGuard protects the device 24/7.
  • If there would be any malicious software in the device then only a single click is required to eradicate them.
  • One of the best features, ClevGuard has an auto alert fiction.The software has a real-time warning system when spyware is found in the phone.
  • A person can choose to divide applications into whitelist to avoid next warning or blacklist to block the app.
  • Conclusion

    Phone security is a measure that a person takes to safeguard against a large number of risks, those who want to violate the secrecy and urge to take away the personal information including the bank details. Stay a step ahead and give the best safety software to one's mobile phone to remove hacker from your phone. It is a strong suggestion to those who want complete security, they should use the ClevGuard software. No such other software is near to the features as ClevGuard offers.


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